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19/05/11 - Seminar discusses leasing servicesPost

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:46 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
Seminar dedicated to the provision of small business and private enterprise leasing services, involvement in the priority sectors of the economy of advanced technologies was held in Almalik, Tashkent region. The event, organized by Uzbek Leasing International and Tashkent regional administration, was attended by representatives of regional industrial enterprises, small businesses and private entrepreneurs.

During the event, it was noted that due to implemented reforms in the country, the system of leasing services improved. As a result, the share of leasing operations increased by the year and more banks, leasing companies and credit unions got included in the process.

Since 1995, Uzbek Leasing has implemented 350 projects amounting to USD $60 million. As a result, new manufacturing companies and production of many new products were commissioned.

Over the years, 51 projects in Tashkent region were funded on the basis of leasing, significantly increasing the amount and quality of the food, construction materials, garments and services.

The seminar discussed the benefits of leasing services, the further improvement and its wider use in the implementation of promising projects for small businesses and private entrepreneurship. Also, suggestions and recommendations from more than 10 foreign companies, supplying advanced technologies, aroused of great interest.