SCO Secretary General: Uzbekistan takes an active part in the activities of the SCO

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This year, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization marks the 15th anniversary of its foundation. Over the past period characterized by major changes in the international and regional situation, the structure has become an effective mechanism for mutually beneficial multi-partnership. On the prospects of further development of the SCO, the role and importance in the Republic of Uzbekistan in her exclusive interview to the Jahon Information Agency Secretary General of the organization, Rashid Alimov.

- Mr. Secretary General, please share their assessments of the level of cooperation of the SCO member states? What results have been achieved?

- Today we can state with confidence that the choice made by the SCO member states at the beginning of the XXI century in deepening good-neighborly, friendly and partnership relations in the region, has become a good example for the international community to achieve real and important results in the field of joint development.

Strictly following the principles and provisions of the SCO Charter and the Treaty on Long-Term Good-Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation of States members of the organization, set up a solid foundation for the effective functioning of the structure in order to jointly safeguard peace, security and stability, as well as the development of multilateral cooperation in the SCO's political, economic, , humanitarian and other spheres.

Every year, strengthens the role and influence of the organization, b0th at the regional and global levels. It has become a powerful factor in international relations. Increasing the number of Member States, observers, the emergence of a group of partner countries in dialogue indicates an increase in the SCO's prestige in the world.

There is a growing agenda for unification. At the annual summits of heads of state to discuss not only regional, but also global issues. The documents of the organization reflects the theme of strategic stability and global security. It makes a positive contribution to the common struggle against new challenges and threats, including terrorism, separatism and extremism, drug trafficking and cross-border crime. However, in my opinion, it is particularly important - SCO promotes the development and deepening of the dialogue between cultures and civilizations, and thus makes the people in this vast region closer and dearer.

- In April in Tashkent will be held the meeting of the SCO RATS Council and the meeting of Secretaries of Security Councils of the Member States of the organization. How do you assess the current state of and prospects for cooperation in the area of peace and stability in the SCO region in the context of the current difficult situation in the world?

- The issues of regional stability and security remain a priority area of cooperation in the SCO framework. Restless Afghanistan, exacerbation calls cross-border crime, religious extremism and drug trafficking reinforce anxious wait.

In the light of all of the above it is of particular importance harmonious efficient operation of SCO Regional Antiterrorist Structure. It should be noted that during the years of its existence, the RATS was able to achieve significant results in the fight against threats to security in our region. Due to the structure of preventive action could prevent hundreds of terrorist acts, which means - to save the lives of thousands of people.

On January 1, 2016 led RATS Eugene S. Sysoev. There is no doubt that his experience and professionalism will serve to further improve the work of the structure, improve the efficiency of its operations.

- What is the level of interaction in trade and economic cooperation between the SCO member states?

- The continuing turbulence in the global economy has an impact on all states without exception. This fully applies to the SCO region. However, despite the difficulties, the Member States of our Organization continue the planned work to promote cooperation in this field, in accordance with existing agreements and programs on the basis of multilateral trade and economic cooperation until 2020.

In December 2015, China Zhengzhou, a regular meeting of the Council of Heads of Government, in the course of which were discussed in detail the issues of further deepening of relations in trade-economic sphere. The meeting participants summed up the results of joint work in this direction over the past year and noted some progress. Commended for practical measures to enhance regional economic cooperation.

In general we can say that cooperation in this area continues to be one of the driving forces of the SCO development for the benefit of the peoples living in the region.

- What results have been achieved in the cultural sphere?

- Within the framework of the organization continue to develop multilateral and bilateral relations in the field of culture, health, education, science and technology, environmental protection, tourism, disaster relief, justice and the media. Progress in this area contribute to the strengthening of mutual understanding between people, mutual enrichment and rapprochement of cultures, promotion of traditions and customs of the peoples living in the SCO space.

The main achievement in this field for 15 years of the organization can be considered as something that is adjusted multilateral cultural exchanges, the peoples of our countries have become closer to each other, learn more about the history and traditions, and this is just the supporting structure of our association.

- What is the current level of cooperation of the SCO with other international organizations, particularly the UN, CIS and ASEAN?

- In the modern world the role of regional organizations is increasing, therefore the creation of partnerships between them is essential to confront the challenges and threats. In this regard, the SCO will continue to develop its international relations. It is in the interest of the structure and is based on the need to ensure stability and security in the region and in the world.

Speaking of practical steps in this direction, it should be noted that in November 2014 at the 69th session of the UN General Assembly adopted a substantial, large-scale resolution of the UN and the SCO cooperation. It is the expansion of cooperation of our association with the agencies, programs and funds, the global organization on the basis of the Joint Declaration between the SCO Secretariat and the United Nations, signed in April 2010 in Tashkent. Strengthen ties with UNDP and ESCAP, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime, the UN Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia. A system of partnership with ASEAN, CIS and other regional institutions and structures.

- Currently, the SCO presidency of Uzbekistan, and in June of this year, the organization of the summit will be held in Tashkent. In your opinion, what is the role of Uzbekistan in the development of the organization?

- As one of the founding members of the SCO, Uzbekistan has been actively involved in the organization, making a significant contribution to its development. A good example is the establishment of the initiative of the Uzbek side of the mechanism of meetings of secretaries of security councils, the launch of the SCO RATS Executive Committee in Tashkent, as well as obtaining the first in the history of Mongolia observer status in the SCO during the first presidency of Uzbekistan.

Tashkent this summer for the third time will host the SCO summit. I am convinced that a meeting of the Council of Heads of State and its results, as before, will be a decisive step forward in the development of the organization.

Experience from previous years shows the progress of the Uzbek presidency of the SCO, certainly well-coordinated work of ministries and departments of the country in preparing and carrying out activities within its framework.

Undoubtedly, the meeting of the leaders of our countries in Tashkent will be an outstanding event in the life of Uzbekistan. Under the wise leadership of President Islam Karimov in the 25 years of independence the country was able to achieve significant results. I am convinced that the SCO summit will allow the international community is widely present the successes and achievements of the Uzbek people.

- Thank you for your kind words and good wishes. Mr. Secretary General, what, in your opinion, the future prospects of the SCO?

- 2015 became a milestone in the development of the organization, primarily due to the Heads of State adopted the historic decisions. Foremost among these was the beginning of the procedure of admission to the ranks of the SCO in India and Pakistan. Also upgraded the status of Belarus a dialogue partner to the observer at the SCO. As the partner states in the dialogue are invited to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Cambodia and Nepal. Today, the SCO covers 18 states and 44% of the world population.

In addition, for the first time in the history of the organization has developed and adopted its development strategy until 2025. This document became the conceptual foundation, define new strategic orientations based on forecasts of global and regional development in the next ten years.

In other words, the new stage of development of the SCO has begun, and I am convinced that the organization of a great future.

(Source: IA «Jahon»)