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30/06/11 - All accomplishments thanks to independence

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:57 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited Kashkadarya region on 22-23 June to familiarize with socio-economic reforms and improvement works in progress on the ground.

On the second day of his trip to this province, the head of state toured the fields of Ramz Norov farm in Karshi district.

Farmers of the region reported making sure that the grain yield grown on 145,000 hectares of land was harvested in time and harmless. Simultaneously, cultivation of cotton has been underway on the more than 160,000 hectares adhering to agrotechnical requirements, while the technologies available have been used efficiently to preserve moisture in soil.

“Our experienced dehkans (specific term for Uzbek cultivators) know well that cashing in the summer’s every fine day, especially so in July and August, is critical to the fate of harvest,” Islam Karimov implied.

“In spite of some complications created for our farmers by this year’s relatively dry weather, they have been persevering in taking due measures to harvest projected volumes of yield thanks to their expertise, craftsmanship and assiduous diligence.”

Underscoring the need for eliminating the shortcomings at hand, for timely addressing the problems, Uzbekistan’s leader insisted that methods worked out by our skilled dehkans to conserve moisture be employed, including by saturating the soil with local fertilizers and effectively applying sherbet irrigation.

In line with Uzbekistan’s Cabinet of Ministers Resolution “On Additional Measures to Introduce Water Saving Technologies and Retrenchment of Irrigation Water in June-September 2011” signed 16 June, 2011, tangible efforts have been undertaken in Kashkadarya region to ensure rational use of water resources, refine the cultivation system and thus secure reduction in water consumption in farming, modernization of water economy infrastructure, extensive application of water saving cutting-edge technologies.

Cotton plant of Bukhoro-102 species is cultivated on 83 hectares of Ramz Norov farm land, while wheat of Selyanka genus is grown on another 13 hectares. The latter sort of grain is distinct with its high productivity and early maturation. It can yield up to 70 metric centners of harvest on irrigated lands. This very genus amounts to 25% of all grain grown in the region.

President Karimov had a talk with combine operators.

The experienced machine operator, the operator of Klaas-dominator combine Qobil Latipov spoke on advantages of the combine manufactured in cooperation with German partners, including high labor productivity, possibility of harvesting without loss of grain, neat cock hay and other rewarding features. Combine operators include many youths.

Expounding on contemporary youth, on their intellectual abilities, the head of state stressed the necessity for further perfection of learning and internship system in professional colleges, provision of them with latest technical equipment, profound study by college students of modern disciplines like information technologies, foreign languages.

The country’s leader got acquainted with the activities of Center for Scientific and Practical Consultation for Farmers instituted at the Bakht farm in Karshi district. The head of state had a conversation with farmers, region’s elite, and youths on the field camp of the farm.

Speaking on prospects of farmer movement in the country, Islam Karimov said that farmers are becoming a fulcrum of not merely the nation’s economy, but also of socio-political life.

“A hundred people work in our farm,” Bakht farm chief Ibrohim Kholiyorov said. “We got USD 160,000 of loan at the regional branch of Uzsanoatqurilishbank and purchased a milk processing technology. Thus a new direction of our work has been established. This device is capable of processing three tons of milk a day. Our livestock comprises 520 cattle. Dairy products, namely, kefir, cream, cheese, are sold in our trading shops in district center.”

During the talk, President Islam Karimov placed emphasis on transformation in the mind and reasoning, the lifestyle of our people. He thus illustrated the effects of reforms undertaken in social and spiritual sphere, in nurturing children, in elevating the role of women in the family and society.

“The most advanced scientific achievements, cutting-edge technologies, the high intellectual potential of youth are crucial in ensuring a great future for our nation,” the head of state suggested.

“Our youth should command latest knowledge and skills even more extensively in order to compete with confidence with their counterparts in developed countries. Since our growing generation is second to no one in anything.”

Preparing to widely celebrate the greatest, the dearest event – the 20th anniversary of national independence – Uzbek people are deeply aware of the fact that the immense construction efforts, transformation in our mind and thinking, the wellbeing and the growing standards of life – all of this has been possible owing to independence. Bright evidence to this truism has been the large-scale creative work in Kashkadarya region.