In the years of independence, small business and private entrepreneurship have really become the basis of the economy of Uzbekistan. 

Wide opportunities of private ownership are reflected in the establishment of industrial production in rural areas, development of enterprises, filling domestic market with quality and competitive products, improvement of the service sector, and increasing employment and welfare. 

The announcement of 2011 as the Year of small business and entrepreneurship by the President of Uzbekistan has opened opportunities for further expansion of activities in this direction. 

Today, over 74% of Uzbekistan’s population are employed by small and private businesses. 

The state is focusing its atention on the development of private sector, and providing benefits and incentives for its free activity. 

The entrepreneurs of the country are making a worthy contribution to the improvement of the look of Uzbek towns and villages, and the welfare of the people.

2011 - Anno delle piccole imprese e dell'imprenditoria privata

2009 anno dello sviluppo