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01/07/10 - Extensive Choice, Reasonable Prices

posted 19 Jan 2012, 04:38 by Ambasciata Uzbekistan
Tashkent host the first stage of the international industrial fair and cooperation exchange, where the staple industries of the country and small enterprises exhibit their production in sectors.

At the fair, opened in Uzexpocenter, the enterprises of public services, transportation, capital construction, and building industry have presented their production. The peculiarity of samples of goods and readymade production, displayed on the stands, is a broad assortment, obtainable prices. Here you can get acquainted with the produce of national manufacturers, which is also made for export, and the produce potentially promising based on the localization of production and expansion of cooperation ties.

The companies of stock company Uzstroymateriali present the samples of their production for the purpose of the realization of mutually beneficial cooperation opportunities, the strengthening of intersectoral and intrasectoral industrial cooperation.

A great attention is paid to the issues of further development of building materials industry, rational usage of production facilities, application of energy-efficient and ecologically safe technologies, and increase in manufacture of export-oriented and import-substituting competitive production. The measures for reconstruction and modernization of present companies of the sphere, rational distribution of finance allowed a 10-12% increase in the volume of production annually.

Domestic enterprises have mastered the production of more than 30 items of modern construction materials. Last year business units of stock company Uzstroymateriali signed some 40 agreements for 2010. As part of the intersectoral cooperation, company is going to sign purchase agreements for machine building and cable production, chemical raw materials and equipment worth more than 35 billion soums.

Multi-aspect work in modernization, technical and technological industrial extension is being implemented in the departments of national stock railway company O’zbekiston Temir Yo’llari, and particularly at the subsidiary Liteyno-Mexanicheskiy Zavod. This company specializes in repair and modernization of railway vehicles - fright cars, cement truck cisterns, mineral carriers. In compliance with the localization program the production of new wagons, iron casting, spare parts for the railway vehicles and track structures has been established. The plant provides with their production the other industries, such as the departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Industry, which get the spare parts for pumps, metalware, water-pressure reinforcement, load lifting mechanisms and cranes.

The plant has its own engineering and design department, all necessary equipment and the stand for tension and compression checkouts of the production. More than 100 fright cars and closed wagons are manufactured at the factory. Besides, the oil and chemical goods cisterns, half-wagons and closed fright cars are being repaired and modernized, which prolongs their service life period. Since 2006 the company has introduced and now uses the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

The localization effect is demonstrated by the companies such as Osiyo Granit, which has applied the production of marble and granite slabs and figured items, Uzbek-Austrian Desk-invest, which provides the metal tile and corrugated board with the 50-year guarantee, the stock company Kvarz, producing the glass jars, bottles, automobile glasses, which are exported in the neighbor countries, Angrengazmash LLC, producing hot-water boilers, automatic gas-distributing stations and gas control points and gaining a great demand from the consumers.

The annual holding of the international industrial fair and cooperation exchange impulses the increase in localization volumes of readymade goods production, spare parts and materials based on industrial cooperation. This brings a considerable decrease in import volumes.