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Briefing for Observers from International Organizations and Foreign States

posted 23 Dec 2014, 04:16 by Webmaster Ambasciata

Briefing for Observers from International Organizations and Foreign States


On December 20 a briefing for international and foreign observers was held at the Republican Press Center for Coverage of the Elections of 2014.

It was attended by the heads and representatives of the election observation missions of the Commonwealth of Independent States, OSCE-ODIHR, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the Association of World Election Bodies (AWEB), and the OIC, foreign observers, foreign and domestic journalists.

Mr. Mirza-Ulugbek Abdusalomov, the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Uzbekistan, informed the participants of the briefing about the special features of this electoral campaign, which is being held in qualitatively new sociopolitical and socioeconomic context.

It was noted at the briefing that in the framework of implementation of the Concept of Further Advancement of Democratic Reforms and Formation of the Civil Society in the country and based on the experience of parliamentary elections of 2009, changes and amendments were introduced to the Constitution and electoral legislation with the focus on further democratization and liberalization of the electoral process.

According to the amendments in the Article 117 of the Constitution of Uzbekistan, the Central Electoral Commission was granted the status of a constitutional body, which has special role in the government system, and ensures preparation and holding of elections with no interference of other government bodies. This became yet another crucial guarantee of the comprehensive safeguard of the democratic nature, openness and transparency of the elections.

Also major preparatory efforts undertaken in strict compliance with the Programme of Activities for Preparation and Holding of the Elections of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, oblast, rayon, and city Kengashs (Councils) of People’s Deputies of 2014 were noted. Effective arrangements were made for widescale awareness of the voters with the provisions of the electoral legislation, presentation of the electoral campaign programs of political parties to the citizens, along with business and moral qualities of the candidates, and improving the awareness of voters about preparation for elections.

The briefing participants were informed about the political parties involved in parliamentary elections, the candidates they nominated, and the Environmental Movement of Uzbekistan, which is allocated 15 seats in the lower house of the parliament according to the electoral legislation.

As noted in the briefing, all activities in the framework of election campaign are being held openly and transparently in strict compliance with legislation.

According to the legislation, advance voting was arranged for the voters who cannot be present at their place of residence on the elections day. In cases where individual voters, because of their health or other reasons cannot come to the polling station, precinct electoral commissions will arrange for them to vote at the place of their stay.

Pre-electoral campaigning – crucial stage of election campaign has finished. Political parties and the candidates for deputy were provided broad and equal opportunities to make use of the media. For the purposes of election campaigning, they were provided equal amount of air time on state TV- and radio channels and equal amount of print space in the national and local press. Political parties had the opportunity to independently hold meetings with voters.

The role of the international observation institutions was particularly underscored at the briefing. As of today, observation missions of the following organizations:OSCE-ODIHR, CIS, SCO, OIC and WAIO have arrived and are operating in Uzbekistan. The Central Electoral Commission has registered more than 300 observers from over 50 countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.

It was underscored that on the elections day the Central Electoral Commission will inform the public about the progress in voting at the briefings, which will be held in the Republican Press Center at 13.00, 17.00, and 22.00 on December 21. Preliminary results of the elections will be announced on the next day.

At the briefing the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission particularly noted that having participated in the voting and selecting the most worthy candidates, the voters will vote not only for them but also for well-being the of their families, peace and tranquility, for tomorrow and prosperity of the Homeland, and faster advancement of Uzbekistan towards democracy and progress.


Republican Press Center

for Coverage of the Elections of 2014