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The state visit of the president of uzbekistan to turkey

On the state visit of the President of Uzbekistan to Turkey


President of Uzbekistan extends condolences to Afghanistan


The major Uzbek manufacturer of specialized glass bottles Asl Oyna will invest $ 178 million to expand its capacity

xiii International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair

World cotton industry forum in Uzbekistan


Message of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

International cooperation

On 12th Meeting of Chairpersons of SCO Supreme Courts



At the initiative of the head of state, large-scale measures are being taken in Uzbekistan to increase and promote the culture of reading


the state visit of the president of uzbekistan to turkey

On the state visit of the President of Uzbekistan to Turkey

On October 25-26, 2017, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev will pay a state visit to Turkey at the invitation of the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

During high-level meetings in the city of Ankara, issues of expansion of Uzbekistan – Turkey cooperation in political, trade-economic, investment, transport-communication and other fields, joint counteraction to global and regional challenges and threats will be discussed, as well as views will be exchanged on international issues.

The delegation of Uzbekistan will also visit the city of Istanbul.

As a result of the visit, it is planned to adopt a Joint Statement of the heads of states, to sign a package of intergovernmental and interdepartmental documents aimed at further development of bilateral relations in various spheres, including creation of favorable conditions for mutually beneficial relations between the businessmen of Uzbekistan and Turkey, intensification of tourist exchange, cultural and humanitarian contacts.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


President of Uzbekistan extends condolences to Afghanistan

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev expressed his condolences to the President of Afghanistan Muhammad Ashraf Ghani in connection with the terrorist attacks in Kabul and Gur province.

“With deep sorrow, we received the sad news of numerous human casualties in the result of several brutal terrorist acts in the capital of Afghanistan, the city of Kabul and the Gur province,” the Uzbek President said.

“In these woeful moments, we express our deep condolences to you, Your Excellency, and to the relatives of the deceased. We ask the Almighty for relatives of the dead - patience and perseverance, for the victims - speedy recovery,” the Uzbek leader added.



The major Uzbek manufacturer of specialized glass bottles Asl Oyna will invest $ 178 million to expand its capacity

The enterprise intends to expand the existing production three times from 200 to 600 million conventional units per year due to the construction of the 3rd, 4th and 5th glass melting furnaces and a plant for the enrichment of raw materials for glass production. For this, technological equipment will be purchased with a total cost of order $130 million

As a result of the launch of the facilities, at least 1 thousand new jobs will be created. In this case, the enterprise will change the form of ownership from the joint-stock company (JSC) to a limited liability company (LLC) before the implementation of all investment projects. The decision on this has already been approved by the general meeting of shareholders.

The projects will be financed by attracting a soft loan from the Reconstruction and Development Fund of Uzbekistan in the amount of $100 million, as well as investments of the National Bank by $ 30 million and other sources.

To ensure the necessary raw materials base, the government instructed the specialized bodies to issue a license to the enterprise for the right to use subsoil plots containing nonmetallic minerals and white marble, as well as for geological study of quartz sands at the Jeroy-2 site in the Tamdy district of Navoi region.

The remaining funds will be used to create seven new plants in Tashkent on the basis of the South Industrial Zone in the Sergeli district. In particular, there will be enterprises for the production of soft drinks, beer, liqueurs, fruit and vegetable cans, metal covers and stickers, as well as for the enrichment of raw materials for glass production.

Asl Oyna is the leading glass producer in Central Asia, located on the territory of Tashkent. His equipment, corresponding to international standards, was supplied by German Heye International GmbH, which is the world leader in this direction.

The company supplies products to the largest beer and alcohol factories in Uzbekistan - UzCarlsberg, Toshkentvino, "Uzbekiston Champagne", "Mehnat", as well as Kazakh, Turkmen, Kyrgyz and Tajik producers.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

xiii International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair

World cotton industry forum in Uzbekistan

The 76th Plenary Meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee and the 13th International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair are being held in Tashkent.

