Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

Please allow to greet you at the briefing in the General-Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic Uzbekistan and to make the following statement:
As we have previously informed that at night from 12 to 13 May, 2005 and during the following day number of terrorist acts as well as bandits attacks were committed in Andidjan Region.
According to this facts the Prosecutor General of the Republic Uzbekistan has began criminal cases according to the articles of Criminal Code of Uzbekistan that considers responsibility for terrorism, infringement of constitutional order of RU, massive disorders, taking of hostages and other crimes.
Investigation-operative group have taken measures in order to find out the circumstances of terrorist attacks, determine of all criminals, withdraw of illegal guns and ammunition, identification of murdered people.
52 persons out of 98 detained in connections to terrorist attacks were arrested, and 6 out of them who have frankly regretted and have not stained themselves in the blood of innocent people, were committed to the measure without being in custody.
Total number of dead as a result of terrorist attacks makes 173 people.
246 people were put into the hospital, where they are taking necessary assistance. Three seriously injured law enforcement officers have died in the hospital for the last days.
Today, there are 527 convicted people and those who are under the investigation were released from prison by the terrorists. 470 out of them voluntarily came back to serve the rest of their term. 15 were returned as a result of taken measures. The rest are being searched.
14 people hostages were killed by the terrorists the rest 40 people are rescued.
The required medical help is being provided released hostages.
We are taking measures to return peaceful citizens that were taking to the neighboring country by force back to their country. Today 6 of those who are in the tent-city are turned to their country; they are 2 women and 4 children.
Government of Uzbekistan and law enforcement agencies are taking comprehensive measures in order to liquidate implications of terrorists attacks committed.
At the present the investigation is going on.
We will inform you further details of the investigation later.

The briefing is over, thank you for your attention

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