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Fifth Republican Fair of Innovative Ideas, Technologies and Projects Opened in Tashkent

posted 16 May 2012, 04:20 by Webmaster Ambasciata
The Fifth Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects opened in Tashkent on 3 May.

President Islam Karimov put improving the competitiveness of national economy, especially its real sector as an important task in the concept of further deepening of democratic reforms and the formation of civil society in the country.

In accordance with this, the economy being translated to an innovative path of development based on modernization, technical and technological re-equipment of production at an accelerated pace.

The fifth Innovation Fair held in accordance with the resolution of the head of state “On additional measures to stimulate innovative projects and technologies in production” of 15 July 2008 has already become a traditional event.

The organizers are the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade and the Committee for the Coordination of Science and Technology Development at the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

As in previous years, ministries, departments, banks, enterprises of all sectors of national economy including small and private enterprises, farms, institutions of Uzbek Academy of Sciences, universities, research centers and development organizations are widely involved.

At the opening of the fair, Sh.Salihov, president of the Academy of Sciences noted that the development and effective use of scientific and technical resources of the country are an integral part of social reforms implemented by the head of state.

The national system of accelerated creation and implementation of scholars’ innovations into production, its mechanism and infrastructure formed and strengthened thanks to the continuous support of the state. As evidenced by data of authoritative international financial institutions, Uzbekistan is one of the fastest developing countries in the world.

Balanced development of all sectors, the implementation of programs for technical and technological renewal of production, its localization, the full support of small business and private entrepreneurship, the growth attracted investment in the national economy, including foreign ones create a solid foundation for a permanent increase in volume and expanding the range of the country’s import-substituting and export-oriented products demanded in the domestic and foreign markets.

In the integration of science and production, all parties participating in this process have advantages. Entrepreneurs need more advanced technologies, allowing produce competitive products with high added value and at the same time reducing the costs. The scientists will receive additional funding to conduct new researches from realizing concrete projects on the order of the sectors and companies.

A special feature of the fair is now opening a special section called “Transfer of technologies” which outlines 50 elaborations giving great economic efficiency. Among them are the extraction technologies of liquid phosphorus and sulfur nitrate developed by the Institute of General and Inorganic chemistry of the Academy of Sciences.

Biotechnology and elaborations in the field of energy, resource economics and metallurgy exposed in this section cause a lot of interest among visitors of the fair. They are all based on the use of local raw materials and in most cases waste production.

On the first day of the fair, the participants began to sign the contracts. The specialists of banks, insurance companies, the Agency for Intellectual Property, technology transfer consultants helped them in obtaining soft loans for the development of innovations.

There was also a seminar on current issues to further improve the legal framework of innovation, UzA informs.

During the fair, two seminars “Alternative Energy in Uzbekistan and its future development” and “The role of scientific and technical information in the development of innovative activities” will be held and in the end, a round table conversation on “Innovative Development of Uzbekistan: problems and prospects” will take place.

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan A.Aripov spoke at the opening of the Fifth Republican fair of innovative ideas, technologies and projects.