Uzbekistan is building Technology-Driven Society

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Optimal introduction of cutting edge IT technologies into the economy and industrial sector ranks among the major priorities of development in modern Uzbekistan. The objective was put forward by the state leader in the Actions Strategy. One of the main benchmarks in this direction implies a multiple increase in the share of high-tech sector in the country’s GDP.

The key objectives of the Actions Strategy for the near future envisage the creation of a favorable ICT infrastructure, particularly development of mobile communications and digital television, construction of fiber-optic communication lines, support and overall assistance in software development, as well as improvement of the E-Government system.

In this context, a range of practical measures focuses on the introduction and development of advanced technologies in the operation of the judiciary and law enforcement agencies, in the process of passport, visa and exit sticker issuance, as well as in the operation of law enforcement agencies.

The increase in the number of mobile subscribers, which has reached 21.4 million this year, is a very important brick in the infrastructural construction. More than 18,300 mobile stations have been established throughout the country by April 2017 for the broadest coverage of the regions with mobile communications. During the year, the index is expected to exceed 20,000.

Close attention is currently paid to the development of opportunities for providing high-quality, high-speed communication and data transmission using the 4G/Lte technology standard. For example, in the current year, domestic operators plan to launch more than 450 basic 4G mobile stations in regional and district centers of the country.

Great importance and attention has been paid to streamlining the development of the E-Government system and conformity of the quality of public services and infrastructure with international standards and ratings. In particular, experts take into account the indicators of the use and coverage of every hundred people with internet services, mobile communications, the number of its subscribers and users of broadband and wireless internet. Despite the fact that more than 20,000 km of fiber-optic lines have been laid in the regions of the country, the average number of broadband Internet users is unfortunately 1.33 for every 100 respondents. This negatively affects the position of Uzbekistan in the respective world rankings.

Certain efforts have been already taken to remedy the situation and provide access to high-speed broadband Internet for broader population strata. The works on ensuring uninterrupted access to Internet are underway within the framework of the Actions Strategy. It is scheduled to ensure coverage of more than 277,000 km with fiber-optic communication lines by 2021. The Ministry of Development of Information Technologies and Communications actively supports initiatives on the establishment of manufactures specializing in the production of local products, and fiber-optic cables in particular. The enterprise will ensure the domestic production of 50,000 km of high-quality fiber optic cable.

Conditions have been created and proposals made for the development of digital television and expansion of the number of online editions. Works have been underway to expand the capacities of analog television under the Actions Strategy. To date, the opportunity to watch digital television has been provided for 95% of the population.

Internet connection speed is a matter of high relevance for modern users. In 2016, the overall speed of using international information networks was 26.3 Gbit/s, and in 2017 it has reached 65.7 Gbit/s, or more than doubled. Meanwhile, this is not sufficient, given the rapidly growing needs of Internet users in Uzbekistan. Specialists are currently implementing projects to achieve the speed of access to external channels up to 200 Gbit/s.

This is also entailed by the fact that the number of Internet users in our country has doubled over the past year, and at the moment the number of Internet users in Uzbekistan has reached 14.7 million.

The initiatives like ‘New Internet Initiative’, ‘BestSoft Challenge’, ‘OpenData Challenge’ are carried out for even more rapid development of national content, and expansion of youth content in the state language. The Actions Strategy has paved the way for a new version of the Single Portal for Interactive State Services, which is currently launched in a test mode.

The main innovation implies the opportunity of opening a personal account for legal entities and individuals, and a unified database of electronic government, which takes into account every datum about the user and the services he is using. The portal analyzes data by user type and generates content for him. For example, if the system registers a person above the age of 40, it will recommend that he/she promptly renew (change) the citizen’s passport.

These measures have made it possible to clearly separate the work with citizens' appeals and complaints and the automation of public services, so now users can use them without wasting time and resources.

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(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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