About International Fruit and Vegetable Fair

posted 11 Jul 2016, 07:26 by Webmaster Ambasciata

12-14 of July 2016 at the National Exhibition Complex "Uzexpocentre" in Tashkent will be held "1st International Fruit and Vegetable Fair".

The fair will be attended by representatives of foreign processing and trading companies,international trade organizations,Chamber of Commerce, ministries and departments of agriculture sector, logistic companies from around 40 foreign countries,as well as domestic producers and processors of fruit and vegetable productions, etc.

The organizers of the fair are the "Uzbekozikovkatholding" HC, "Uzagroexport" JSC and "Directorate of International fruit and vegetable fair" LLC together with "Uzbekvinosanoat-holding" HC and the Association "Uzbekozikovkatzahira".

At the fair will be attend more than 150 representatives of local organizations, agencies, logistics companies, and others. In particular, about 100 exporters of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products.

The main purpose of the organization and holding of the fair is to raise awareness among foreign refining and trading companies of the enormous,unique for their consumer properties the potential produced in Uzbekistan ecologically fresh vegetables, fruits, grapes and melons, also completed good quality product of their industrial processing.

The main purpose of the fair:

Formation of an effective, of clear, responsible to modern international standards and requirements of the market mechanism of promotion to foreign markets of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products;

Creation of favorable conditions and assistance in finding partners andthe conclusion of contracts between them for the supply of fruits and vegetables,formation of a system of stable long-term cooperative relations between the producers of fruits and vegetables,processing enterprises and foreign companies- world famous importers of marketing structures;

Analyzing trends and prospects of the world market of fruits and vegetables;

Informing of domestic producers and processors with a view to targeting them for production in steady demand on foreign markets;

Formation of orders for the next year and the medium term.

The Fair includes the following sections:

Introduce of foreign partners with the producers of fruits and vegetables of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Establish a long-term, perspective and mutually beneficial relations between the producers of fruits and vegetables processing enterprises and foreign companies-importers;

Signing contracts for the supply of fruit and vegetables;

Presentation of investment opportunities of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the agricultural and food industries.

During the fair will be organized "round tables" and bilateral negotiations between the exporters and consumers of Uzbek fruits and vegetables,organizing attendance of the intensive orchards,enterprises for processing of fruits and vegetables, refrigeration systems for the participants of the fair, and others.

Also, fair participants can visit the objects of the material and cultural heritage of different epochs and civilizations, including those on the list of UNESCO World Heritage historic centers like Bukhara, Khiva, Samarkand and Shakhrisabz.

About possibilities of our country in the field of production and exports for high-quality and competitive fruit and vegetables.

Uzbekistan has the highest agricultural resource potential and produces more than 17.0 mln. tons of fruits and vegetables per year.Of these, more than 4.0 million tonsare being exported. The volume of fruit and vegetable products manufactured in the country, allow to provide not only the needs of the population of the republic, but also to deliver high quality products to foreign markets.

Due to the unique taste of Uzbek fruit and vegetables,as well as the full support of manufacturers and exporters,its exports increased both in quantity and in value terms every year, and the export geography comes to expand.

Fresh and dried grapes, pomegranates, cherries, melons, watermelons, apricots, peaches, plums and apples, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, as well as many other kinds of fruits and vegetables are being grown in the fertile soil of Uzbekistan are in popular demand in the external market.

The growth of the value of exports for fruit and vegetables regarding to its volume is a testament to the high quality of products produced in Uzbekistan, as a result the increasing demand for it on the world market.

As a result, the increasing of fruit and vegetable production the productive capacity for their processing and export of it are being expanded. They are fruit concentrates, fruit and vegetable purees and paste, marinades, frozen and dry products as well.

In 2015 Uzbekistan produced 12,592,000 tons of vegetables and potatoes, 2.731 million tons of fruit, 1.850 million tons of melon products, 1.556 million tons of grapes. These figures indicate a high export potential of our country.

It should be noted the expansion of geography of export for fruits and vegetables. Since independence, the fruits and vegetables of the republic were supplied to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Uzbekistan with confidence ahead of such traditionally large suppliers such as Poland, China, Spain, Argentina, Morocco, South Africa and Italy in terms of volume of exports of fruit and vegetables to the Russian Federation.Earlier the republic traditionally supplied fruits and vegetables mostlyto Russia and Kazakhstan, in recent years, the demand for domestic products has grown significantly both in the markets of Europe and Asia.

Only in the last 5 years the geography of export deliveries has been expanded to Norway, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Cyprus, Macedonia, USA, and others.

Uzbekistan strictly enforced agro-technical techniques to get products on the content in it of nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals below the maximum allowable concentration for growing fruits and melons.

The largest volume of export nomenclature accounts for items such as grapes, melons, tomatoes, pomegranates, herbs, cabbage, apricots, beans, peaches, cherries, cucumbers, beans, mung bean, dried grapes, walnut, and others.

In order to stimulate increasing production of export products and support domestic export enterprises, creating favorable conditions for the expansion of business scale, the active participation of small businesses in increasing the country's export potential "Uzagroexport" was found by The Resolution of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The company's main activities are aimed at increasing the volume and range, as well as the geography of export demand in the competitive international markets of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products in Uzbekistan.

At the same time, the company conducts market research situation on global and regional markets for fruits and vegetables and promote products from Uzbekistan for export, as well as to seek new markets.

"Uzagroexport" will also develop the material and technical base of its member companies and organizations with foreign investments and implementing a modern system of logistics to promote the products for export and pre-export organization of its preparation.

The structure of "Uzagroexport" includes trade and logistics centers, trade and procurement base and refrigeration warehouse on the harvesting, storage, calibration and sorting of fresh produce, trading houses and representative offices abroad, enterprises for the production of packing products for food, transportation and specialized logistics company, and the center of the quality management system and standardize the "Food laboratory".

In general, given the existing huge potential of the fruit and vegetable sector and the measures taken to support and develop the industry, Uzbekistan could become a major exporter of high-quality fresh and processed fruits and vegetables in the world in the future.