Uzbekistan celebrates Constitution Day

The solemn meeting devoted to the 19th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan was held on 7 December at the International Forums Palace “Uzbekistan” in Tashkent.

State and public figures, representatives of various spheres, foreign embassies and international organizations participated in the event.

The acting hokim (head of administration) of Tashkent R.Usmanov opened the meeting.

After the State Anthem of Uzbekistan was played, President Islam Karimov made a speech at the solemn ceremony.

The head of the state said the consistent reforms implemented in the country are the real embodiment of the principles set in the Constitution.

This year, Uzbekistan celebrated the 20th anniversary of independence. The Constitution is the important guarantor of achieving such high goals, as building democratic state, protecting human rights and freedoms, and peace and consent in the country.

The year 2011 on the initiative of the President was proclaimed the Year of Small Business and Private Entrepreneurship.

Based on the corresponding State Program, complex measures aimed at further development of the small business and creation of the favorable business environment were implemented.

The small business and private entrepreneurship today have become a reliable stand of the country’s economy and an important guarantor of the growth of the people’s welfare.

At the meeting, President Islam Karimov proposed proclaiming the coming year 2012 as the Year of Family in Uzbekistan. The gathered supported the proposal of the head of the state with applause.

The solemn meeting concluded with a holiday concert of the masters of art and young performers.


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