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03/12/10 - Antiquities Park for Tourists

posted 19 Jan 2012, 05:50 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

A new traveling merchandise to be created in Uzbekistan

The National Company O’zbekturizm initiates the project on creating National historical-archeological park involving the major archeological monuments of the southern Karakalpakstan.
The ancient strongholds Qirq Qiz, Ayoz Qal’a, Jonboz Qal’a, Eshon Qal’a Mausoleum, unique settlement Tuproq Qal’a and other historical-archeological monuments located in the territory of Karakalpakstan are of huge scientific and cultural interest and attract considerable number of local and foreign tourists.
Taking into account this fact, the National Company O’zbekturizm acted with the initiative to develop “the communication map” of the national park the creation of which is necessary for preservation of this unique historical-archeological territory of Karakalpakstan, studying of historical-cultural heritage, as well as development of domestic and incoming tourism.
The National historical-archeological park is now depicted in models and plane tables of scientists and designers. However, it is already obvious that this project is rather soon to turn into the most visited place for inquisitive tourists and travelers. 
After all, all members of the working group are confident in it that includes the experts from NC O’zbekturizm, Ministry of Culture and Sports of Karakalpakstan, members of the Academy of Sciences, the Karakalpakstan Local History Museum and other organizations and departments.
The staff of the working group has already started exploring the territory of the future park, defining its borders. They are working on preparation of booklets, brochures on archeological objects in Uzbek, Karakalpak, Russian and English languages.
The work on preparation of investment projects on construction of the tourist infrastructure objects is to be carried out jointly with scientists and tourism sphere experts, taking into account rigorous observance of requirements on conservation-restoration works.
According to experts, the first in the country National historical-archeological park should become a new element in the national tourist product that will favor the formation of magnetic image of Uzbekistan abroad attracting at that more tourist streams. 

NC O’zbekturizm