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Anticipated premiere at Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater

posted 2 Mar 2012, 02:28 by Webmaster Ambasciata
Breathtaking events and desperate actions of heroes of the opera Troubadour by the renowned Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi (1813 - 1901) have been unfolded before the audience in the all-liked Alisher Navoi State Academic Grand Theater. The play that for its life has been staged for thousands time all across the globe, was presented with the capital audience and its guests in a new interpretation.
The opera Troubadour is considered one of the major and popular products of Giuseppe Verdi along with Traviata and Rigoletto. The play was premiered in the Rome’s Appolo Theater in 1853. Soon after the premiere the opera was performed all throughout the globe winning the hearts of people of many generations. Libretto to the opera was written by the Italian playwright Salvatore Cammarano (1801 - 1852).
Story on heroes of the Middle Ages, brave knights and beautiful ladies, struggle between good and evil, love and hate, revenge and forgiveness is topical even today. Stunning plot captivates the attention of the audience from the first minute of the play whom with a sinking heart anticipate the outcome and see the opera with bated breath. No other way, as talented artists from one of the best theater troupes of the country have been involved in this play.
The production group consists of celebrated figures of culture and art of Uzbekistan, including those People’s Artists Dilbar Abdurahmonova and Sulaymon Shodmonov, Honored Worker of Art Fazliddin Yoqubjonov, as well as People’s Artist of Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan Firudin Safarov – production director of the opera Troubadour who has supplemented the world-popular play with new artistic elements.
“The plot of the play is filled with all-absorbing hate and big love. The presence of these two opposites intensifies its effect meant to make the audience to think over. In my opinion, it is quite important for that after the play people could think about serious life issues and draw some important conclusions. I suppose this is the main assignment of theater stagings – spectators are not only take a delight from the play, but think about its purport, and what the author of the play wanted to say,” says Firudin Safarov. “It is barely possible to add something new to the product that was staged thousands time. However, I tried to underscore the main idea of the play on that revenge is useless and destroy everything round, as where the hate exists there is no place for love. For to make the plot clear to the audience and let them to see the sources of all further actions I have added a prologue that the play had no previously. In the end of the play I put a question for that people could make a decision on the finale by themselves.”
Clear voices of performers get the feel of roles, mastery of musicians, as well as musical compositions decorated the opera with special charm and expressiveness, turned the premiere bright and impressive.
“Troubadour is a unique play which is brightly expressed the path from beginning to end. In similar opera every soloist dreams to perform his part, as all characters are inimitable,” considers the musical director and conductor Dilbar Abdurahmonova. “We always try to play the product at the highest level for to meet the status of the academic grand theater.”