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State visit of the President of Uzbekistan to the Republic of Korea.. 1

Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with representatives of business circles of the Republic of Korea. 1

A book titled “President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev” is published in the Republic of Korea. 1


Shortcomings in the fight against crime were considered. 2

Investments. 3

In Namangan, a new joint venture, Uztex Uchkurgan, has been launched. 3


In Uzbekistan, a number of new rules are introduced, greatly simplifying export-import operations  4



State visit of the President of Uzbekistan to the Republic of Korea

Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with representatives of business circles of the Republic of Korea

The President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev, on November 22, arrived in the Republic of Korea with a state visit at the invitation of President Moon Jae-in.

On November 23, the Head of our state took part in Uzbekistan – South Korea business forum with participation of heads of economic and financial structures, leading businessmen of the two countries.

At the meeting, a welcome message of the President of the Republic of Korea Moon Jae-in was read to the participants of the business forum.

The President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev delivered a speech at the event. The Head of our state noted the development of trade-economic relations between the two countries, the conditions and opportunities for doing business in Uzbekistan, the interest of our country in cooperation with Korean entrepreneurs.

Representatives of financial and business circles of South Korea highly appreciated the conditions created in Uzbekistan for active business and expressed their readiness to further develop cooperation.

Speakers noted that the activity of South Korean investors plays an important role in development of trade-economic relations between the two countries.

The volume of investments of the Republic of Korea attracted into the economy of Uzbekistan exceeded 7 billion US dollars. There are 461 enterprises with participation of South Korean capital in our country. These enterprises are successfully operating in the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical, mechanical engineering, electrotechnical and textile industries, spheres of information and communication technologies, transport, logistics and tourism.

(Source:UzA )

A book titled “President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev” is published in the Republic of Korea

A book in the Korean language titled “President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev”, which tells about the first year activity of Shavkat Mirziyoyev as President of Uzbekistan, is published in the Republic of Korea with a circulation of 50 thousand copies.

The book, published on November 20, 2017, consists of 320 pages of text and photographs, divided into eight separate chapters.

The book describes in detail the activities of Shavkat Mirziyoyev, first as Acting President, and then the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Excerpts are given of his speeches at various ceremonies and events both inside and outside Uzbekistan, such as the inauguration ceremony of the President, the celebration of the Constitution Day, New Year’s greetings, the address at the session of the UN General Assembly.

Much attention is paid to the analysis of reforms in all spheres initiated by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, such as liberalization of the economy, specific measures on attracting and protecting foreign investment, liberalization of the foreign exchange market, social protection of the population, a new policy in relation to the regions of the country, reforms in the sphere of education and healthcare, upholding the principles of freedom of speech and protecting the constitutional rights of citizens, due to a new course taken by President Mirziyoyev.

This program of reforms is deeply analyzed in the chapter of the book “Strategy of actions on development of Uzbekistan for 2017-2021”.

It tells about the foreign policy initiatives of the President of Uzbekistan, which gave a new impulse to regional cooperation, and raised relations of Uzbekistan with neighboring countries to a qualitatively new level. Detailed information is also provided on the foreign visits of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev during the past year, as well as about his meetings and negotiations with the heads of states and authoritative international organizations, who visited Uzbekistan.

The 80th anniversary of the ethnic Koreans living in Uzbekistan was widely celebrated in our country. Main attention in the book is paid to long-term cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea in trade-economic and humanitarian spheres.

The book is published by “UzKor Economy Media Group”. Its author is well-known journalist and writer Cho Chol Hyon.

(Source:UzA )


Shortcomings in the fight against crime were considered

On November 20, a meeting devoted to strengthening interaction of state and public organizations in the fight against crime and prevention of violations was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The meeting was attended by the State advisors to the President, the Minister of Internal Affairs, leaders of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan and the Women’s Committee.

Specific tasks on enhancing the legal culture of the population, strengthening cooperation between state structures, civil society institutions and the mass media in this direction are outlined in the Strategy of actions on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021.

To this end, the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On combating corruption”, “On protecting children from information damaging their health”, the resolution of the President of our country “On measures of further improving the system of crime prevention and combating crime” define specific and clear tasks facing the state bodies and the general public.

