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26/03/10 - Uzbekistan in Photos Land of fruitful interaction among civilizations

posted 19 Jan 2012, 05:04 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan   [ updated 19 Jan 2012, 05:07 ]
Uzbekistan – Heart of Central Asia. Culture and Development is the title of the photo exhibition started functioning in the Tashkent House of Photography. This annual exhibition displaying works of amateur-photographers has already turned into traditional one and this year is organized for the fifth time.

The venue was organized by the editorial of the magazine Economic Review and Uzbekistan’s Chamber of Commerce in Industry under the assistance of the UN Office in Uzbekistan.

The art of photography for many decades has served to rapprochement of cultures, spread of ideas, finding of general values between people from various parts of the world. Reflecting the moments at the infinite flight of time, photographers transfer human feelings, beauty of the nature and historical monuments, participating, thus, in creation of certain impression about the country, its people, traditions and culture. As it was noted at the opening ceremony, organizers of the exhibition have seen in the photo art the unique opportunity to look at our country with the eyes of foreigners – representatives of diplomatic corps, international organizations, as well as tourists and ordinary visitors of Uzbekistan.

The deputy director of the magazine Economic Review Bahtiyor Nasimov noted: “The special appeal of this exhibition not only in the way of exploring Uzbekistan by foreign visitors, but also in the way of exploring Uzbekistan by us, in the perspective the people from other countries see it. And this exhibition that has turned into some kind of the photographic bridge between the countries brings together their people. They learn us better, and we, in our turn, understand better how they see our country. In the works displayed at the exhibition the warm-heartedness of the authors, their kind relation to our country and people are reflected.”

Angelica Rick, international expert at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, arrived from Germany, has learned much interesting after familiarization with our country.

“There are lots of interesting things here. For instance, people, their traditions, how they preserve their national values, how they draw, and how they create beautiful things from tree, metal. And all of them are very friendly and smiling. Most of all I like also that people here like dancing, and moreover, beautiful, bewitching workmanship. Can’t stop myself taking a photo for a keepsake ….”

The same is told by authors who depicted in their works the monuments of architecture our land is rich for. According to the guest from Georgia Hachina Homerika who has seen Uzbekistan for the first time, in particular Samarqand, she is full of positive emotions.

“Having seen Registon and other monuments of architecture, I was rather impressed. Being there, I have felt myself quite special as ever before. The place has absolutely distinct aura about which I earlier read only in books. I was hugely impressed by Madrasah Bibi-honim. One of my photos I named The Beauty of the Uzbek Woman because it was felt in each ornament, in each stone of the spot. In Uzbekistan I have explored the genuine East for myself and hope to visit this country many times in future.”

There are wise words of the remarkable Uzbek poet Maqsud Shayhzoda: “Reality is the competitor of a legend.” In order to understand such legend as Uzbekistan, foreign visitors try persistently photographing the reality surrounding them.

This year the editorial of the magazine Economic Review had got the record number of pictures – approximately 700 items. Almost all participants of the exhibition were capable to catch the precious moment revealing the essence of the modern life that was displayed in their works.

Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, director of the Egyptian Cultural Center, Professor Ahmad Rajab Rizq has hundreds of photos on Uzbekistan he has made in two years.

“I presented for the exhibition 15 best my works on architecture of Bukhoro, Khiva, and Samarqand. By photos displayed in this exhibition one could see the love of the authors for Uzbekistan, its history, its ancient architecture. Each photo I took was the new discovery for me. Research works I have made here have been picked together in two books. I wrote 20 articles on the history, civilization and architecture of Uzbekistan.”

Judging by photo works, it is possible to assume that for many authors Uzbekistan have become the favorite country exciting heart and creative imagination of photo masters.

In total, 54 amateur photographers from more than 25 countries take part in the exhibition Uzbekistan – Heart of Central Asia. The pictures made with big love for our country, visually represent Uzbekistan as the place of fruitful interaction between civilizations.