The sports team of the Republic of Uzbekistan every year expands the numerical structure, winning more and more strong and high positions on international scene. Achievements of athletes of the country convincingly promote strengthening of authority of young Republic on international scene. Protecting colors of a national flag young men and girls, professionals of individual and game disciplines, showing at representative forums exclusive preparation and phenomenal skill, eloquently confirm, that they represent the country with rich sport traditions.
It is necessary to agree that serious kinds on achievement of heights in sphere of physical training and professional sports demand really great efforts, the due attitude and considerable material efforts. Only at presence of these important components it is necessary to count on impressing successes of athletes on starts of a various rank, to build calculations on stability of sports gains in the future.
Experience of many countries shows that the State care about the fortune of national sports, physical training by all means turns around and repeated the benefit. In fact support of these articles of social sphere first of all creates all necessary preconditions for physic and moral improvement of the youth environment of the society.
It is symbolical, that Uzbekistan does not drop out of the category of the countries where the understanding importance of this truth takes place. The governmental structures, public organizations, sport departments of the country always make common efforts in the solution of such important problems, as forward development of material base of sphere of sports and physical training, achievement of mass character in their organizations, strengthening of base of professional sector and others.
The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic for years of independence has accepted more than ten resolutions directed to the further development of sport by creation of new societies, construction of sport constructions, development of conditions for transfer into a professional basis of various groups of sportsmen... For years of sovereign development representatives of the country have won 731 gold, 736 silver and 845 bronze medals on Olympic Games, the championships and cups of Asia, the Asian games and at other large international competitions.
The main work on development of sport conducts the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Level of actions on the further development of Olympic and participation in it sportsmen of the Republic are provided with National Olympic Committee, since 1993 become with a member of the International Olympics.
Now in 32 kinds of sports national federations of Uzbekistan are members of the international federations, having secured with the right of participation at the various international competitions.
Preparation of experts on physical training and sports is carried out by the Uzbek State Institute of Physical Training.  Annually about 2 thousand students are trained in it. The higher educational institution prepares the teachers of physical training and trainers-teachers on sport.
For last years in the Republic the separate kinds of sport which material base is modernized in view of the requirements accepted in the World are developing in accelerated rates. In this line the base of the Uzbek football where participation of 36 teams is recorded which is very indicative. At their order 231 stadium, 5231 football floor, and also numerous platforms for game in mini-football. By the most popular kind of sport in the Republic is conducting Championship and Contests of Uzbekistan, the Cup of Republic.
On mass character almost does not concede the sport "number one" the big tennis. Development of its base, no less than successes of tennis players of Uzbekistan, became regular by virtue of many reasons - to staginess, availability, between national popularity. The big tennis besides is under home nursing of the President of Islam Karimov, by the way, owning steady skills of game in it. Since 1994 in all large cities of the country the international tournaments with participation of the strongest tennis players of the world are annually carries out. And the main thing tennis derby capitals of the Republic here some years are annual tournament "the Cup of the President". Competitors of its main trophy already became the strongest tennis players of the World, winners and participants of such prestigious international competitions, as "Challenger", "Satellite", " Cup of Device". The winner of "big Tashkent" invariable is celebrated itself by the head of the State...
The increasing popularity is won with the Open international female tournament "TayaKerep" which also collects rather representative circle of participants...
Uzbekistan periodically becomes a place of carrying out of such prestigious competitions and tournaments, as the Championship of Asia on boxing, the Championship of Asia and Ocenia on Taekvondo, the international tournament of a category "A" on free-style wrestling and others.
Every two year in capital of the country the international competitions are conducting on national struggle "Kurash" Amir Temura's memories and Hakim at-Termezi. In 1999 the capital became a place of carrying out of the first World championship by this kind of national struggle against participation of athletes from 50 countries. Nowadays operates International Association of Kurash which conducts purposeful work in interests of inclusion of the given kind of struggle in the program of Olympic Games.
Preparation of sport reserve providing regularity on an axis "the beginner - the sportsmen of a professional class" has now system character. It is conducted by efforts of 522 youth sport schools, 63 specialized youth sports schools of an Olympic reserve, 5 schools of an Olympic reserve, 7 schools of the high sports skills. It is trained about 1500 starting sport talents in it from all regions of the Republic...
Special attention is given development of invalid sports in the Republic. Expansion of its base became a subject of the directed actions not only for corresponding departments and public structures, but also Ministry of Social Welfare RU, and also the Republican Society of invalids, Regional representation of the International Red Cross...
The main tests for a sports maturity and skill athletes, hand over teams on Olympic starts. On 27 games in Sydney Uzbekistan the team from 77 sportsmen who have acted in 11 kinds of the program - track and field athletics, navigation, boxing, a judo and represented others. It is possible to consider a result excellent, in fact in the general offset Uzbeks among 200 teams-researches have won 41 position, having outstripped many strong combined teams of the world. "The gold athlete" national team became the boxer Muhamadkodir Abdullaev from Andijan who has pulled out on a hailstones of the high advantage among 312 participants, and "silver" and "bronze" - fighter Artur Tajmazov, boxers Sergey Mihajlov and Rustam Saidov.
The Uzbek sportsmen together with them numerous army of compatriots tasted pleasure of greater victories. And all of them are assured, that ahead not less important starts. So also new brilliant victories worthy sportsmen of the country for which it is high and it is proud soaring of a national banner of Uzbekistan on the main arenas of the World - the highest award.

2009 anno dello sviluppo