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28/02/11 - President: “Children's sport is the future of Uzbek sports”

posted 15 Jan 2012, 03:28 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
The meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Children’s Sport Fund was held in Oqsaroy residence in Tashkent on 25 February under the chairmanship of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov.

The head of the state spoke about the extensive work carried out since the creation of the fund, which operates with support of the government agencies, industrial enterprises, NGOs and the general public.

Thanks to the work of the fund, the development of children’s sports has really become a powerful national movement, Islam Karimov said. He touched upon the most important tasks that the fund faces in its activity.

“The interest, enthusiasm and love for sports in our children should be formed from early childhood. Only in this case can we make sports a constant companion in the people’s lives,” the President stressed.

“We can reach the intended goal by attracting children to sports at preschool and early school age. At the same time, we must not forget that each child has a vast inner world, and a special attention should be attached to this,” he underlined.

“Only those children who regularly go in for sports at an early age will grow physically strong and healthy. This will allow each parent to achieve his or her dream – to raise healthy children and to establish a healthy lifestyle in the society.

“Sports from an early age strengthen the child’s character, through participation in competitions he or she form such qualities as strength and courage, the desire to victory, first of all victory over himself or herself, and foundations for strong will are laid.

By victory over oneself I mean that this is primarily self-education, strong discipline, elimination of shortcomings and overcoming difficulties,” Islam Karimov said.

“As we know, without the development of children’s sports, we cannot ensure the future of the Uzbek sports and increase its fame on the international arena.

“It is not a secret today that sport is becoming the most efficient and effective way of demonstrating the potential of the nation and raising the national pride and honor.

“If there are currently about 7 billion people living on Earth, the most famous and well-known personalities among them are sportsmen. For example, at the Asian Games in China last year, which were attended by representatives of many large states, when the team of Uzbekistan in rhythmic gymnastics rose to the podium, I personally experienced unforgettable moments. I think that such achievements of our athletes bring great excitement to all of our compatriots.

“The youth football team of Uzbekistan won the second place at the Asian Cup and won the right to participate in the forthcoming World Cup in Mexico. This is a historic event in our sports life. And there are many such examples.

“If we want the Uzbek sports to occupy a deserved place on the international arena, we must systematically develop the children’s and youth’s sports. I think we are all well aware of this truth.

“Putting it short, children’s sport should be the future of the Uzbek sports, the basis of increasing the glory of the Uzbek sports on the international arena,” the President emphasized.

“The children’s sports plays an immeasurably important role in achieving the great goal we set, which is upbringing the harmoniously developed generation, making our children the decisive force in the society, and Uzbekistan’s gaining its rightful place among the developed countries. I think there is no need to dwell on this issue.

“As we know, many companies are currently working in our country using high technologies, employing thousands and thousands of young people who graduated from universities, lyceums and colleges. In forming boys and girls as qualified specialists, apart from their mastering modern knowledge and skills, their going in for sports and strong physical development is also an important factor.

“In this regard, I would like to note once again that in the 21st century of uncompromising competition, only a generation and a nation that is physically strong, spiritually mature and intellectually rich may win.

“We often witness how the television in many foreign countries regularly shows programs glorifying the country and its people, praising them for the whole world. Especially touching are moments when the state flag is raised and the national anthem in honor of the winner athletes is heard.

“Our national television should broadcast more of such programs, which increase the glory of Uzbekistan in the world, it should pay continued attention to creating a bright image of the country on the international arena; this will be a great spiritual and educational work,” the head of the state said.

The President continued saying that in order to raise the young people as personalities that are not inferior to anyone and are able to reach the highest goals, sport and physical education should deeper penetrate the people’s lives, and the issue of children’s sports should always be the focus of the state and society.

Islam Karimov drew the attention of the meeting participants to another important aspect, which is achievements in improving the health of the people, especially the children. This has been reached through large-scale reforms in the social sphere, including in healthcare, education, sports, protection of motherhood and childhood.

The President brought up the following examples: if in 2005, absolutely healthy children accounted for 52.7 percent, in 2010 this figure reached 62.6 percent. Considering that in the developed world, the figure is 70 to 72 percent, it is obvious that Uzbekistan has achieved significant growth in this direction.

