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British Officials in Uzbekistan Discuss Cooperation Prospects

posted 17 Apr 2012, 03:44 by Webmaster Ambasciata
Visiting Uzbekistan as part of joint efforts to further the bilateral interaction, a United Kingdom Cabinet member, co-chair of the British Conservative Party Baroness Sayeeda Warsi met with Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, chair of Women’s Committee Elmira Bositkhonova.

It has been stressed during the April 9 meeting that cooperation between Uzbekistan and Great Britain has been advancing steadily covering all areas. The two sides discussed fostering the mechanisms aimed at exchanging experience and information between our two countries on boosting the role of women in society and bolstering the interaction on this front, UzA informs.

Initiated by President Islam Karimov, the steadfast reforms in progress in Uzbekistan directed at further enhancing the socio-political activity of women in society, uplifting their professional, spiritual and intellectual potential, augmenting women’s social security, consolidating their health, protecting motherhood and childhood, and other efforts have been yielding remarkable effect. An important guidance in this direction has been the “Additional Measures to Support the Activities of Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan” signed into the Decree by the head of our state on 25 May 2004.

The British guest said she highly appreciates the gracious work undertaken in our country to secure employment for women, improve their working conditions, attract them to entrepreneurship and support in every way possible.

Sayeeda Warsi traveled to Westminster International University in Tashkent to meet with faculty and students.

“I am delighted to have visited the ancient and eternally young cities of Samarkand and Bukhara during my stay in Uzbekistan,” Sayeeda Warsi said.

“We are quite happy also that our trip has coincided with the extensive celebration of Amir Temur’s 676th birthday anniversary. Your great ancestor’s role in cultural and scientific advancement of the peoples of Movarounnahr is incomparable. The historic monuments built during Amir Temur and Temurids and preserved to our days are the marvelous samples of architecture and construction art of that era.

“I have been impressed much by the hospitality and nobility of the Uzbek people. The high achievements manifest in every realm, particularly in parliamentarianism and lawmaking, are admirable. We set out to consolidate further our cooperation with Uzbekistan,” the British Baroness underscored.