At the meeting of this committee held last year, a decision was taken on conducting a conference in Tashkent on “Cotton in the era of globalization and technological progress”. This is another confirmation of steady strengthening of the international status of Uzbekistan, as one of the major centers of the cotton and textile industries.

About 1500 specialists from more than 50 countries are taking part in the work of the meeting and the fair.

International Cotton Advisory Committee was established in 1939. It currently includes organizations such as the Standing Committee, the Task Force on Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton, the Expert Panel on Social, Environmental and Economic Performance of Cotton Production, the Expert Panel on Biotechnology, the International Forum on Development of Cotton Industry, the Expert Panel on Ginning Methods, as well as a number of key structures aimed at development of the sphere.

International Uzbek Cotton Fair is also included in the list of important events of the International Cotton Advisory Committee, which is one of the prestigious forums that determine the policy of the cotton market on a global scale. The fair is organized with cooperation of JSC “Uzbekengilsanoat” (“Uzbekistan light industry”), the ministries of foreign trade, agriculture and water resources of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the “Sifat” (“Quality”) center.

The current state and prospects of the world cotton market are being discussed within the framework of the event, sessions will be held on the issues of growing competitive industrial raw materials, its deep processing, trade, logistics and insurance. Issues of selection, cotton agrotechnics, crop protection from various agricultural pests and diseases, fiber quality assessment will be studied in the example of Uzbekistan.

Qualitative indicators of domestic fiber are radically improving due to technical and technological reforms implemented in the system, innovations introduced into practice. This, in turn, plays a key role in acquisition of a lasting place in global cotton market in the current strong competition. According to experts, in 2016, the share of fiber of “Oliy” (“Premium”) and “Yakhshi” (“Good”) varieties grew by 10 percent and reached 92 percent in the country compared to previous years.

The volume of fiber processing is also increasing. If only 3-5 percent of fiber was processed in the country in the early 1990s, now this figure has exceeded 50 percent. The commissioning of new capacities even in the most remote regions, the radical modernization of existing enterprises is contributing to the expansion of the scale of work in this direction. However, the goal is common: to achieve 100% processing of domestic fiber until 2020, supply the international market with high-quality finished products with added value.

Cotton and knitted fabrics, dyed and mixed yarn, special fabrics, finished products of about one hundred enterprises of JSC “Uzbekengilsanoat” are widely represented on the stands of the fair. The annual export of products of enterprises of the system exceeds 1 billion dollars. It is supplied to more than 50 countries.

Within the framework of the fair, it is planned to hold master classes with participation of designers from South Korea and Uzbekistan for the first time, training seminars on issues of expansion of textile exports to the EU countries. It is also planned to demonstrate the textile potential, a fashion show of clothes produced in domestic enterprises.

(Source: UzA)


Message of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The Сentral Bank of the Republic Uzbekistan fixed the following rates of the foreign currencies to sum since October 10, 2017 to conduct bookkeeping, statistical and other statements on currency transactions as well as calculations of customs and other obligatory payments.

1 US Dollar              8069,61

1 Euro                9496,32

1 Russian Ruble            140,31

1 Pound Sterling           10649,46

1 Japanese Yen         70,95

1 South Korean Won          7,14

1 Kuwaiti Dinar           26707,30

1 Malaysian Ringgit          1907,26

1 Yuan Renminbi          1217,04

1 Singapore Dollar          5923,95

1 Swiss Franc          8200,82

1 UAE Dirham          2197,13

1 Egyptian Pound          457,36

1 Australian Dollar          6312,05

1 Turkish Lira          2189,26

1 Special Drawing Rights          11397,52

1 Canadian Dollar          6393,80

1 Ukrainian Hryvnia          304,17

1 Polish Zloty          2240,75

*Rates are fixed without obligations of the Central bank of Republic Uzbekistan to buy or sell currency at the given rate.


