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22/03/11 - Welcoming address by President Islam Karimov at the grand celebrations dedicated to the Navruz holiday

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:25 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
Dear compatriots!
Distinguished guests!

In these days the long-awaited holiday of Navruz is arriving in our Homeland – the land of Uzbekistan along with a breath of beautiful spring.

At these moments, when the nature awakens, our cities and villages clothe in green, I am happy to congratulate you from the bottom my heart, my dear compatriots and our entire nation, on the festival of Navruz, and express all of you my sincerest wishes.

Dear friends!

There are many revered holidays and occasions that our nation always marks with happiness and joy. However, the holiday of Navruz, which our people are celebrating these days, is very ancient and truly national, free of any politics and a sacred festival, as well as a season of rejuvenation and renewal for us, which has been serving from the very old times as a symbol of our traditions.

This date is an Oriental new year, which awakens the noble aspirations in the heart of a human being, inspires him with hope and belief, the feelings of thankfulness, and is the most cherished and beloved holiday of all our compatriots, who celebrate it with profound joy irrespective of their nationality, language and religion, whether they are a man or woman and the young or the elderly.

I would speak the very truth if I say that it became a usual tradition to welcome this unique festival in each household and each family by wholeheartedly saying: “Welcome to our land, the world of Navruz, let your arrival be blessed! Let it bring peace and tranquility to our land!”

Along with such sincere and pure intentions with a goal of collecting a plentiful harvest from our vast fields our hard-working dekhkans (peasants) are starting a new working season by sowing a seed to the land that enjoys the warmth of the sunlight.

Today at these radiant moments it is our wish: let our selfless dekhkans and farmers, as well as all our workers be happy, and let them be successful in their endeavors.
In this captivating season, when the spirit of Navruz and breeze of greenery blows, a human being feels the need to live ever closer to and in harmony with nature, show an ever more respect and esteem, the kindness and care to the people around him, his family, friends and fellows, as well as strives to share with them our rare and truly national dishes as sumalak, khalim and kuksomsa.

It is particularly in these days one can see a vivid confirmation of such noble qualities that pertain to our nation from the very ancient times as, standing side-by-side with their neighborhood and rest of the nation, to render a gratuitous help to those in need of assistance, the disabled and the sick, as well as obtain blessings of the revered elderly.

One should say the following: whoever sees the manifestation of such rare traditions, which are a vivid confirmation of our people’s kindness and magnanimity, and comprehends their deep humane essence, there is no doubt, he shall always and surely be astonished.

Certainly, it is worth not to spare our applause and extended praise for our people, who have been for over a span of centuries carefully preserving and safeguarding the immortal Oriental traditions that flow in harmony with the spirit and philosophy of Navruz.

Dear compatriots!

Indeed, it makes all of us pleased and gives a new strength and power when the international community acknowledges how Uzbekistan stably proceeds onwards along the path of progress and how we are making solid steps in pursuing our main goal of constructing a new society and new life, increasing the people’s well being and securing a worthy place among the ranks of developed democratic states.

Above all, I deem it necessary to specially draw your attention to the following two issues when we speak about our highest results and achievements being secured thanks to hard and laborious work of our people, as well as reasonably exploiting our own strength and potential.

First, I think it shall be no mistake at all to say that whatever results our nation achieves these days at such a dangerous, perilous and unsafe time, when the global financial crisis is still unfolding, – all of these are being achieved thanks to an ever consolidating peace and tranquility, accord and solidarity between the nationalities, religions and citizens in our country, as well as respect and esteem towards one another.

Second, we consider the gains and achievements we have been securing in our life to be the result of progressing in harmony with the international community, working in cooperation with near and far, and above all, the neighboring states, and we stand for ever consolidation of such a collaboration.

Availing myself of this opportunity, standing from this high rostrum in this blissful day, allow me to thank and cordially congratulate on the festival of Navruz the esteemed ambassadors of foreign countries and representatives of international organizations, our friends and brothers, who treat us kindly and support us and participate at today’s celebration.

Distinguished compatriots!

Time and again, at this unforgettable and grand celebration from the bottom of my heart I congratulate our revered and esteemed elderly, graceful sisters, strong and fresh youth – my children, who are turning into an ever decisive force in our life.

Let you always be safe and sound! Let you long live! Let abundance accompany you!

Let peace and security, kindness and generosity, happiness and bliss reign in each and every household, and our entire nation!

Let Navruz be blessed for all of us!