State program: Half Year Results

posted 3 Aug 2017, 11:36 by Webmaster Ambasciata
53 actions related to the priority areas for improving the system of state and public construction have been included into State program on Action Strategy in "Year of dialogue with the people and the interests of the human". Their performance proceeds as planned.

Within the first and second quarters of this year performance according to six and eleven points in the first priority areas of the Strategy was planned. All of them have been implemented in due time, moreover, eight actions planned for the second half of the year are ahead of schedule realized.

So, what has been done to date? Considering that Uzbekistan under the leadership of Shavkat Mirziyoev has set out directions to deepening and intensifying reforms in all area, large-scale legislative activity is developed in the country. In the first half of the year Chamber of parliament, ministries, departments and organizations have drafted a number of bills.

In particular, projects of new editions of the "About Parliamentary Control", ""About the Representative of Oliy Majlis for human rights (Ombudsmen)" laws are ready. Powers of these institutions are extended, activity is improved. Changes and additions being prepared to "About Political Parties" Law deserve special attention. It is planned to expand powers of deputy groups of political parties and thus strengthen supervising powers of local Kengash of People's Deputies over executive authorities on places. The resolution drafted by Kengash of Legislative chamber provides creation of positions of executive secretaries of party fractions. The permanent representative of the Cabinet of Ministers will appear in chambers of parliament, the draft of the relevant government resolution is also ready. Drafts of the new laws "About the State and Private Partnership", "About Administrative Procedures" have been developed. To create ever more convenience for small business the government resolution “On additional measures to sell objects and assets owned by the state into private ownership” on 19 May of this year is adopted, the draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers providing optimization of licensing procedures and rules in public administration is prepared. The complex of the "License" information systems ( allowing to apply for 61 type of licenses on 40 activities is developed and launched. The automated information system and the billing system of accounting records located at are introduced into "Single window" centre operation. It has allowed to reduce the number of procedures at registration of the legal person from eight to two, time expenditure - from two-seven days to half an hour. The number of the provided documents reduced from six to two. Also unified customs system "Single Window" which allows to receive licensing documents on import and export operations remotely is developed.

The task to improve the system of personnel registration in state governing bodies has been set. The Ministry of Development of Information Technology and Communications in cooperation with other departments and organizations have developed the "Kadrlar"uniform interdepartmental personnel system ( Today documents of over 35 thousand employees of various state organizations are collected. In general, Strategy pays special attention to development of high technologies and their further application in a state administration. So, the President has signed the Decree “On measures on radically improving conditions for development of information technologies in the republic”. According to this document organization of the "Mirzo Ulugbek Innovation Center" to support development and implementation of information technologies is provided. Its activity will be aimed at creating favorable conditions for formation and active development of the high-tech industries of economy based on use of information and communication technologies (ICT), further deepening of integration of science, education and production in this branch due to granting additional benefits and preferences to developers and customers of products of information technologies, increase in export of ICT products. A specific place in Strategy is held by issues of public service. The "About Public Service" bills, resolutions of the President on radical improvement of financial and social security of government employees, resolutions of the Cabinet on attraction initiative, responsible, professionally trained personnel with a modern way of thinking to public service are drafted

The order of appointing hokims of regions, districts and cities will be improved. The concept of the relevant bill with regards for the offer of the interested ministries and departments has been already developed.

Summing up implementation of the state program in the first half of the year, we will note that everything goes as planned. It gives hope that, in the next quarters the state program will be also carried out in due time and qualitatively. The wellbeing of all our people depends on it. 

(Source: «Business» newspaper)