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23/03/10 - The Growing Demand for cutting-edge energy saving technologies

posted 19 Jan 2012, 04:30 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
Yesterday concluded the 5th international specialized exhibition UzEnergyExpo-2010 in Uzexpocenter of Tashkent. It was organizeв by the joint stock company Uzbekenergo, State Committee for Nature Conservation, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Institute of Energetics and Automatics of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
http://www.ut.uz/images/images2/11/de1.JPGThe energy sector of our country possessing a great industrial, scientific and technological potential plays an important role in the development of the whole economy. The major goal is effective, safe and high-grade power supply of the economy and the population of country. Therefore, this urges the provision of economy with the necessary generating capacities through energy-saving, growth of effectiveness of using fuel and power resources, introduction of latest electrical machinery, innovative technologies, information and measuring machines.
The exposition covered three major directions: “Energetics”, “Clean Energy and Energy Supply” and “Electro-technology” that presented latest achievements of national and foreign sciences in renewable energy, low energy, energy storage and conversion systems, environmental monitoring system and regular power supply system as well as equipment for extraction, conversion and production of energy from local fuel.
A special place in the exposition had Uzbekenergo JSC which effectively accomplishes the reconstruction and modernization of generating capacities and electric power line and carries out integrated technical policy.
The domestic enterprises presented various productions. For example, one of the leading manufacturers of low-voltage and high-voltage electrical equipment, Elstan Chirchiq research and production association presented electric power substations, transformers, electronic relays of different power manufactured with the use of energy-saving technologies. Consequently, they are competitive and have accessible prices.
Uzbekhimmash JSC is the leading enterprise in Central Asia in the production of oil and gas, oilfield and drilling equipment, machinery for thermal stations and hot water supply, turbo-compressor and pumping equipment for mineral resource industry and metallurgy. Now this enterprise has established the manufacture of equipment for ecological purification.
Tashkent-based Mir Solar LLC jointly with Fizika Solntsa research institute of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan is engaged in the development manufacture and complete installation of photoelectric generators for lighting and water boiling
The exhibition presented a big diversity of companies and enterprises from Austria, Germany, China, Russia, Ukraine Belarus and other countries. Participants of the exhibition expressed opinion that the present exposition furthers the profitable relationships of the specialists of this sphere from different states, exchange of experience and demonstrates the latest technological developments. Therefore, all this influences the development of the sphere and undoubtedly promotes the consolidation of existing business contacts and establishment of new ones, facilitates the attraction of investment in the national power industry, implantation of up-to-date systems and technologies of energy consumption and its safe use.