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15/03/11 - Uzbekistan marks Women’s Day

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:22 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
The solemn meeting devoted to the International Women’s Day was held at Turkiston palace in Tashkent on 5 March.

Prior to that, representatives of women organizations from across the country, and spheres like economy, law, science, education, culture and others visited the Independence Square.

They laid flowers to the Monument of Independence and Humanism, which is a symbol of freedom, bright future and noble aspirations of the people.

The event in Turkiston palace was opened by the acting mayor of Tashkent city R.Usmanov. State Advisor to the President H.Sultanov read the congratulatory message of the head of the state to the country’s women, UzA informs.

Vice Prime Minister and chairman of the Women’s Committee F.Akbarova said that every success achieved by Uzbekistan over 19 years of independence had a share of women’s contribution.

Uzbekistan today occupies one of the leading places among 125 countries in terms of creation of favorable conditions for women and protection of motherhood.

Thanks to the nationwide program called “Healthy mother – healthy child”, diagnostic and screening centers have been set up across the republic to protect the women’s and children’s health.

Women’s sport has seen great development over the past years. The number of girls who go in for rhythmic gymnastics has increased three times over the past two years.

In 42 international competitions that Uzbek sportsmen participated last year, a third of 500 athletes were girls.

In 2010, almost 460 new workplaces created in the country were occupied by women. To compare, in 2005 that number was 198,400.

A group of young women received Zulfiya state awards at the event in Turkiston palace for achievements in literature, art, science, education and culture.

The Women’s Committee, the Arts Academy and the Hunarmand crafts association organized an exhibition devoted to the activities of women in fine art and national craftsmanship.

Chairman of the Senate I.Sobirov, Speaker of the Legislative Chamber D.Tashmuhamedova and Prime Minister Sh.Mirziyoyev participated in the event.