International cooperation

On 12th Meeting of Chairpersons of SCO Supreme Courts

The Twelfth Meeting of the Chairpersons of the Supreme Courts of the Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) will be held in Tashkent on 25 October 2017.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

The participants of the meeting will exchange views on topical issues of strengthening multilateral cooperation within the framework of the SCO.

Following the results of the meeting, representatives of the SCO countries will sign the Joint Statement.



Uzbekistan appointed a new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Federal Republic of Germany, the press service of the Uzbek Foreign Ministry said.

Nabijon Kasimov became the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the Federal Republic of Germany.

Prior to this appointment, he worked as the chairman of the Association of Private Tourism Organizations of Uzbekistan.

Nabijon Kasimov left for Germany on 23 October 2017, the Uzbek foreign ministry said.



At the initiative of the head of state, large-scale measures are being taken in Uzbekistan to increase and promote the culture of reading

It would seem, what's the question? After all, we can proudly recall that we belonged (at one time!) to the most reading country in the world. Let us recall the millions of copies of literary magazines, night shifts in line for a three-volume Pushkin or announcements in newspapers: I change Zhiguli to the Library of World Literature ...

Previously all the people - old and young, townspeople and villagers, students and engineers, housewives and secretaries read. We read at home, sitting comfortably on the couch, and on a long trip on the regiment of the car, in the subway and on the bus seat.

And then suddenly everything changed. Many people stopped touching the book. Luxury libraries, which were collected by several generations of the family, disappeared on a flea market for a pittance or even at waste paper reception points. But not only books and libraries disappeared - the need for reading, its culture, which had been inculcating over the years, began to disappear slowly. Moreover, it is much easier to sit for hours at the TV.

After all, ask anyone now what the last book he read, this question will put a person in trouble.

Let's look at the book "flea market" near the Tashkent Central Department Store (CDS, TSUM) - a very famous place. There is an opinion that you can buy everything you want. But it is greatly exaggerated, even erroneous. Yes, there is a wide range of educational and children's literature, a lot of economic books, very necessary now publications on computer technology. And classical fiction is simply not there. But full of all mysticism, predictions, works and advice of various healers, mastaki quickly get rich.

There are also bookshops in Tashkent. Of course, they became few, they used to be at every step. One of the best is "Book World" near TSUM, where literature is sold, published by Russian printing companies. Everything's there! About Shakespeare does not say, books of any genre, including the classic, is presented in the widest range. But the prices for them are fantastic! If the book is published on good paper and with illustrations, then its value is simply off scale. If on a terrible yellow paper, it is cheaper, but still it is very expensive.

Saving second-hand stores, which are also very few in Tashkent. But it is there that you can find Shukshin and Voznesensky, Hemingway and Wilde, Simonov and Tsvetaeva, not to mention Pushkin, Tolstoy or Dostoevsky. And on a wave of reasonable prices. So if you want to buy the book you can still.

However, nowhere, whether on the book "flea market" or in the shops, or at the secondhand bookstores, we will not find a "boom" in the books. To read is not prestigious, to have smart libraries too. Therefore, going into the house of even a well-off person, you can not be surprised at the lack of books in the cabinets or on the shelves. In addition, advertising "Cola", until recently, no one advertised books, did not promote the culture of reading, the need for this intellectual process of cognition and familiarity with the beautiful.

The question is logical: what about "them"? And if, suddenly, in the West or in other parts of the world there was also a disappearance of interest in literature, reading, books, it would be easier for us, we would call this a worldwide trend. But no, this is not observed there. Somehow long talked on this topic with the famous poet Raim Farhadi, who travels the world a lot. And in different countries he always goes to bookstores to buy literature in English. And it always surprises a large number of visitors, especially young people, in these outlets. To the cash desks for paying for selected books there are built up huge queues of buyers. It's just great!

This situation began to change radically after the vigorous steps of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev in this direction.

At the beginning of this year, the President issued an order to develop the system for publishing and distributing books, raising and promoting the culture of reading.