It was noted that in the past short period significant work has been carried out in our country in the sphere of combating crime and preventing offenses. The system of internal affairs bodies has been radically improved, measures have been taken on increasing the knowledge and professionalism of inspectors on prevention, creating decent working conditions for them, introducing effective mechanisms for their financial incentives, as well as providing official housing directly in the territory entrusted to them.

As a result, in the past 10 months of the current year, the number of crimes committed in relation to the same period of the previous year decreased by 9698, or 14 percent, in the criminal investigation area – by 4562, or 11 percent.

As a result of large-scale preventive measures carried out in makhallas in cooperation with public institutions on prevention of crime and delinquency, no crimes were committed in 1243 makhallas.

During the trip to Samarkand, Khorezm, Namangan regions and visit to the Sergeli district of Tashkent, the Head of our state drew particular attention to the concept of “Safe territory”, “Safe city”, emphasized the need of forming in the minds of every citizen, especially youth, of the idea that “No crimes should be committed in my makhalla”, as well as prevention of indifference, carelessness, which is ultimately an important condition for the transformation of every family, educational institution, every makhalla into a territory free from crime, ensuring peaceful and tranquil life in society. In this direction, it is important to study and implement positive experience of activities of “Orzu” makhalla of the city of Namangan, public control points in Khorezm region, in all regions.

At the meeting that was held on November 15 under the chairmanship of the President of our country, a comprehensive analysis was made on shortcomings and miscalculations made in the early prevention of crime and the fight against crime. It was noted that the interaction between state departments and public structures in this direction does not meet the requirements of today.

At the meeting, it was emphasized that there is no cooperation between state and public organizations in activities conducted on the day of crime prevention, in some regions, targeted preventive measures with the population are not carried out at the required level, as a result, crimes that could be prevented, are committed.

Over the past period, crimes were committed in 7730 makhallas. Students of academic lyceums and professional colleges committed 875 grave and especially grave crimes, schoolchildren – 310.

At the meeting, it was noted that these negative facts are the result of ineffective organization of interaction between state and public organizations.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, emphasizing the possible mistakes and shortcomings in the interaction of state and public organizations, emphasized that in the fight against crime and prevention of violations, each agency carried out its work separately, in its own way, as a result, most of such events differed in a superficial approach to solving the problem. In this regard, the President of the country gave necessary instructions on strengthening interdepartmental cooperation in prevention of crime and the fight against crime.

The President of the country dwelled in detail on the activities of the Republican commission on early prevention of crime and combating offenses in the regions, which were discussed at the meeting on November 15.

From now on, internal affairs bodies, the prosecutor’s office, the Union of Youth, the Women’s Committee, a makhalla, as well as other state and non-state organizations will have to take measures on timely prevention of such negative phenomena, that become a factor of crime and offenses, like unemployment, drug addiction, homelessness, unhealthy situation in the family and other vices. It is necessary to abandon the formal approach, to strive for a common goal, to conduct joint activities, to approach each problem on the basis of a concrete plan.

From now on, heads of sectors at the regional level will conduct explanatory activities for the population and provide reports every 15 days on central television, as well as sector leaders at the district (city) level – on local TV in special programs dedicated to identifying the causes of crime and their elimination.

The Head of our state paid special attention to the activities of courts, the prosecutor’s office and internal affairs, emphasizing the necessity of considering cases of concealment of crimes as an emergency situation, that a prison cannot be the main means of educating the guilty persons, it is necessary to study the personality of the guilty person and other circumstances in detail, when determining the punishment.

Especially in-depth analysis of specific circumstances is necessary when courts consider the issue of assigning punishment to minors and women.

The President of our country also paid special attention to the issue of raising the legal culture of the population, again noting the importance of turning every makhalla into a territory free from crime, emphasized the need for further strengthening of measures in this direction.

(Source:UzA )


In Namangan, a new joint venture, Uztex Uchkurgan, has been launched

The joint Uzbek-British-Singaporean enterprise Uztex Uchkurgan is the result of a favorable investment environment created in our country, comprehensive support for the production of finished products from local raw materials. This large-scale project was implemented on the basis of the Program of Measures on Structural Transformation, Ensuring Modernization and Diversification of Production in 2015-2019.

