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11/11/11 - Innovation contributes to development of tourism

posted 19 Jan 2012, 14:16 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan   [ updated 20 Jan 2012, 02:05 ]
The seminar on “Innovative solutions used for development of tourism industry” was held in the framework of the ongoing 17th Tashkent International Tourism Fair “Tourism on the Silk Road” on 3 November. The event was organized by the National Company Uzbektourism and the World Tourism Organization.

The forum participants highlighted that under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, wide-scale reforms were taking place in all sectors, including tourism. Significant work is being done to promote tourist potential of Uzbekistan overseas, develop modern forms of tourism, and create new routes. Modern hotels that meet international standards have been built, new air, rail and automobile routes were opened.

The cooperation between Uzbekistan and the UNWTO is developing consistently. This organization, which unites more than 150 countries and more than 400 travel companies from 80 countries, participates in the financing of projects in the tourism area. Close ties between Uzbekistan and the organization help to further enhance the tourist potential of the country, expand cooperation with other states and promote the heritage of the Silk Road, UzA notes.

“Today, tourism has become an important factor of culture and one of the rapidly developing sectors of the economy,” UNWTO members countries director Javier Blanco said. “Tourists, along with recreation and familiarization with historical sights, are interested in climate and geography of the host country, people’s lifestyle, culture, art and crafts, local food and other aspects. Innovative technologies play a huge role in the development of the tourism industry. Currently used modern technologies enhance the dynamic development of international tourism, helping to provide comfort, quality and affordable travel conditions. UNWTO has been successfully cooperating with Uzbekistan for 18 years. We have consistently supported membership of your country’s travel companies in our organization.”

The seminar discussed issues of innovative ideas and solutions to develop tourism industry, importance of tourism in economic development, expansion of regional cooperation, strengthening the ties between the companies and organizations operating in this industry.

On the same day, presentations of tourist and investment potential of the Focus Travel company of Vietnam, Ancodes of Spain, and tourist operators of India, Israel, Malaysia and the Czech Republic were held.

“Uzbekistan has a rich history, unique culture and beautiful traditions, which attract a large number of tourists. The establishment of the Tashkent-Madrid air link has helped to increase the exchange of tourists between the two countries,” Ancodes representative Julia Pavlinova said. “At our presentation, we presented the tourism potential of Spain. This event will undoubtedly contribute to the development of tourism in Uzbekistan and on the global scale.”