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13/01/11 - Cabinet’s social complex sums up 2010 results

posted 15 Jan 2012, 03:12 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
The Cabinet of Ministers’ Complex for education, healthcare, social protection, information systems and telecommunications held a session to sum up the results of 2010 and consider tasks for 2011.

The session participants considered implementation by the ministries and departments of the complex of the priority tasks of socioeconomic development of the country in 2010 set by President Islam Karimov.

In particular, they reviewed issues of modernization and diversification of production, implementation of innovative and investment projects, as well as expansion of local production and increasing exports.

The complex also defined measures to implement the tasks set by the head of the state in his speeches at the joint session of the parliament’s houses in November and the meeting devoted to the Constitution Day in December.

According to the complex, last year it produced goods and provided services worth a total of UZS 2.26 trillion, which is 19.1% more than in 2009.

Paid services provided to the population comprised UZS 1.357 trillion, 14.5% up from the previous year.

USD 413.5 million worth of funds were used for projects included in the 2010 investment program, which is 94.9% more than planned. Exports exceeded the forecast by 32.3%.

The session considered improvement of the healthcare system, reconstructing and equipping children’s sports objects, music and art schools, teaching foreign languages and information technologies.

The participants also discussed introduction of ICT in state bodies and local authorities, rational use of paper and enriching the information and education portal ZiyoNET with new resources.