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30/04/11 - Uzbekistan's experience is in the center of world attention

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:36 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
The two-day international scientific practical conference on “The Concept of further deepening of democratic reforms and formation of civil society in Uzbekistan” opened in Tashkent on 22 April. The forum is devoted to studying the experience of Uzbekistan in carrying out consistent transformations to democratize all spheres of the state and social life, and high results of the large-scale implementation of the tasks of the new stage of development of the country, determined by President Islam Karimov.

The conference brought together hundreds of government and public figures, businessmen and experts from more than 30 countries, representatives of major international organizations and financial institutions, including the United Nations and its agencies, the Asian Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and heads of diplomatic missions accredited in the country.

UzA correspondents talked to some of the participants.

Ravi Kumar Savhnei, expert of the International Vivekananda Fund (India):

“I read the Concept of President Islam Karimov on the further deepening of democratic reforms and the formation of civil society in Uzbekistan with great interest. The ideas put forward in this paper have been widely studied not only in Uzbekistan, but also internationally. The start of the consistent implementation of the wide-scale tasks set by the head of your state will, undoubtedly, serve reforming and modernizing the country and gaining its rightful place among developed countries.

“As noted in the Concept, the accelerated development of the society towards democracy and the success of reforms in this direction depend on the level of legal culture of the people. In Uzbekistan, a lot of work has been carried in this direction. Consistent continuation of this wide-scale work will contribute to raising the actions in promoting human rights and interests in Uzbekistan.”

Parviz Morwedge, professor of New York State University, Director of Global Scholarly Publications (USA):
“Uzbekistan has carried out huge work in the steady introduction of well-developed legal mechanism for strict observance of laws and ensuring the rule of law in the activities of public authorities and law enforcement agencies. The study of reforms in the judicial system of Uzbekistan will be useful for other countries.

“The timely adopted Anti-crisis program of measures has contributed to stable economic development of Uzbekistan. The constant attention paid in your country to attracting foreign investments and increasing the number of joint ventures has given excellent results. One of the main directions of the Anti-crisis program in Uzbekistan is the support and strengthening of the budget, banking, finance and credit systems, the real sector of the economy, modernization, technical and technological renovation of production with the purpose of improving the competitiveness on both domestic and foreign markets.

“I admire the high culture of the people, especially youth of Uzbekistan, its high intellectual potential. All the conditions have been created for youth to acquire deep knowledge. This is a practical result of the huge attention of the leader of your country to the formation of the younger generation as fully developed personalities.”