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30/04/11 - President visits Surkhandarya region

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:37 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited Surkhandarya region on 22 April to get acquainted with the socioeconomic reforms carried out in the area.

The people of Uzbekistan are proud of their great ancestors, who have made invaluable contribution to the world civilization. The study of their cultural, spiritual and scientific heritage, its preservation and further enrichment is our duty before future generations.

This noble purpose lies at the heart of the wide-scale work carried out under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in all spheres, including spiritual and educational ones. Among the priorities is improvement of holy places of worship, in-depth study of the rich heritage of our great ancestors, and upbringing the young people as harmoniously developed personalities.

Islam Karimov started his trip to Surkhandarya region from the visit to the Hakim Termizi memorial complex.

The resting place of the great thinker thanks to improvement works held on the initiative and under the guidance of the President, has acquired a completely new look. Gardens have been created here, and all conditions organized for visitors.

“The respect for the memory of great ancestors like Hakim Termizi, studying their rich heritage have played an important role in enriching the spirituality of our people, especially youth,” said Islam Karimov. “Visiting this holy place clears the people’s souls. Therefore, we must visit places like this often and ask God for peaceful life and all the best for our country, people and children.”

The head of the state noted that it was important to study the heritage of our great ancestors and bringing it to future generations. For it is the heritage of ancestors that teaches the younger generation to treat the native land with care, and brings a sense of pride. The youth can keep the names of our great ancestors for ever, and is capable of worthily continuing all the good work that was started in the years of independence.

“Frequent visits of the young people should be organized to such places of worship,” the President said. “This is important in bringing together the older and the younger generations, preserving and enriching the heritage of our great ancestors.”

Islam Karimov gave his recommendations on further expansion of the improvement works, including planting ornamental trees that correspond to the hot climate of Surkhandarya, UzA informs.

The country’s President got acquainted with the activities of the “At-Termizi Namuna” farm in Termez region, headed by Shukhrat Chorshanbiyev, and talked to farmers.

Today, about 5,000 farms function in the region. “At-Termizi Namuna” last year received a rich harvest: 32 centners of cotton and 70 centners of grain per hectare. The income made up UZS 106.6 million and net profit UZS 26 million.

This year, the experienced farmer built a greenhouse on 50 acres of land and provided more than 10 people with jobs. In the Year of Small Business and Private Entrepreneurship, a sewing shop was opened in At-Termizi mahalla.

The head of the state asked questions on reaching the rich harvest of grain, development of cotton, important agro-technical activities that must be completed during the field season.

The farmers of the region grow early-maturing varieties of wheat on 98,000 hectares. This spring, because of unfavorable weather conditions, special attention is paid to feeding the soil with fertilizers. As a result, conditions for large crop have been created. Surkhandarya farmers have also managed to ensure good cotton growth on 119,600 hectares.

Farmers say that one day of spring feeds the whole year, the President said. Therefore, at present, when the fate of the next harvest is being decided, those will succeed who perform all agro-technical activities timely and accurately. In agriculture, there is no easy year or season. However, the expected shortage of water demands that farmers demonstrate even greater skill and enterprise, and ensire rational use of water.

If last year the region’s cotton cultivating farmers carried out activities to reduce moisture in the soil, this year they are trying to save it. With this purpose, during the cultivation the soil is enriched with fertilizers.

In conversation with farmers, the head of the state stressed their role in ensuring the welfare of the people. Islam Karimov emphasized that the state would continue to fully support the farmers.

Very soon, Termez will host “Barkamol avlod 2011” (Harmonously Developed Generation) sports competitions among students of specialized secondary and professional educational establishments.

Currently, thorough preparation is underway to such major event that will be held in the region for the first time. The buildings of Termez State University, academic lyceums, art, pedagogy and Olympic reserve colleges, Dolphin swimming pool, Alpomish tennis court, kurash wrestling complex and other objects have been reconstructed.

President Islam Karimov visited the newly built sports complex Surkhon in Termez.

It has a stadium for 10,000 seats, and gyms for gymnastics and handball, fitted with modern equipment. The complex has all conditions for going in for football, handball, athletics and rhythmic gymnastics.

The head of the state spoke to gymnasts and handball players who train here.

Islam Karimov noted that our young men and women are not inferior to anyone in talent and skill. Constant attention should be paid to revealing their talents and support their aspirations. The huge transformation in the fields of education, spirituality, sports and others are aimed exactly for that purpose.

The President noted that the young people should live with understanding that they are heirs of the great ancestors, they should mobilize all of their knowledge, talent and aspirations for further increasing the authority of their Motherland.

Getting familiar with the complex, the President gave recommendations for its improvement. The head of the state spoke about the need to use the best foreign experience and national architectural traditions in construction and decoration works.

The President also got acquainted with the House of Happiness raised in the city of Termez. The modern two-story building has all facilities for young people’s marriage.

The head of the state underlined that holding one of the most exciting events in life – wedding – in such beautiful building will leave the newlyweds with unforgettable impressions for their whole lives.

A person should live for bringing good, protecting peace, improving people’s welfare, and for the happiness of the children. Only in this case the intended goals can be reached. Our people live and work with such noble intentions. This truth has once again seen confirmation during the visit of the President of Uzbekistan to Surkhandarya region.