It noted that during the years of independence, a solid system of preparing educational literature for educational institutions and delivering it to students has been created in our country, and it is being published in seven languages that are being taught in Uzbekistan. The material and technical base of information-resource and information-library centers has been updated, and the systems of modern electronic libraries operate.

A legal framework has been established in the areas of the press, publishing and information, more than 10 laws and over 30 by-laws have been adopted. State registered 1,677 printing enterprises, 118 publishing houses. Equipped with modern technologies, the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi, 14 regional information and library centers, about 200 information and resource centers of educational institutions in district centers and cities, the provision of information and library services to the population is established, and the complexes "Kitob olami", "Sharq ziyokori" and "Uzdavkitobsavdota’minoti" - rendering book trade services.

At the same time, this document notes a number of problems related to the development of this important area for improving the reading culture among the population, especially young people.

First of all, work on the publication of artistic, educational, popular science literature aimed at increasing the intellectual potential of young people, providing it with educational institutions, selecting and translating the best works of national and world literature, is not organized on a systemic, carefully thought out basis.

The system of delivery of published books at reasonable prices from publishers to regions, online ordering and delivery to the addressee is not developed enough, and the use of electronic versions of books for public services is not established at the required level.

Funds for the purchase of books for educational and cultural institutions are not attracted by means of sources available at sufficient level, events designed to organize presentations of new books in educational institutions, libraries and mahallas conducted by specialized book trade enterprises do not correspond to modern requirements, to improve the culture of reading, including propaganda and explanatory work through the mass media.

To eliminate the existing shortcomings in this area, to improve the culture of reading the population, proposals of specialists and experts were prepared taking into account the best foreign experience.

In particular, the demand was studied among the population, especially young people, for highly artistic books that served to raise the intellectual level, a critical analysis of the management system for publishing and delivering books to the population, as well as work on translating the best works of world literature into the Uzbek language and selected works of Uzbek literature in foreign languages.

A system has been created to provide financial benefits and material support to publishers specialized in children's literature, improving the order of purchasing from abroad high-quality paper and printing raw materials for printing books by printing enterprises and publishing houses, specific mechanisms have been developed to further develop the distribution system of the book and reach out to the general public, the formation of prices for books and its sales. The issues of renting places for specialized bookshops in regional, regional centers and cities, as well as in a busy and comfortable rural area, the maintenance of a separate statistical record of business entities, in which the share of book trade is more than 70%, and the provision of appropriate tax benefits.

Specific proposals have been prepared for the selection of classical and contemporary works by Uzbek and foreign writers recommended for extracurricular reading in educational institutions, reviewing the list of textbooks and introducing the writing system based on the read works into the educational process, and revising the system of material support for the activity of literary circles. And also on the organization of creative meetings with authors of books in educational institutions, libraries, mahallas, the formation of culture and reading skills in educational institutions, especially at preschool and early stage of education.

In September this year, the presidential decree "On the Program of Comprehensive Measures for the Development of the Publication and Distribution of Book Products, Improving the Culture of Reading" is published. It notes that at present in our country, based on the Strategy of Action on the five priority development directions of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, major changes are being made in all spheres and sectors. At the same time, special attention is paid to the greater affirmation of noble values and traditions in our life, in particular, to the enhancement of the reading culture, which is of great importance for the growth of the spiritual and intellectual potential, the expansion of the world outlook of our people, especially the younger generation, the upbringing of harmoniously developed personalities in the spirit of love and devotion to the Motherland.

At the same time, the document stresses, the important tasks remain the qualitative publication of books that meet the spiritual and artistic and aesthetic needs of our people, especially young people, timely delivery of books at affordable prices to places, including educational institutions, translation of the best samples of the national and world literature, the formation of the younger generation from an early childhood of love for the book, the skills of reading electronic books, improving the culture of reading in our society.

