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posted 25 Mar 2016, 09:17 by Webmaster Ambasciata

During the celebration of Navruz Uzbekistan's diplomatic missions abroad continue to receive warm congratulations and wishes to our people.

Thus, the former congressman from Indiana (USA) Dan Burton Lee conveyed his sincere greetings to the Uzbek people and the leadership of our country and congratulated with one of the most joyous events in the life of the republic - the holiday of spring and prosperity.

- Over the years in the Congress I was lucky enough to visit your wonderful country, and I was honored to be received by President Islam Karimov. With special warmth I remember our meeting with the Head of your state, with whom I have the most vivid and memorable experience.

I would like to highlight the achievements of Uzbekistan in the socio-economic and socio-political spheres in recent years. The modern look of the cities and the architecture successfully combining the best centuries-old traditions of the Uzbek people left a deep impression on me during my visit to the republic. Efforts made by the government to preserve and promote the invaluable spiritual and material heritage are commendable.

I am also pleased to point out that today the country is one of the most important US partner in the region. I hope that the mutually beneficial Uzbek-US relations will continue to strengthen in future and to serve for the benefit of peoples of bоth countries.

Taking this pleasant opportunity, I want to sincerely express my heartfelt congratulations to the leadership and people of Uzbekistan on the occasion of Navruz and wish you good health, happiness and successes!

Jahon Information Agency, Washington