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28/02/11 - Interethnic harmony – factor of peace and stability

posted 15 Jan 2012, 03:29 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
The round table devoted to the “Interethnic harmony as a factor of peace and stability” was held in Tashkent. Organized by the Republican International Cultural Center in conjunction with the Kyrgyz Culture Center, the event was attended by the representatives of various public organizations, artists, writers, scientists, activists of national cultural centers and media professionals.

During the event the participants noted that the information attacks, organized by some foreign centers and news agencies, were focused on casting shadow on interethnic harmony in Uzbekistan and undermining the centuries-old friendship and brotherhood of the people in the region as well as the stability in society. Several news agencies disseminated the information to destroy the bonds of friendship, cooperation and brotherhood among Uzbek and Kyrgyz communities.

Participants in the roundtable emphasized that such attacks were absolutely untrue, and expressed their strong protest. It was noted that the basis for such actions was such vile intentions, as undermining the peace, stability and interethnic harmony in Uzbekistan. Preventing such attempts require a strong position in life of all citizens, regardless of nation, language and religion. It encourages to further strengthen the independence of motherland, safeguard peace and stability in society, be vigilant for various information attacks.

“Over 150 national cultural centers operate in Uzbekistan,” said the head of the Kyrgyz Culture Center Rahmatulla Jabbarov. “The constitutional principles of freedom, rights and lawful interests of all citizens living in Uzbekistan, regardless of their nationality, are put in practice. The fact that our children are taught in Kyrgyz language and master the profession they choose serves as an example of it.”

“National policy, pursued by President Islam Karimov, is widely recognized throughout the world,” said the editor of a leading publishing and printing house “Uzbekistan” Abiba Yunusalieva. “In Uzbekistan, along with the Uzbek language, instruction is available in other languages, including Kyrgyz. Textbooks, manuals and other books, published in other languages indicate that many opportunities are created in this country for people of all nationalities.”

All the people in the country, regardless of their ethnicity, are equal citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Constitution enshrines the principles of ensuring their rights and interests, creating the necessary conditions for preserving and developing national traditions, customs and values. The most precious wealth in the years of independence is a peaceful and tranquil life of the people. Such noble qualities as mutual respect, friendship, tolerance, desire to live in harmony with national and universal values, had been widely recognized by the representatives of all nations and nationalities living in our country as well as the international community.

The representatives of over 130 nationalities reside and work in Uzbekistan. All conditions are created for the protection of their constitutional rights and freedoms and legal interests, education and skills development. Uzbekistan pays constant attention to conservation issues and further development and enrichment of national traditions and values of different nations and nationalities. The education in secondary schools is conducted in seven languages – Uzbek, Karakalpak, Russian, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Kazakh and Tajik, while the mass media operates in 10 languages of the nationalities residing in Uzbekistan.

The activities of the Republican International Cultural Center and other national cultural centers focus on the strengthening of peace, tranquility, stability, friendship and mutual understanding in society, the further development of national values and traditions, the wide propaganda of their essence and value.