Today, life itself requires support and further development of publishing and printing activities, creating a market of printed and electronic book products on the basis of healthy competition.

The program approved by the head of state is aimed at a comprehensive solution of these important issues, improving the system of publishing and distributing book products, posting the best works of the classics of Uzbek and world literature on the Internet and popularizing them, as well as providing accessibility to a wide range of readers.

The program includes state support for the publication of books of social importance, especially children's literature, the development of the activity of specialized book stores, the expansion of information and library activities, the enrichment of the funds of information and resource centers and libraries of educational institutions, organizations and departments with educational, technical, methodical, artistic, educational and popular scientific literature, and strengthening their material and technical base. And also the formation of a unified database of all kinds of information and library resources of the National Library of Uzbekistan and information and library centers, providing access to it from any information and library institution in the country.

A very important point in the decree is the organization of the production of e-Reader electronic educational devices that enable searching and acquiring the necessary literature through the Internet, placing in their information base textbooks, teaching aids for general education schools, lyceums and colleges, higher education institutions, preparing proposals for establishing acquisition mechanisms given products at reasonable prices.

Also very important is the implementation of measures aimed at preventing the publication and dissemination of low-quality literature that does not correspond to spiritual and moral values.

In the light of these important documents, great work has already been done, there are first successes. In particular, in the republic, based on international experience, the publication of books has been established, which are easy to weight, easy to read, and affordable at the expense of high technologies.

Such books, in particular, are produced by the Publishing and Polygraphic Creative House "Uzbekiston". In addition, based on innovative technologies, work has begun on publishing books in 3D format. This project, implemented by the Publishing and Polygraphic Creative House named after Gafur Gulyam and “Colar Technology” LLC, is an innovation in the publishing sector of our country.

According to the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information (UzAPI) information, more than 130 publishing houses, about 1800 printing enterprises are registered in the country, which annually produces book products of more than 4 thousand titles with a total circulation of more than 50 million copies.

Along with the development of publishing work with the aim of increasing the attention of young people to the book and improving the reading culture in the country, the motto "Attention to literature - attention to spirituality, to the future" hosts the book holidays, the traditional "Children's Book" festival under the motto "Healthy and spiritually mature generation - the future of the country!".

Constant attention is paid to the publication of works by writers and poets who have made a significant contribution to the development of national literature, as well as young writers. For example, the Ijod Foundation of the Writers' Union of Uzbekistan has published more than 1.2 million copies of books by young writers and poets since 2010 in the series My First Book.

The pressing issue of the development of the publishing business is the improvement of its legal framework. The most important tasks in this direction are the identification of specific forms and mechanisms of state support for book publishing, the allocation of grants for the publication of literature of social significance, the stimulation of the activities of publishers and writers, and the provision of financial incentives for the publication of children's literature. In remote areas of the country, it is necessary to improve the work of bookstores taking into account the expansion of the range and the creation of necessary conditions.

In this regard, at the initiative of the President of our country, this year, attention has been paid to the work to improve the spirituality of the people, the culture of reading. Important documents have been adopted on holding anniversaries of famous writers Ishokhon Ibrat, Komiljon Otaniyozov, Sharaf Rashidov, Erkin Vohidov, creating the Alley of Writers in the National Park of Uzbekistan, raising the status of art institutions.

In accordance with the decree of the head of state, the Uzbek Agency for Press and Information is a special authorized body in the sphere of improving the system of publishing and distribution of book products and information and library activities.

"The program, approved by the decree of the President of our country, outlines 35 tasks, 30 of which are directly involved in the implementation of our agency," says J. Jangirov, head of the UzAPI information service. - Currently, in cooperation with a number of ministries and organizations, a draft Law "On Publishing Activities" is being prepared in a new version. At the same time, proposals are being developed to provide financial benefits to publishers of children's literature, to improve their support and development.

