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07/07/11 - President receives credentials from ambassadors

posted 15 Jan 2012, 04:58 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
President Islam Karimov on July 5 at the Oqsaroy received credentials of newly appointed Ambassadors Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in the Republic of Uzbekistan – Jiang Xiao of the People’s Republic of China, George Krol of the United States of America, Le Mang Luan of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and Anvarbek Mokeev of Kyrgyz Republic.

Accepting credentials, the head of Uzbek state cordially greeted the chiefs of diplomatic missions, congratulated every one of them with the start of honorable and yet responsibility-intensive undertakings in Uzbekistan and wished success in their posts, UzA informs.

During the conversation with PRC’s Ambassador it has been stressed that the Uzbek President’s April 2011 state visit to China afforded a remarkable impetus to the bilateral cooperation, an event that brought about a new essence to the Agreement on Partnership Relations of Friendship and Cooperation signed six years before.

Uzbekistan considers China a reliable, time-tested partner whose dynamic and sustainable development has generated high respect and acknowledgement. The People’s Republic is one of Uzbekistan’s principal trade partners. The volume of bilateral turnover has grown nearly fourfold in the last five years to reach practically 2.1 billion US dollars in 2010.

The two sides have attached enormous significance to advancing interaction within Shanghai Cooperation Organization, an establishment developing today into a solid factor of regional and international security and stability.

Ambassador Jiang Xiao underscored China’s interest in intensifying its interaction with Uzbekistan in the longer run. He pointed to his willingness, while on the current diplomatic mission, to make a meaningful input into materializing that goal.

Dynamic consolidation of bilateral bonds and buildup of contacts at various levels has been evident currently between Uzbekistan and the United States.

Reinforcement of comprehensive cooperation has been served by annual political consultations whose format provides with a good opportunity to discuss the present state of bilateral relations in a businesslike atmosphere and exchange views on the extensive range of international and regional issues. Second round of political consultations that took place in Tashkent February 2011 and the business forum attended by a number of leading American companies yielded tangible effects, namely, an action plan to promote closer interaction in diverse fields for joint implementation this year.

Material illustrations of productive economic and investment cooperation have included the thriving interaction with General Motors in automotive industry. One of the major cooperative schemes has been the joint venture GM Powertrain Uzbekistan to manufacture 225 thousand modern engines a year, anticipated to be commissioned by the end of year. An enthusiastic dialogue underway currently with chief US corporations Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, General Electric and the likes to attract cutting-edge technologies and direct investments to Uzbekistan.

Ambassador George Krol referred to enhancement of mutually advantageous relations as the foremost objective of his diplomatic mission in Uzbekistan.

The geographic remoteness of Uzbekistan and Vietnam hardly impedes development of bilateral interaction. Vietnam, its growing capacities and potential, diligence of the Vietnamese people and their advanced strides in socio-economic development are well known in Uzbekistan.

A crucial element binding the two peoples together is that more than three thousand Vietnamese graduated from higher education institutions of Uzbekistan and associate the Uzbek land with kind feelings.

Given the dynamic development displayed by the two countries’ economies – the global financial downturn notwithstanding – promising prospects of Uzbek-Vietnamese trade, economic and investment cooperation can leave little doubt. In particular, PetroVietnam’s launch of investment activities to attract latest and unique technologies for geological prospecting in Ustyurt region is welcomed in Uzbekistan.

In his turn, Ambassador Le Mang Luan confirmed his willingness to make the best of his efforts to promote and consolidate Vietnamese-Uzbek relations of friendship and shared gain.

Uzbekistan has been tied to Kyrgyzstan with ages-old bonds of friendship and neighborliness. The historical, linguistic and cultural closeness have helped our peoples uphold multifaceted relations and mutually advantageous cooperation.

The two nations established close and equal relations right in the wake of independence, and the present-day interaction has covered bilateral format as much as that in the framework of international institutions like the CIS, SCO, UN and other organizations.

Ambassador Anvarbek Mokeev has assured of his enthusiasm to cash in his knowledge and experience as a history scholar and diplomat to further multi-dimensional Kyrgyz-Uzbek relations built on longer-term interests of the two countries and the ages-old wisdom of the two peoples.