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21/11/11 - A symbol of our high enlightenment potential

posted 15 Jan 2012, 06:01 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov traveled November 16 to the Ma’rifat Markazi (Center of Enlightenment) erected in the city of Tashkent.

Genuinely colossal creative strides have been made in Uzbekistan during the twenty years of our independent development, the years equaling centuries in significance and magnitude. That is manifest even brighter when one compares the current appearance of our towns and villages, along with living conditions of our people, with what used to be twenty years ago. Mingling the traditions of national architectural legacy and the achievements of modern architectural art, the inimitable buildings, magnificent palaces and squares, picturesque alleys, wide roads, the giant bridges, fine-looking apartment buildings and social facilities have cardinally transformed the look of our country.

All this constitutes a practical embodiment of the great objective defined by President Islam Karimov in the wake of independence, namely, to build an independent and prosperous country, a free and happy life.

Major buildings and modern residential quarters have been commissioned across the nation this year as well, marked by the wide-ranging twentieth anniversary celebrations of our Motherland’s independence.

A worthwhile holiday gift to the Uzbek people has come to be the state-of-the-art marvelous building of Ma’rifat Markazi constructed in the heart of Tashkent on the initiative and idea of the country’s leader. The complex boasts Symposiums Palace and Alisher Navoi National Library of Uzbekistan.

This enlightenment center has become an organic part of single architectural composition encompassing such matchless buildings constructed in the center of our capital city during independence years as Youth Creativity Palace, Visual Arts Gallery, Poytakht Business Center. Adjacent to the nation’s central plaza, Mustaqillik square, the area is distinct with its exceptional landscaping design.

Islam Karimov familiarized with Symposiums Palace, an awesome palace projected to host major academic forums and international symposiums, original in architectural design, peerless in Central Asia as much as in the wider world.

The new palace exemplifies the national architecture and modern styles. The rich inscription on its walls, the grand marble columns, the blue dome – all this is indicative of the continuation of our ages-old traditions in urban planning.

President Karimov has suggested we can take pride in the fact that this splendid complex, its architectural solutions, every one of its fabulous columns, inner and outer designs are created by our ingenious masters and highly qualified specialists.

The head of state has stressed in particular that the construction of such unique buildings and facilities by us brightly testifies to Uzbekistan’s mounting intellectual and creative potential, prowess and capacities, as it has been manifest equally in other areas.

The Ma’rifat Markazi has been erected by the team of 12-Trust joint-stock company on the blueprint of Tashgiprogor joint-stock company. On the footholds to its entrance, striking are the green lawns laid on the basis of original drawing and the fountains on both sides of the central path walk, all of which serve to create a peculiar microclimate in its surroundings along with enriching the general appearance of the complex.

The leader of Uzbekistan has highly appreciated the lobby, the design of the palace, the blend of contemporary architectural achievements with national traditions and styles, the lighting system, the monumental panels tiled with rare masonry, and the conditions created for visitors.

The great hall of Symposiums Palace for 1,000 seats stuns with its grandeur and splendor. World architecture art has scarcely produced the solution inherent in here, that is, the thirty six windows located around the exclusive cupola, providing for complete natural illumination in the hall during the entire daylight.

The hall is outfitted largely with locally-produced furniture, cutting-edge information and communication technologies, computers connected to wireless web.

Islam Karimov then proceeded to review the Alisher Navoi National Library of Uzbekistan.

Spiritual richness, enlightenment, science and culture have been highly honored by our people throughout ages. The great ancestors have made a tremendous input into the advancement of world civilization.

Numerous scholarly centers have been instituted during independence years to facilitate the enlightenment revival of the people – and youth first and foremost.

The decision to accommodate the National Library in this modern building is a consequence of immense efforts undertaken in the country to promote enlightenment.

A universal facility rich in unique stocks, Uzbekistan’s National Library is hence an integral part of our great spiritual heritage, a national patrimony.

The Library’s new seat also contains a book museum, reading halls, a book salon, a cinema center, internet and media centers, a children’s room and resting rooms. The building is outfitted with latest hi-tech equipment and hosts a unified automated information and library system. An automated classification of library stocks set up here also fully meets international standards and norms.

The reading halls are equipped with computers connected to electronic catalog, internet and electronic database. Favorable environment has been created also for scholars and researchers, as well as for dealing with music publications.

The head of our state insisted that a nation can be powerful primarily by its high culture, enlightened people and comprehensively advanced youth. In this vein, according to Islam Karimov, this center should serve to nurture a growing generation with a high intellectual potential, thorough knowledge base, ability for independent thinking.

Familiarizing with the Library, President of Uzbekistan stressed the necessity to refine its work, revise its structure and study the international practice in this regard, with due recommendations as to develop the system of using book stocks, take into account the needs of library visitors of diverse ages and interests, expand the list of services.

Adorning our capital city, the Ma’rifat Markazi complex constitutes another brilliant symbol of our high enlightenment capacities. Like the eternal architectural monuments built by our great forefathers, it will undoubtedly help glorify our land, create a superb environment for the younger generation – a decisive force of tomorrow – to enhance their knowledge in growing to become comprehensively sophisticated personalities.

Uzbekistan National News Agency