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27/08/10 - Vast opportunities of occasional tourism in Uzbekistan

posted 19 Jan 2012, 05:48 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

Since last years the world tourism market is suggested more offers linked with trips and participation in special occasions. Carnivals, international festivals and contests, symphonic and jazz concerts, national street festivities and fairs – it is only the part of the list of events in various countries where modern travelers are invited by organizers.
This type of tourism the experts call as occasional. National and folklore holidays and festivals in many countries are not only additional spur to attract foreign travelers; they also draw local tourists’ attention.
In our country this prospective tourist product has almost inexhaustible opportunities. Moreover, it is rather easier to organize in Uzbekistan new holidays and festivals, as many of them underlie national culture and traditions of the people. Unlike the number of similar events in other countries, as, for instance, festival of teddy bears in Switzerland. All the more, most part of foreign tourists visit Uzbekistan with the desire to learn more about the special features of culture of people of Uzbekistan, to take part in dazzling national holidays and festivals.
Speaking about the development occasional tourism market in our country, it is ought to be noted that in previous years similar routes were extremely few. They, as a rule, included such events as celebrating New Year at Registon square in Samarqand, participation of foreign tourists in festivities timed to Navruz holiday and some others.
From recent time the situation in this market has started improving, and opportunities of occasional tourism have promptly increased in our country. The festival “Asrlar sadosi” (Echo of centuries) is the successful illustration of this point. This unique festival was held for third time this year. It usually brings together great number of foreign visitors, as well as Uzbek citizens.
Launched in 2008, the festival as like the caravan of cultural traditions following the routes of the Great Silk Road started its way on the native land of Amir Temur – Shahrisabz. Last year festival was held in Tashkent which celebrated its 2200th anniversary, and this year was hosted by the open-air museum – ancient Khiva.
According to foreign visitors, the extensive program of the festival allowed in two days “to travel across all regions of Uzbekistan with their unique features, customs and traditions, originality of clothes and fabrics, original dancing techniques and cuisine.
In order to demonstrate all the uniqueness and diversity of Uzbekistan, organizers of the festival offered more convenient and economic way of traveling, having concentrated the brightest and unique developments of traditional culture of the country in one place.
The musical festival “Sharq taronalari” (Melodies of the East) in Samarqand became the pioneer in the development of occasional tourism in our country. This festival has turned into popular events of Uzbekistan among international public and tourists.
The palette of bright events in Uzbekistan could be successfully supplemented by tens of various festivals and holidays taking place all across the country all year round. When such events coincide with spring and autumn tourist seasons, local tour operators make programs so that foreign tourists could also take part in these festivals. Moreover, the tourist business of Uzbekistan itself becomes the initiator of various festivals, for instance, the festival of Eastern dances in ancient Khiva. According to participants, organizers of Khorazm regional branch NC O’zbekturizm and the travel agency “Sogda Tour”, the festival has become a genuine decoration of a new tourist route “The Golden Ring of Khorazm”.
Tashkent initiated the festival “Non sayli”(Festival of Bread) that has later passed over its image of “City of grain” to Samarqand, having reserved the “tasty” national festivals that have centuries-old history, for instance, “Qovun sayli” (Festival of Melon) and “Osh bayrami” (Festival of Palov).
The Samarqand festival of National dishes and sweets timed to Navruz holiday has entered the list of significant events that includes the traditional festival “Silk and Spices” in Bukhoro. The festival “Namangan Apples” taking place in Farg’ona Valley are among those gastronomic extravaganzas, as well as festivals of national masters and handicraftsmen in Samarqand, Bukhoro and Rishton, the festivals of Uzbek skullcap in Shahrisabz, national embroidery in Marg’ilon and many others. 
All festival initiatives supplemented with anniversary celebrations of historical cities of Uzbekistan – Termiz, Samarqand, Tashkent, Shahrisabz, Farg’ona, Marg’ilon and others, become for local tourist business the original marketing advantages at the regional market of tourist services.
As a result, getting successfully developed, the country tourist business maintains the interest to these bright events by foreign travelers and local tourists.

Sirojiddin Doniyor, UT