Small, private business, sole proprietorship - that sector of national economy in which in all completeness are capable to be shown organizing talent, a professional knowledge and business activity of initiative and energetic people.
Rather short experience of functioning of this sector in Uzbekistan at the present stage (though, certainly, traditions of craftsmanship, business in our territory leave deep into histories) has evidently confirmed, that it is a lot of the goods made by small enterprises, micro-firms and the sole-proprietors of our Republic are qualitative, sound, competitive in domestic market and at rather short time period for completion (design, packing, marking, certification and etc.) could find dynamically growing sales abroad (where, however, already has been exported the goods on many tens millions dollars to a year now).

At the same time, the qualitative and competitive goods made in sphere of small entrepreneurship, require promotion. And in this nothing can change the role is capable to play their exhibiting at commercial and industrial exhibitions and fairs. They give an opportunity "to show the product with all sides, acquaint with it thousand representatives of the business world attending exhibition, to find, that of potential buyers, as inside of the country, and abroad.

One day of work at an exhibition is equal to year of work in the office. Exhibition - a mirror of the economy. The exhibition is the center of business activity. The exhibition is the effective kind of advertising which are not causing reactions of tearing away by the persistence. Exhibition - the most effective marketing tool.
All this the truth and still the statement that an exhibition - the most effective marketing tool, seems to the most exact. Only the exhibition allows to spend marketing alive, or "to catch on consumer" as the head of one exhibition company was expressed.

Despite of development of the most different forms of on-line business, specialized exhibitions still remain the most effective advertising of production and the shortest way from the manufacturer to the market.
The world statistics approves that at the majority of the companies of 40 % of sales happens just due to exhibitions which are the best opportunity to declare itself as serious business partner, to estimate competitiveness of production and to familiarize with perspective development in interesting spheres.

However in Uzbekistan the number of the entrepreneurs, understanding it in a little bit simplified form is great enough: has got a place, has established product samples and wait for buyers. But in essence at the exhibition as the goods the company, instead of its production acts. And to involve the client in such goods, first of all it is necessary to organize work of people carefully which, finally, make the company recognized.

Competing products among themselves in the framework of exhibition offer to the prospective buyer assortment and prices for production. Therefore visitors use exhibitions as a platform for gathering settling "the competitive information". The statistics shows that 50% of visitors coming to exhibition find out new products and achievements, 81% use it for reception of new creations and tendencies of the sector development.

Annually growing interest to Uzbekistan causes aspiration to increase in a variety of the exhibitions themes and increase of level of conducted actions. Now in Uzbekistan are annually carried out a lot thematic and industry shows and fairs, many of which already in an extent of several years became traditional. Alongside with this, the quantity of participants from Uzbekistan at foreign both international exhibitions and fairs year after year increases.

Followings will promotes it:

- created favorable conditions for development of business by the government of our country;

- joint purposeful efforts of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the specialized exhibition companies on the organization of participation of the Uzbek manufacturers, exporters and importers in foreign and international exhibitions; 

- provision of entrepreneurs access to information sources about exhibitions and fairs, as in Uzbekistan , and abroad, through the Internet and specialized catalogues.

Integral part of all exhibitions and fairs is carrying out in their frameworks of presentations, symposiums, conferences, seminars, round tables with participation of leading experts. Carried out actions are aimed at discussion of scientific and technical aspects of enterprise activity, stimulate to search of alternative ways of sector development as a whole. It, in turn, draws attention of experts and heads, making exhibitions commercially effective for participants.

There are no doubts, that participating exhibitions, entrepreneurs can make a new step on a way for further strengthening foreign trade activities.

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