Sarvar Otamuratov’s meeting with voters of Khorazm Region

posted 9 Nov 2016, 12:12 by Webmaster Ambasciata

The candidate for President of the Republic of Uzbekistan from the Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, Sarvar Otamuratov, met voters of Khorazm Region on 1 November.

The meeting was opened by the chairman of Khorazm district electoral commission No 12 for the elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, R.Jabborov.

M.Turaboyeva, the authorised representative of the candidate for President, familiarized those gathered with the candidate’s biography.

Candidate for President Sarvar Otamuratov set out his electoral programme at the gathering.

Special attention is paid in the programme to the spiritual enlightenment sphere. Here the candidate emphasized that people with a high sense of national identity, respecting their values and traditions and cherishing and safeguarding their heritage achieve progress in the economic, social and humanitarian spheres. The issues of conducting the complete inventorying of cultural heritage sites and improving the work on listing exhibits, collections and archive documents kept at museums, archives, libraries and other establishments and showing signs of being cultural heritage objects and the issue of further improving the relevant laws are given priority.

Uzbekistan, including Khorazm Region, has centuries-long history and a unique cultural and historical heritage. All these create conditions for the development of the tourism sphere, the great potential of which has not fully been tapped yet, and for turning the country into one of the centres of world tourism.

Tourism as a factor for accelerated economic development plays an important role in resolving economic and social problems, creating additional jobs and raising people’s wellbeing and has an encouraging effect on the development of many associated economic sectors and infrastructure. At the same time, tourism is also a powerful instrument of forming civil society’s spiritual base. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the further development of the tourism infrastructure, to raise the quality of tourism logistics and hotel services and more widely introduce modern information technologies into various service spheres of the tourism industry.

It was said that raising the population’s living standards and quality of life was a strategic goal in the social sphere. It is necessary to adopt a state programme directed towards ensuring food security that is of topical significance to the entire world, to increase the production of good quality and safe foodstuffs in the country and to limit the use of genetic modification methods in food production as well as to improve the population’s eating culture.

During the meeting, the chairman of the Shovot District council of the Milliy Tiklanish Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, I.Boltayev; the chief editor of the Hayot Kozgusi newspaper of Koshkopir District, M.Tillayeva; and others emphasized that the implementation of priority tasks specified in the programme serve for the social development of the country and the further extension of democratic reforms. Those who made speeches called on voters to take an active part in the forthcoming 4 December 2016 elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

(Source: UzA)