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National Press Center Hosted Press Conference Devoted to Issues of Building Materials Production

posted 2 Apr 2012, 01:11 by Webmaster Ambasciata
Press conference devoted to the issues of further expansion of building materials production based on local raw materials, improvement of their quality and existing problems solution in the industry took place at the National Press Center of Uzbekistan.

The industry of construction materials of Uzbekistan is in an active phase of modernization, technical and technological reconstruction of products in order to produce competitive products.

The most important tasks of the sector are increase of diversification level, expansion of the range of construction products, ensuring export and saturation of domestic market by construction materials of the improved quality and with innovative characteristics.

As noted at the event, cement products are in great demand among builders. Only in the last ten years, volumes of its production doubled from 3.2 to 6.8 million tons a year.

Such result was achieved thanks to the modernization, reconstruction and rational distribution of financial means on such industrial giants like JSC Ohangaronsement, JSC Bekobodsement, JSC Qizilqumsement and JSC Quvasoysement, UzA notes.

Modernization of existing production is continuing at the JSC Bekobodsement, with the construction of the new line for production of dry cement with capacity 850,000 tons of clinker per year.

Putting it into operation will increase the volume of cement production by one million tons per year and create 100 new jobs.

The Investment program for 2012 stipulates implementation of seven investment projects.

In particular, the project on the organization of ceramic tiles production with a capacity of one million square meters a year is carried out at JV Moderna Keramik Industries in Fergana region.

The project of “Organization of soft roofing materials” is realized by the joint Uzbek-American company PentUz in Tashkent region.

The volume of products produced by the latest technologies meeting the requirements of European quality standards make five million square meters a year.
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