In 2010, compared to 2005, the incidence of acute respiratory viral infections among students fell by 12.8 per cent, pneumonia by 15.5, bronchitis by 16.2 and scoliosis by 11.6 percent. Over the past five years, the height of boys aged 10-14 increased by an average of 2.3 centimeters and girls by 2 centimeters, while weight increased by 2.6 and 2.9 kilograms respectively, Islam Karimov said.

We should not stop here, the President said, calling for setting more ambitious goals, namely, working constantly to achieve the level of the developed countries.

The meeting participants considered the activity of the Children’s Sports Development Fund over the past year.

In 2010, in accordance with the State Program “Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation”, special attention was paid to physical education and sport, in particular, further development of children’s sports, construction of modern sports complexes and stadiums in cities and villages, providing them with sports equipment and qualified trainers. This program has intensified measures to promote healthy lifestyle, increase the medical culture of the population, and develop mass sports, particularly among children.

The meeting reviewed the results of the program of construction, reconstruction and capital repairs of children’s sports facilities and swimming pools in 2010. Last year, 95 objects were commissioned, including 61 in rural areas.

This year’s final stage of the Barkamol Avlod-2011 sports competitions will be held in Surkhandarya region. In connection with this, a number of new children’s sports facilities are being constructed in the city of Termez, the regional center. A universal gym with a football and track and field arena, which will seat 10,000 spectators, is being erected here.

The head of the state made recommendations on the preparation and conduction of the large-scale sporting event, organized in Surkhandarya for the first time. Barkamol Avlod is a major youth forum, which has a great sociopolitical and spiritual significance.

Under the Football Development Program, opening of children’s and youth football clubs by professional football clubs in Andijan, Namangan and Samarkand regions is planned in 2011.

Also this year, construction, reconstruction and overhaul of 149 objects, including 130 objects of children’s sports and 19 swimming pools, will be carried out using the funds of the Children’s Sports Development Fund. 118 objects of the total number will be built in rural areas.

The meeting participants discussed issues of ensuring compliance of newly constructed and renovated children’s sports facilities, particularly swimming pools, to modern requirements and their efficient operation.

The also considered the process of the formation and targeted use of the funds of the Children’s Sports Development Fund. Last year, the fund intended to accumulate UZS 111.1 billion and the factual figure reached UZS 116.8 billion. Foreign currency funds amounted to USD 1.72 million.

During 2008-2011, the accumulated funds increased by 55.9 percent, which indicates the increasing attention of sponsors to the development of children’s sports in the country.

All these funds were used for their intended purpose – construction and major renovation of children’s sports venues and facilities, swimming pools, as well as equipment of sports facilities opened in 2010. The funds were also used to ensure that children, especially girls, from families in need of social support, were provided with sports equipment and clothing, to hold sports events and support participation of Uzbek students in international competitions.

The Children’s Sports Development Fund and regional administrations actively cooperate in attracting girls and boys to sports. As a result of this work, 1.6 million students aged 6-15 regularly went in for sports in 2010. This figure currently stands at 34.5 percent versus 29.2 percent in 2008, while among girls it has increased from 24.1 to 30.9 percent.

The opening of the regional gymnastics federations and centers expanded opportunities of girls to go in for sports. Because of this, the number of girls involved in rhythmic gymnastics tripled in the last two years. In addition, the number of girls going in for table tennis and swimming is also increasing.

President Islam Karimov drew the attention to the need of a special approach to attract girls to sports and create appropriate conditions for this, especially in rural areas.

It is important that the girls who go in for sports today, will bring the love to sports to their children when they become mothers. This is the essence and value of the “Healthy mother – healthy child” program implemented in the country, Islam Karimov said.

The Board of Trustees considered the issue of equipping the children’s sports facilities with necessary equipment of domestic production.

Between 2003 and 2010, the Children’s Sport Development Fund sponsored the equipment of 1,199 newly built children’s sports facilities for UZS 18.91 billion.

Domestic enterprises like Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Fayz holding company, Sovplastital joint venture, Uzeltekhsanoat association, Uzavtosanoat joint stock company and others, as well as small businesses and private entrepreneurs launched production of a wide range of sports equipment. In particular, Uz-Tong Hong Co. joint venture started the production of basketballs, footballs and volleyballs in 2010.

As a result of the taken measures, children’s sports objects are equipped primarily by domestically produced items. All sports facilities launched in 2010 were fully equipped according to established norms with domestic products. In 2011, launch of production of stopwatches and chess clocks is planned.