Meeting at the Central Electoral Commission

posted 17 Oct 2016, 10:24 by Webmaster Ambasciata

At the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a meeting has taken place with experts of the Needs Assessment Mission (NAM) led by the head of the OSCE/ODIHR Election Department, Alexander Shlyk, who arrived in this country.

The chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Uzbekistan, M.Abdusalomov, informed the experts about work being carried out by the Central Electoral Commission and district electoral commissions as part of the main events programme for the preparation and conduct of elections of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is holding the elections openly and transparently. All information relating to the election campaign is posted on the website of the Central Electoral Commission. The republican press centre and district electoral commissions’ press centres are working. The Central Electoral Commission’s sessions are held online.

In the opinion of experts of NAM, the Central Electoral Commission’s timely dispatch of an invitation to OSCE/ODIHR to participate in the observation of the forthcoming elections completely conforms to requirements of international electoral standards.

With the aim of ensuring guarantees of citizens’ voting rights, the Central Electoral Commission consistently improves legislative and regulatory compliance practices, taking into account recommendations from international observers, including those from OSCE/ODIHR.

The OSCE/ODIHR highly evaluated the latest changes made to the electoral legislation, particularly the decreasing of the required number of voter signatures that political parties need to collect in support of presidential candidates from 5 to 1 per cent.

Experts of the Needs Assessment Mission of OSCE/ODIHR praised online training-seminars conducted by the Central Electoral Commission for representatives of district electoral commissions, especially noting the novelty of their format as well as the importance of electoral commission members and voters themselves preparing qualitatively well for the elections.

During the meeting, there was a detailed exchange of views on issues of interest to the sides in the area of effective work organization of experts of the Needs Assessment Mission of OSCE/ODIHR for further strengthening bilateral cooperation.