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05/04/10 - Bonds that Connect Two Cultures

posted 19 Jan 2012, 05:06 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

Egyptian Culture Week in Uzbekistan

For those who value and fancy the Egyptian culture and who have always dreamed of plunging into the mysterious aura of that region, the Egyptian Culture Week in Tashkent offers a unique opportunity to explore one of the oldest civilizations.
Similar events are held annually with the support of Egyptian Embassy, Egyptian Cultural Center, Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Forum Foundation, and always with striking hits. The current Week, fifth in a row, has been attended by representatives of culture and art of two countries, folk singers, artists, and those also wishing to get acquainted with traditions of the Arab country. It is noteworthy that the days of Egyptian culture coincided with national holidays: in Egypt - Holiday for Mothers and Navruz Holiday in Uzbekistan.
“The Egyptian-Uzbek relations are rooted deep in the past. The trade contacts between the countries were established even in ancient times, so in cooperation with Uzbekistan we attach a particular importance,” Professor Ahmad Razhab Rizk, a cultural attaché of the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Cultural Center, said. “And such activities contribute to further development and deepening of friendly relations, bringing together the peoples, so close in culture and customs.”
During the Week, its guests were able to get acquainted with the Art Exhibition “Egypt at the End of Centuries”. Exhibits of Pharaonic, Coptic and Islamic civilization made it possible to feel the spirit of the times, mentally transport oneself to the different historical epochs. Samples of calligraphic works done by the Egyptian calligrapher Yusri Al-Mamluk attracted visitors with smooth lines and interesting color, composition and design.
Photographs by Professor Ahmad Razhab Rizk were equally attractive, at which historic monuments of ancient Khiva, Bukhoro, Samarkand, as well as various buildings in Egypt are sealed.
The concert program included presentations of the Nile Folk Band from Egypt, whose members sang the national Egyptian melodies, songs and dances.
The relationship of two cultures was shown throughout the Week, every day, devoted to performances by folklore ensembles, photo exhibition, showing Egyptian films, as well as an artists’ exhibition. Opening of the latest, entitled “Uzbekistan-Egypt in eyes of artists” was held at the Palace of Youth Creativity.
On the opening day, works by Uzbek and Egyptian artists inspired by ancient history, customs and traditions of two peoples were presented. The exhibited works were performed in a variety of genres and represent different kinds of fine and decorative art.