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05/04/10 - Perfecting the Craft of Ancestors

posted 19 Jan 2012, 05:09 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

The next in a row exhibition-fair Bazar-Art took place in the Center of National Arts that presented products of best masters of applied arts. This large-scaled project was organized by the Forum of Culture and Arts of Uzbekistan Foundation together with the Association of Artists, Art critics and National Masters IJOD.
The sixth exhibition-fair Bazar-Art participated by more than 100 masters from all regions of the country creating on major directions of traditional and applied art has come to its end. Hereditary national masters, professional artists and young handicraftsmen were among were among those masters.
Venue organizers say that this year the geography has considerably extended and, accordingly, the quantity of participants has increased, especially youth.
“The main objective of Bazar-Art is to show all potential of the national-applied art our culture is rich with,” noted the director of the Center of National Arts Elmira Ahmedova. “Moreover, we seek to render support to creative dynasties, talented masters and, the main thing, to preserve and increase the national heritage. The present exhibition displays all diversity of the traditional and modern arts and crafts acquainting visitors with the brightest tendencies of its development.”
The exhibition attended by the leading masters from all regions of the country. Andumajid Valiyev, the fifth generation of weavers’ dynasty, presented textile products from Marg’ilon.  
“Having inherited secrets of art of weaving from the ancestors, I keep on doing their work now. I try not only to preserve this art, but also engaged in revival of the lost ornaments. Among the products presented in the exhibition there are fabrics with ancient patterns, for instance, ‘tumor’, ‘anor’ and others. We participate in the exhibition every time, in 2007 we won the Fund Forum’s grant which we used for expanding our business.”
Once again the masters of the well-known Rishton School of Ceramics, the Yusupovs family, and Nazrullayev’s dynasty, the seventh generation of G’ijduvon School, admired visitors with their art presented in the exhibition genuine masterpieces.
“With my father Sharofiddin Yusupov and usto Komilov we for many years have worked over restoration of one of ancient recipes of manufacturing traditional Rishton ceramics,” told Firdavs Yusupov. “We are almost to finish our work. We try to keep the craft of our ancestors, and with that view have opened school where we train local children. I participate in Bazar-Art from its first day and I am very glad. Here I received the grant which was used to acquire the necessary equipment.
Besides traditional, the exhibition was presented with modern types of textiles and batik Shahrisabz has been very widely presented by masters of machine and manual embroidery. The master on manufacturing knives Ibrohim Rakhimov from Bukhoro who was found the Best Usto in 2007 also displayed his products at the exhibition.
In short, one could see everything in the exhibition: jewelry items made from silver and cupronickel incrusted with precious stones presented by jewelry masters of Bukhoro, as well as wonderful art of stamping and woodcarving, and national dolls made by Bukhoro and Tashkent masters.
Within the project Bazar-Art the Fund Forum traditionally allocates grants to the masters who become laureates of the exhibition. Grants are aimed at further development of applied art, revival of vanishing types of workmanship and traditional forms in art of Uzbekistan. Six winners of the present project were given diplomas, and grants to two representatives of creative dynasties for preservation of traditional art types.