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13/02/12 Chimkent sultonlar gilami expands production

posted 26 Feb 2012, 07:38 by Admin Website
In the photo: weaver of the private enterprise “Chimkent sultonlar gilami” of Shymkent village of Kushtepa district Munavvar Rakhmatova.

Employment and output of competitive products are increasing also in the villages of Fergana region as a result of necessary conditions and opportunities created in the country for entrepreneurs.

A lot of orders come for carpets made by the private enterprise “Chimkent sultonlar gilami”. Its beautiful carpets from silk thread woven by skilled hands are very popular also in foreign markets.

A new building of the company was raised and additional equipments were installed in it with financial support of Uzsanoatqurilishbank. These are allowed to produce 280 carpets in 2011.

This year, the company intends to increase the types and volume of production.