The Agency, Publishing and printing joint-stock company "Shark", "Uzbekiston Pochtasi" JSC, leading publishers have developed one more innovation aimed at meeting the needs of the population in book production: in the near future a special system of low-cost books delivery from publishers to regions, submitting online orders and delivering books to them by mail.

In order to prevent the preparation, publication and distribution of literature that is superficial in content, which does not comply with our norms of morality, national spirituality and values negatively affecting the education of young people, in cooperation with partner organizations, the activities of publishers are monitored. In this process, economic entities that illegally deal with publishing and printing activities are identified, in relation to which measures are taken within the framework of the law.

A centralized system of replenishing the funds of information and library institutions of the country with new literature and necessary materials is being introduced. The centralized information system for working with library collectors and cooperation with publishers will be improved. This will allow to regularly enrich the funds of educational institutions with new books.

Within the framework of the forthcoming National Informational Library Week "Infolib Uzbekistan" in November this year, it is envisaged to develop the skills of using library services among the population, especially young people, by holding online conferences.

In order to reflect the large-scale creative work carried out, moral and material support of writers, poets, journalists, as well as young writers, the agency announced a project of social orders for the creation of art and socio-political literature on the theme "Development strategy and the hero of our time". Currently, the competition receives a lot of artistic and socio-political works. They will be evaluated by an authoritative jury created at the agency's publishing houses, published on the basis of social grants.

Also, in order to expand the cooperation of publishing houses, to increase the publishing culture, to popularize the achievements of the sphere, to stimulate the specialists of the sphere, and to widely promote reading among all segments of the population, in particular, the youth, the agency plans to hold the "Best Book of the Year" and "Favorite Youth Book" contests.

Every day there are reports of the opening in the regions of bookstores or other events related to the increase of the readership culture among the population. For example, recently a complex of "Kitob olami" was opened in Bukhara.

At the ceremony it was stressed that books, especially fiction, are important for the upbringing of a harmoniously developed personality, ensuring the spiritual needs of a person. Therefore, in our country, special attention is paid to increasing the interest of the population, especially young people, in reading.

In this complex, the sale of socio-political, popular science literature, textbooks published in our country is organized. All amenities for readers are created here.

- We receive books on a contractual basis directly from 118 printing houses of our country, - says E. Bobomurodov, head of the limited liability company "Bukhoro Kitob Olami". - This contributes to timely meeting the demand for books, preventing the growth of prices for printing products.

As a result of the project, 15 new jobs were created. By the end of the year, due to the opening of two cinemas, the expansion of the scale of services, it is planned to create 30 more jobs.

And in Navoi there is a monument to the book. At the event in connection with this event, it was noted that special attention paid to improving the reading culture among the population, supporting creative individuals, contributes to the effectiveness of reforms in the cultural and educational sphere. The monument has a deep symbolic meaning, because the book is an effective means of education, calling for fighting ignorance through enlightenment.

- At the meeting held in November 2016 with the voters of our region, the President of the country noted that it was Navoi region that should become an example in working out effective projects, initiating initiatives to increase interest in reading books and reading culture in the society, since this area is named after Alisher Navoi, which is not only recognition, but also responsibility, - said

A. Mirzayev, head of the department for the operation of residential houses and dormitories of the city of Navoi. - Indeed, various propaganda activities are being carried out aimed at educating the population, in particular young people, with highly spiritual, enlightened personalities. However, nothing can replace the book, since it is the most effective and effective means of educating the younger generation. On the territory around this three-meter monument all conditions for reading books have been created. In addition, there is a chessboard with an area of almost five square meters. Here, children will play chess using figures the size of their growth.

... I do not want to agitate anyone, call for constant reading of literature, especially classics, to explain the difference between watching TV series on a "box" and touching a living word. But I want so much that, after reading this article, at least someone comes to the bookcase, where the works, collected by parents and grandparents for decades, will get the first book and admire the brilliant lines

“I remember a wonderful moment, I saw you in front of me, as a fleeting vision, as the genius of pure beauty...”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)



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