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30/07/10 - Tashkent has recently hosted the 5th International Festival “Sports in Movies and TV”

posted 19 Jan 2012, 05:21 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

What is that sports attract not millions, but billions people? You can not answer this question in two words. Yet, first of all, the sport is a concentrated mould of life that reflects all human features in true heat of passions. Sports attract people’s interest by its diversity and peculiarity, uniqueness of each of moments, episodes. The best of them are imprinted in people’s mind. And, as the years roll by, these memories turn into legends and make you feel envy to their eyewitnesses.
Only cameramen, the people of this restless profession, are capable not only to see, but shoot and preserve the most significant sports events. And if a director is to have a hand in their film footage, then they are considered the products of special genre – the sport movie, the powerful weapon in sports propagation, after all, they say not for nothing: it is better to see once …
Foundation of International Federation SPORT MOVIES and TV in 1982 was dictated by the aspiration to support this work. Festivals annually organized by the Federation in Milan have turned into a tremendous incentive for authors of sports films. Uzbekistan is the member of this federation for 12 years. And, from 2005, the country started organizing its own, also international festival that allows to choose out the best products by sports chroniclers for demonstration in Italy.
“The tempted Milan public had the opportunity more than once to estimate the skills of our cameramen: Qo’chqor Karimov, Anvar Avazho’jayev, Hamidulla Hasanov, as well as directors: Shavkat Junaydullayev, Shuhrat Qurbonboyev, Lyudmila Garmash, Anvar Qosimov, Erkin Mirzayev and many others,” noted Sobir Ro’ziyev, vice-president of International Federation SPORT MOVIES and TV, president of the Federation of Sports in Movie and TV of Uzbekistan. “All of them by means of documentary create history of sports and bring the huge contribution to fostering the youth. And, believe me, it is rather difficult to choose out the best products, taking into account that this year festival admitted twenty foreign films and fifteen documentaries by national cinematographers.”
The 5th Tashkent Festival Sports in Movie and TV has not only illustrated the high class of national masters widely-known both in Uzbekistan and abroad, but also demonstrated the aspiration of the youth to command all secrets of the business, willingness to learn at such camera masters as, for instance, the numerous winner of festivals, the last year's grand prize owner Anvar Avazho’jayev, the cameraman of O’zbektelefilm Studio where he works right from the first days of its foundation in 1969. The chronicle of participation of stars of the Uzbek sports in the summer Olympic Games in Atlanta and Sydney, Athens and Beijing, the winter Olympic Games in Nagano, the last three Asiadas – in Bangkok, Pusan, Doha, first triumphs of young athletes in the 1st Asian Youth Games in Singapore last year, appearance of the Uzbek kurash on the world scene – all these and many others were shot by the camera which he leave. Anvar-aka has again become the winner of the festival, having won the prize for the best camerawork in the film Flame Passing over the Centuries.
“It is impossible to shoot something considerable if you do not love sports and your profession that turned out into the way of your life,” admonishes Anvar Avazho’jayev. “For instance, at the Olympic Games I used to resort various tricks in order to shoot one or another episode from the place I have no right to enter with camera. When I travel abroad I always try to bring a sketch about city or country I visited. So now, I have gathered the whole circle World Cities. I also dream of shooting films about all towns of Uzbekistan…”
The jury of the 5th Tashkent Festival tried to encourage each worthy work. Such Russian documentaries as “Tennis - the First 100 Years” and “16 Stories not only about Sports” were among those foreign encouraged ones.  Three national products were chosen to be presented in the Milan Festival, they are: “Flame Passing over the Centuries”, short film “The First Day” by the young author Murod Yoldoshev who tried to reveal the philosophy of the eastern fighting art kendo in his own way, besides, this film won in the nomination For Original Direction, as well as the Grand Prix winner Tulporlarim Bezagi documentary by Hojimurot Valiyev (Uzkinohronika).