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26/03/10 - Eternal Fame A jubilee tribute to great academic

posted 19 Jan 2012, 05:04 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan   [ updated 19 Jan 2012, 05:07 ]

The Center of National Arts in Tashkent has hosted a memorial reception occasioned to the 95th birthday of Galina Pugachenkova (1915-2007) and the presentation of her last book Architecture of Ulughbek Epoch published by the Foundation Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan.

The academician of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan Galina Pugachenkova is known to the world as the outstanding researcher of architecture, fine and applied art of antique and medieval Central Asia. Being the person of the broadest outlook and encyclopaedic knowledge, Pugachenkova devoted her life to profound studying of monuments of the Central Asian culture and left the descendants the rich scientific heritage counting over 700 titles of scientific publications, many of which were published in English, French, German, Italian and other languages. The architecture of the epoch of Amir Temur and Temurids takes an essential place in the scientific heritage of Galina Pugachenkova. And the new book Architecture of the Epoch of Ulughbek that was presented within the evening is devoted to this theme.

The book included last research works of the academician Galina Pugachenkova. Though the book small by volume yet rich in content. Despite the abundance of various publications on this theme, the book gives for the first time clear and accurate idea about architecture of Uzbekistan of the life period of Mirzo Ulughbek. This book once again confirms Galina Pugachenkova's outstanding talent, her special ability to tell figuratively, capaciously and fascinatingly about the past times, going into the matter of the most complicated scientific issues.

“Galina Pugachenkova presented her monographs about the history of Uzbekistan in Japan, Korea, USA, France, Germany, England and many other countries of the world,” noted the vice-president of the Uzbek Academy of Sciences Saidahror G’ulomov. “This is a huge heritage that counted about several hundreds of works about ancient architecture of Central Asia, especially Uzbekistan. And the current presentation of her book under the edition of the well-known historian and archeologist Edvard Rtveladze Architecture of the Epoch of Ulughbek has replenished the number of these invaluable works. Pugachenkova's works are considered the essential contribution to the development of the world science as in those works of her she revealed and displayed that great value and important role of Central Asia and, in particular, Uzbekistan, in development of all civilization.

The book includes such sections, as Architecture of the Epoch of Ulughbek, Three Legends on Monuments of Samarqand, Shohi-zinda, Bibikhonim Mosque-mausoleum, and others. It also contains a short biographic sketch about the life of the outstanding governor and scientist with a world name Mirzo Ulughbek, and also the detailed description of his constructing activity in Samarqand, Bukhoro, Shahrisabz, Turkiston. The idea of creation of Registon Complex belongs to Ulughbek who constructed the first madrasah on the western line of the square. Moreover, he initiated the construction of one of the best observatories of that time where he created his outstanding astronomical tables, with accuracy of which even modern scientists admire.

            “I came to Tashkent on Galina Pugachenkova's invitation, since then we were always together, told the academician Edvard Rtveladze. “Together with her we have written the major monograph Northern Taharistan. Bactria, and also great number of articles, including those published abroad. We worked together in expedition, and I always learned from her the history of architecture, history of arts. I wrote many popular science articles about her. And these days my new book called Recollecting the Past that is on the beginning of my path to the world of science. Three chapters from six of the book are devoted to Galina Pugachenkova. One of the chapters has the name For the First Time in Uzbekistan the First Archaeological Expedition together with Galina Pugachenkova. I could speak about this outstanding person for many hours. She was a great person, brilliant academic and was very kind to her students. She had the amazing ability to infect with the science that this keenness could not pass any time. To search and learn, create by carrying with herself various generations was the nature of this woman’s generous talent.”

Participants and visitors of the event, among whom there were students and colleagues of Galina Pugachenkova, have also watched a documentary about her, shared the memoirs on the events linked with this surprising woman. Pugachenkova's works are recognized all over the world. She was selected as the honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan and the International Academy of Architecture for Eastern Countries, the honorary member of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan, the corresponding member of the German Archaeological Institute, the corresponding member of the Italian Institute for the Middle East, the Honorary Doctor of Strasbourg University of France. Galina Pugachenkova's activity was presented by government awards of different countries. She is the only academic in Uzbekistan who in 1995 was decorated with the French award Academic Palm tree.