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14/10/11 - Pressing forward with virtuous deeds

posted 15 Jan 2012, 05:31 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov visited Ferghana region 11 October to evaluate the course of socio-economic reforms, innovative and beautification works undertaken in this part of the country.

With its natural riches, modern industrial and communications capacities, socio-economic infrastructure, and copious labor resources, Ferghana region wields exceptional role in the overall development of our homeland. The province’s remarkable capacities have been adroitly cashed in for the good of the nation during independence years.

The hard-working, hospitable and cordial Ferghanians have been making a meaningful input into such a gracious enterprise as consolidation of our independence and socio-economic advancement. Far-reaching constructive and beautification works have been steadfast in this region like elsewhere across the nation. The appearance of towns and villages has been transforming, modern enterprises are being built, wide and even roads been laid, new education and healthcare institutions erected, as have sports facilities and public parks.

Gross regional product in the first half of this year grew by 105.8%, along with steady expansion of industrial manufacture and consumer goods production.

The head of state began his trip to the region with a stopover in Oltiariq district, at a specialized enterprise for loner-term and quality storage of agricultural goods. Our blessed land is renowned for nature’s generous endowment – fruits and vegetables. The cardinal reforms undertaken in agriculture and the favorable conditions for exporting the agricultural products have been encouraging for farmers to boost their incomes. Set up in 2010, this venture boasts refrigerators to store two tons of agricultural goods.

Owing to cutting-edge Italian technologies, these refrigerators maintain temperatures stable to allow for prolonged storage of fruits and vegetables without affecting the quality. The enterprise is critical in receiving and export of goods produced by farmers of the district.

During the tour of this facility, Uzbekistan’s leader stressed the need for an innovative approach to further expansion of localization in reprocessing the harvested yield. After all, reprocessing and exporting such goods will facilitate elevation of our farmers’ income several times over, creation of new jobs, growth in the incomes of local population, rise in the currency inflow.

Thus, of particular importance are the new ventures equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to reprocess fruits and vegetables, produce goods with added value.

President Islam Karimov traveled to Fayz farmer entity in Uchkuprik district and conversed with advanced farmers. The head of state noted in particular that farmers have come to be seen as fulcrums of not only the economic and social life of the country, but also in the political realm.

The considerable effects of the expanding farmer movement in Uzbekistan are brightly reflected in the new accomplishments made in the agrarian sector. Some seven thousand farmer entities in Ferghana region produce fruits, vegetables and melons, livestock goods along with cotton and grain cultivation. Their endeavors have been significant in furthering the industrial production in rural areas and creating new jobs.

The Ferghana cotton cultivators’ endeavors are directed currently at timely harvesting this year’s crop. Fayz farmer entity led by Vohidjon Melikuziev has achieved high indicators in grain and cotton growing. The farm members have cultivated Sulton sort of cotton on the 31 hectares of land and yielded 135 tons of harvest, beating the contract obligation. The incomes have allowed for increases in salaries, their material support, and assistance to low-income families.

President of Uzbekistan suggested that farmers need not confine themselves to cultivation and grain and cotton, but try to reprocess the agricultural goods.

During the conversation, Islam Karimov expounded on issues related to creating and seeding new species of cotton of early ripening variety and affording quality fiber, ones that would meet the soil-climatic conditions of the region. The head of state enquired into the opinion of farmers about the cardinal transformation in the looks of villages complying with requirements of modern architecture, about the wide-ranging housing construction for rural residents built on model designs.

It was stated in particular that owing to strides made on this front, the people’s worldview has been changing with growing inspiration for comfortable life.

Ferghana is a major industrial region of the country. A large number of modern industrial enterprises have been functioning efficiently in this province. They are famed also beyond the borders of Uzbekistan with their economic capacities, quality produce, highly proficient specialists and are critical in the economic development of not merely the region, but also Uzbekistan as a whole.

President Islam Karimov traveled then to Kokand to familiarize with the work of Indorama Kokand Textile, an Uzbek-Singaporean joint venture.

As a result of this project worth more than USD 43 million, the quality combing compact yarn meeting international standards is produced here from Uzbek fiber. Outfitted with latest Swiss and Japanese technologies and equipment, the enterprise reprocesses 9,000-10,000 tons of cotton a year and produces 7,000 tons of high-quality yarn. The world-market demand for this produce has been growing, facilitating exports to Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and Bangladesh.

The foreign investors said during the talk at the mill that the Uzbek cotton is celebrated around the globe with its high quality, micro-neur indicators, and whiteness and enjoys considerable demand. They underscored the mounting interest by international business circles in investing into Uzbek economy and establishing joint business, owing to the encouraging investment climate created in our country.

The foreign partners are said to have admired the notable human resources of Uzbekistan, especially the Uzbek youth commanding comprehensive knowledge and skills, their abilities to swiftly and perfectly grasp any high-tech production technologies. The larger part of the 300 people working at this factory is made up by young people.

Islam Karimov inquired into the labor conditions and opportunities for younger generation at the venture.

The head of Uzbekistan familiarized with wide-ranging creative and constructive efforts embarked on in Kokand.

The town has been attaining an absolutely novel appearance thanks to the immense imaginative work carried out under the leadership of President Karimov. During his trip to Kokand in 2009, our leader gave recommendations to transform and perfect the make-up of the city cashing in the achievements of contemporary architecture and traditions of national architecture. Resolutions by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on action plan to radically improve Kokand’s architectural appearance and infrastructure, on additional measures to industrial advancement of the city, on its landscaping have served as vital guide for action on this front.

As an outcome of relevant efforts, modern buildings downtown, on Urda square in particular, have replaced the old ones.

Islam Karimov gave a high appreciation of the extensive creative work carried out on Urda square and said that this site has turned into a magnificent center for culture and rest for locals and guests. Uzbekistan’s leader offered recommendations on perpetuating the historical monuments testifying to the rich legacy of Kokand, on planting trees and flowers in due consideration of climatic circumstances of the city.

President Islam Karimov traveled also along Istiqlol Street, reviewed the perceptive works undertaken in Jome memorial complex, spoke with local residents.

“All such major projects are directed at reaching a single goal, that is, boosting the economy of our country, in Kokand in particular, fostering the wellbeing of our people,” Islam Karimov said.

“We are all glad that the people of Ferghana region, including Kokand, live with such gracious dreams and aspirations, with a firm confidence in the bright future. The steadfast continuation of noble deeds started by us is our constant task.”

Only a sound people, a healthy generation is capable of building a great nation. The educational and enlightenment institutions, sports palaces, music schools, youth centers erected on President’s initiative serve to nurture a comprehensively advanced posterity.

These issues came to forefront again during Islam Karimov’s visit to Children’s Sports Complex in constructed in Kokand and his conversation with youths.

This marvelous sports palace built for funds earmarked by Children’s Sports Development Foundation under the Ministry of Public Education, boasts all conditions for twelve types of sports.

The head of state suggested that such modern sports complexes testify to the broad opportunities opening up for our growing generation to be raised physically sound and robust, as individuals second to no one in anything. These efforts aim to support and encourage their splendid aspirations.

Later that day, President of the Republic met with leadership and activists of Ferghana region. The comprehensive development of the province, refinement of infrastructure, including transport and communications systems in the cities of Ferghana and Kokand, priority tasks in these directions have been discussed during the meeting.