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17/01/11 - Fargonaazot company undergoes modernization

posted 19 Jan 2012, 14:15 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan   [ updated 20 Jan 2012, 01:37 ]
Fargonaazot open joint stock company is one of the largest industrial enterprises in Uzbekistan. Thanks to modernization and improvement of technologies, as well as attraction of investments over the past few years, production capacities and product quality have increased here.

Adhamjon Azlarov, head of production and technical department, said USD 27 million was spent last year for reconstruction of the multi-ton energy and technology unit for production of synthetic ammonia.

This has contributed to growth of daily production volumes from 900 to 1,250 tons. Thanks to new technology, gas and electricity consumption has sharply decreased.

Extensive work is also being held in accordance with the localization program. In cooperation with Kungrad soda plant, Fargonaazot launched production of a new product – sodium bicarbonate (sodium), which is widely used in production of food products and mineral water.

An innovative project for the manufacture of liquid ammonium nitrate with urea and ammonia was launched. Now, finished products are delivered to customers in special packaging.

One of the important achievements of 2010 was the use of the sodium nitrate compound in preparation of mineral fertilizer and manufacture of glass.
The export potential of the enterprise has been increasing from year to year. Today, Fargonaazot exports products not only to neighboring countries, but also to Hungary, Lithuania and Malaysia.