International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair

The XII International Uzbek cotton and textile fair opens in Tashkent

The fair, included into the list of the most significant events of the International cotton advisory committee, is one the prestigious forums, determining the policy of cotton market in a world scale.

Traditionally held at the initiative of the First President Islam Karimov since 2005, the fair is organized by the Uzpakhtasanoat holding company, Uzbekyengilsanoat JSC, Ministry of foreign economic relations, investments and trade, Ministry of agriculture and water management of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Commodities exchange and Sifat centre.

A regular cooperation with the International cotton association, International cotton advisory committee, Cotton outlook international news agency and International textile manufacturers federation.

The deman for Uzbek cotton has been raising at external markets. The annual increase of the number of participants demonstrate the trend. . If in 2005, the fair was attended by 170 representatives of industrial and trading companies of some 30 countries, in 2010 over 300 representatives from more 34 countries attended the fair. This year’s fair hosts representatives from over 40 countries.

Chairman of the board of the Uzpakhtasanoat holding company, chairman of the Uzbekyengilsanoat JSC I.Khaydarov and others underlined that Uzbekistan is one of the leading countries in the world cotton market, being 6th largest producer of cotton, 5th biggest exporter. As the competition in world markets is strengthening, it is necessary to increase competitiveness of the Uzbek cotton as well.

Chief editor of the Cotton Outlook agency R.Butler particularly noted that, Uzbek cotton fiber fully meets international standards. Andrey Gitchuns, a managing director of the International cotton advisory committee, uniting 42 countries, underscored that thanks to the steadily implemented reforms Uzbeistan has become one of the main players in the world cotton market.

The fair participants had a chance to be informed about the strategy of further development of Uzbekistan’s cotton industry, providing for the creation of new promising varieties, modernization of agro-technical measures, and all the processes associated with the production - from growing to harvesting, storage and transportation of cotton fiber.

Main events of the fair are held at the special pavilion of Uzexpocentre, where participants can get acquainted with samples of 650 products of cotton plants in our country.

This year, unlike previous years, in the framework of the fair, it is scheduled to conduct three breakout sessions on such topics as "Development of the cotton industry and increasing the competitiveness of Uzbek cotton fiber on the world market", "Improving the competitiveness of the textile industry is an important factor in increasing export opportunities", "Scientific and technological innovations in the cotton and textile industries".

During the two-day forum and round tables, the participants of the event, along with the discussion of the current state and prospects of the world market of cotton fiber, have an opportunity to get acquainted with the conditions available for attracting foreign investments to the textile industry of Uzbekistan, to participate in exchange trades, as well as to conclude direct trade agreements for the purchase and sale of high-quality Uzbek cotton fiber and competitive textile products.

At the exhibition halls of "Uzexpocenter", the representatives of foreign commercial and industrial companies, specialists and international experts will be able to see samples of cotton fiber, use the services of the service center, hold preliminaries and conclude contracts and agreements.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan U.Rozukulov spoke at the opening of the XII International Uzbek cotton and textile fair.

(Source: UzA)

Tashkent to host the XII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed a decree “Measures on organizing and holding the XII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair”. The decree states that the Fair will be held on October 12-13, 2016 in Tashkent. In framework of the fair it is planned to hold an international conference.

It is important to emphasize that International Uzbek Cotton Fair has been conducted since 2005 on the initiative of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov and has gained well-deserved popularity in a number of significant events in world cotton and textile industry.

Such authoritative international organizations as the International Cotton Association, the International Cotton Advisory Committee, the international agency “Cotton Outlook”, the International Federation of the textile industry are considered as constant partners of the fair.

This year the fair is organized under the auspices “Uzpakhtasanoatexport” holding company, JSC “O'zbekyengilsanoat” (Uzbeklightindustry), the Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek Republican Commodity Exchange, Uzbek Centre “Sifat” and other relevant structures.

The main events will take place at the exhibition “Uzexpocentre” National Exhibition Company. Participating in the Uzbek cotton and textile lair, representatives of foreign companies, experts and scientific researchers from all over the world can discuss a wide range of issues in uzbek cotton industry and around the world, and also have an opportunity to become familiar with the qualitative characteristics of Uzbek cotton and conclude mutually beneficial contracts.

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(Source: Press Service of “Uzpakhtasanoatexport” holding company)



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