The complex specializes in modern production of yarn, cotton fabric and finished products from cotton and mixed fibers. For the construction of a complex of light industry occupying an area of 16 hectares, and for its equipping with modern equipment, $ 120 million has been spent. At this largest textile complex of the country, annually, 16.5 thousand tons of yarn and 7 thousand tons of cotton fabric will be produced. The export potential of the spinning and weaving complex, which employs more than 1,000 people, is $ 50 million.

Currently, 38% of cotton fiber is processed in the region, as a result of this enterprise alone this figure will reach 54% next year. According to territorial programs, by 2020, cotton raw materials will be completely processed on-site.

"Uzbekistan has high prospects for light industry, especially textile," says Reto Tom, president of the Swiss company Rieter. - In your country there are all conditions for development: a favorable investment climate, sufficient volumes of raw materials, energy and labor resources. A particularly important factor is the attention of the head of your state to supporting entrepreneurship, which is reflected in the creation of this large enterprise.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


In Uzbekistan, a number of new rules are introduced, greatly simplifying export-import operations

These measures are envisaged at once by two new documents - a decree and a resolution of the head of state, signed on November 3.

The emergence of new documents, experts say, is intended to eliminate the barriers and obstacles that are still available in various departmental instructions and regulatory documents that impede the broad participation of entrepreneurs in foreign economic activity.

Now in the country starting from December 1, 2017, an order is introduced according to which entrepreneurs are allowed to export goods, works and services, with the exception of fresh fruit and vegetable products and certain types of raw materials, for foreign currency without prepayment, opening a letter of credit, issuing a guarantee bank and the existence of an insurance policy.

For the development of cross-border trade and simplification of export procedures, business entities were also allowed to export goods (excluding raw materials), works and services without concluding an export contract, invoices, after making 100% advance payment to exporters' accounts with banks of Uzbekistan.

At the same time with regard to the export of fresh fruit and vegetables, grapes, melons, legumes, and dried vegetables and fruits, individual requirements are established in accordance with the law.

In addition, a number of measures are being introduced to create favorable conditions for exporting enterprises and to actively develop new, including promising, foreign markets. In particular, a unified term for the formation of overdue accounts receivable on export transactions is established - 120 days from the date of exportation of products.

At the same time, the effective terms of receipt of payment - 180 days - remain on shipment of the founders - residents of Uzbekistan to organizations abroad: trading houses and representative offices, subsidiaries, branded stores, dealer networks and consignment warehouses, as well as members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - to trade and investment houses of the Chamber.

Among other innovations is the use of a unified approach to take responsibility for allowing the formation of overdue receivables, both for exporters and importers, to extend the receipt of proceeds in foreign currency for a period of duration of force majeure circumstances.

In addition, the head of state abolished the requirement to issue a permit by the customs authorities to re-export goods under the regime of "temporary importation", as well as mandatory importer import customs cargo declaration to confirm the value of goods imported to the territory of the republic with the use of benefits.

Another good news for businessmen is the introduction of a mechanism on December 1 to reduce the amount of receivables under an export contract for the amount of insurance compensation received to the account of the exporter of goods, works and services.

In addition, starting from November 10, the Export and Import of Specific Goods will be licensed by the Information and Analytical Department for the Development of Foreign Trade Activity, Export Potential of the Economy and Territory of the Republic under the Cabinet of Ministers on the basis of decisions of the President or the Government.

It will allow to optimize export-import procedures and consolidate the functions of issuing licenses for the export and import of specific goods in a single body. Thus from the list of the licensed goods jewelry, precious stones and products from them are excluded.

To exclude duplicate procedures, it is envisaged to simplify and introduce changes to the current procedure for examining import contracts in the State Committee for Investments. In particular, the procedure for the examination of import contracts concluded with an amount of less than $ 100 thousand is canceled.

Also, the examination of import contracts with the sum of more than

$ 100 thousand and prisoners based on the results of tender tenders is canceled. Instead, the procedure for examining the tender documents or evaluating proposals during the bidding period is introduced. At the same time, the registration of import contracts, concluded on the basis of the results of the tenders, will be carried out without conducting their additional expertise.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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