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15/03/11 - 17 million people participate in Hashar

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:20 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

More than 17 million people participated in the nationwide charity hashar held in Uzbekistan on 12-13 March.

The event was held in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision of 10 March, which proclaimed March and April as months of improvement and greenery planting.

According to Mahalla fund, over 35,000 hectares of lands were covered with hashar over the weekend.

The participants planted a total of more than 3 million fruit and decorative trees.

People visited low-income families and those in need of help and provided them assistance.

Hashar participants in various regions took part in construction of new objects, including educational establishments.

Tashkent residents supported the My Clean City project proposed by city deputies council. The people participated in cleaning of the streets and residential areas.