Parties nominated candidates to presidency of Uzbekistan

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Congresses and councils of political parties were held in Uzbekistan, at which they nominated their candidates to presidency of Uzbekistan at the upcoming elections slated for December 4.

The 10th Council of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDPU), held in Tashkent, nominated Khotamjon Ketmonov to presidency of Uzbekistan. The delegates of the Congress represented more than 400 thousand party members.

Once the biography of Ketmonov, chairman of the Central Council of the party and head of its faction in the Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis was read out, the Qurultoi participants unanimously voted for his approval as candidate for presidency of the country.

Also was approved the NDPU presidential candidate’s pre-election program elaborated with consideration of the party’s program documents, its goals and objectives, as well as stemming from its electorate’s interests and vital needs.

The document confirmed the NDPU candidate’s adherence to the principles of social equality and solidarity in the solution of tasks meeting the interests of those strata of population, which need social support and targeted protection of their interests from the side of the government and the society.

The pre-election program’s key priority is active promotion of further raising the social efficiency of reforms being carried out in the country.

With this aim in view it is necessary for the government to conduct a strong social policy, in particular, the one, which would support the able-bodied population’s aspiration to have permanent employment and decently paid jobs; creation of equal and accessible conditions for choosing occupation for people making their first steps in their lives, getting education and reliable guarantees for their first work place; formation of a flexible system of pension provision and social benefits, which would guarantee full satisfaction of vital necessities of disabled population in need of social protection.

The presidential candidate’s program set out practical tasks, the solution of which would require concentrated efforts. They are linked with the need to actively promote further deepening democratic reforms being carried out in the Republic, formation of socially-oriented market economy, and ensuring security and stability for all citizens of our country.

The forum defined the tasks of the party organizations in the election campaign on the election of president of Uzbekistan. Their efforts should be directed towards raising the level of the voters’ legal knowledge and the sense of their belonging to conducted reforms. Recommendations were issued on the activities of the polling stations, which were set up for coordination of the party organizations’ work in the course of election campaign.

* * *

The 8th session of the Adolat Social-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (SDPU) with the participation of 195 delegates examined the questions of nominating its candidate to presidency of Uzbekistan on behalf of the party and his pre-election program.

It was underlined at the forum that Adolat, as a political force coming out for consolidation of the state’s independence and further improvement of the population’s wellbeing, had been actively taking part in the transformations of all spheres of life and was determined to adequately participate in the upcoming presidential elections on December 4.

The 6th political council of the party, held on September 17, nominated the chairman of the Political Council and head of the party faction in the lower chamber of parliament Narimon Umarov in the quality of a candidate to presidency of the country. The session participants got acquainted with the detailed biography of the party leader.

Thus, in 2009-2013 he headed the State Committee on the protection of nature and had taken a direct part in the implementation of the government program in the sphere of protection of the environment. In 2013 N.Umarov was elected chairman of the Adolat SDPU, and in 2014 – chairman of the Legislative Chamber of the Parliament. From 2015 till now he has been Deputy Speaker of the lower chamber of parliament. 

The participants noted in their speeches that Narimon Umarov has a great life experience, enjoys high respect among his party members and will be a deserved candidate at the upcoming presidential elections.

In the course of open voting the proposal on the nomination of N.Umarov to presidency of the country was unanimously approved by the Adolat SDPU. Then the forum participants got acquainted with his pre-election program.

Speakers on this question stressed that the candidate’s pre-election program fully conforms to the party program objectives, and it reflects such ideas as the country’ comprehensive development, consolidation of the principles of justice and supremacy of law, securing peaceful and tranquil life, and creation of favorable living conditions for the people.

The candidate’s program was approved by the delegates and recommended to the party organization for utilization in the course of pre-election campaign. 

The delegates noted the need for timely presentation of all necessary documents for registration of their presidential candidate on behalf of the Adolat Party to the Central Electoral Commission. 

* * *

164 delegates elected at the regional party conferences, as well as members of its Central Council and faction of the party in the Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis, had taken part at the 5th Congress of the “Milliy tiklanish” Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (DPU),.

The main question considered at the party forum – nomination of a candidate to presidency of Uzbekistan on behalf of the party. In compliance with the current legislation on elections, the political parties have the right to nominate their candidates to presidency of the country and this mission is to be carried out by their highest body – a congress. 

Speakers at the forum noted that as a result of democratic reforms carried out in our country all political parties are guaranteed equal rights and conditions. Hence, their most important task is to make full use of the opportunities created and secure decent participation of the “Milliy tinklanish” DPU in the upcoming elections stemming from its electorate’s interests, program objectives and ideas of the party.

The delegates approved the nomination of the chairman of the Central Council of the “Milliy tiklanish” DPU, head of the party faction in the Legislative chamber of the Oliy Majlis Sarvar Otamurodov, recommended at the 7th Plenum of the party, in the quality of a candidate to presidency of Uzbekistan.

The nominee briefed the delegates with his pre-election program, which stressed the need to consolidate spiritual and moral principles for the country’s advancement along the road of renovation and social progress. The party’s principal idea is to secure modern advancement towards democratic state through national rejuvenation. In discussing the program the congress participants expressed their opinion that it was consonant with the interests of our Motherland and the nation.

The forum defined the tasks for organizing at a high level and in accordance with the legislation S.Otamuratov’s and his trusted representatives’ meetings with the voters, broad popularization of the candidate's election program during the electoral campaign, efficient utilization of the print space and airtime in the media allocated for this objective, active participation of the party organizations of all levels in the elections, and selection of deserving observers to polling stations to represent the party.

In accordance with the Law “On the election of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan” relevant documents will have to be presented to the Central Electoral Commission for registration of the party’s candidate to presidency of Uzbekistan.

The congress also examined other questions of the agenda and outlined tasks for regional party organizations on the efficient conduct of the election campaign.

* * *

The 8th Congress of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Business People – Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (UzLiDeP) with the participation of about 300 delegates, elected at the regional party councils, was held in Tashkent on October 19.

The Congress participants underlined that the upcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan is the most important event in the socio-political life of our country, and UzLiDeP should take the most active part in them.

They noted that radical transformations have been carried out in all spheres of the society’s life during the years of the country’s independence. Solid foundations of national statehood have been set up. A large-scale work has been done on building up a constitutional democratic state, strong civil society, in shaping the market economy, and raising the living standard of the population. Supremacy of law, multi-party system and democratic elections have turned into integral elements in the country’s socio-political life.

The fundamental goals and objectives of the UzLiDeP, as the driving political force, will still remain the continued implementation of reforms, securing peace and tranquility in our country, and uninterrupted growth of the population’s wellbeing.

The delegates stressed that at the current state of the country’s advancement life itself demands the nomination of a presidential candidate on behalf of the UzLiDeP, who would be capable to consolidate further our independence, bring the country up to a new level of transformations, and the one who has inextricably linked his destiny with the fate of his people, and a man of initiative and talent.

Based on this and the opinions expressed in the delegates’ speeches and numerous representatives of the party electorate, the Congress of the Liberal-Democratic Party of Uzbekistan passed a decision on the nomination of the member of the Political council Shavkat Mirziyoyev as the party’s presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

It was underlined that Mirziyoyev was Uzbekistan’s First President Islam Karimov’s closest associate in the cause of realization of large-scale reforms, creation and consolidation of foundations of independence, and formation of the new economic system based on the modern market principles. He has by right been able to win respect and authority among his compatriots through his practical deeds and achievements.

The event participants expressed confidence that Mirziyoyev, the UzLiDeP candidate nominated to presidency of Uzbekistan, will get full support of the people of Uzbekistan.

Presidential candidate Shavkat Mirziyoyev made a speech at the Congress, at which he outlined the main guidelines of his pre-election program.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)