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Foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan exceeds US$12.072 billion in 1H

Towards the Future with High-Tech Projects


Uzbekistan uses investments for US$7.5bn in 1H


Starting from September 1, Uzbekistan will put into action the order, according to which all auctions for confiscated property will be conducted only on the single electronic trading platform E-IJRO AUKSION through online auctions.


Bukhara Hosted the Traditional Melon Festival


Sergey Fomin wins International Tennis Tournament



Foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan exceeds US$12.072 billion in 1H

Foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan made up US$12.072 billion, which is 11.1% higher compared to the same period in 2016.

In January-June, Uzbekistan increased exports by 13.1% to US$5.97 billion and imports by 9.2% to US$6.102 billion.

According to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, the balance of foreign trade made up minus US$132.7 million, including with the CIS countries - US$300.2 million and with other countries - minus US$432.9 million.

Foreign trade operations of residents of Uzbekistan are mainly carried out with Asian countries (47.2% of total turnover), Europe (42.2%) and America (3.0%), which account for 92.4% of total trade.

Among the CIS countries the main foreign trade partners are Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, which account for 29.4% of the foreign trade turnover, among others - China, Turkey, the Republic of Korea, Germany, Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Iran, Latvia , Lithuania, France, the United States, Switzerland, which account for 43.0% of the total foreign trade turnover.

At the same time, foreign trade turnover with the CIS countries amounted to US$$4.45 billion, which is 12.6% more compared to the same period in 2016. The share of the CIS countries in the foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan was 36.9%.

Foreign trade turnover with other countries grew by 10.2% to US$7.62 billion. Their share in the total foreign trade turnover of Uzbekistan reached 63.1%.

Exports of Uzbekistan to the CIS countries increased by 14.8% in January-June 2017 and amounted to US$2.375 billion. The share of Uzbekistan’s exports to the CIS countries was 39.8%. In other countries, Uzbekistan’s exports reached US$3.59 billion, which is 12% higher than in the same period in 2016. The share of other countries in the export of Uzbekistan was 60.2%.

Uzbekistan imported goods and goods worth US$2.075 billion from the CIS countries (+ 10.2%) and other countries by US$4.027 billion (+ 8.6%). The share of imports of CIS countries was 34% and other countries - 66%.

About 42.2% of Uzbekistan’s trade turnover fell on the share of Europe, 47.2% - Asia, 3% - America, 0.1% - Africa.


Towards the Future with High-Tech Projects

At the beginning of 2017 Chirchik Transformer Plant JSC was included in the group of companies O’zelektroapparat-Electroshield JSC. Experienced employees of the plant notice that within the last two months the process gets activated: production volumes increase and the plant goes ready to arrange the manufacture of new products. Uzbekistan Today correspondents visited the plant to get acquainted with the situation.

Earlier the trademark of Chirchik Transformer Plant JSC was widely known in the CIS countries and beyond. In the last 30 years, the plant’s products have been exported to more than 30 countries, including India, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Turkey, the Republic of Korea, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, and Cuba.

However, in the same period the plant experienced difficult times. For about five years the plant was practically idle. All this got affected on the state of the plant, and the brand was almost forgotten, and its place was taken by other brands.

With the advent of a new investor, who plans to invest $10 million in modernization of production within 5 years, a new life began at the plant. According to experts, after the full-scale technological re-equipment of production, the enterprise will reach a new level of development and will have a modern infrastructure that allows producing at least 3000 MVA of modern high-voltage products per year: power, measuring, special transformers, complete transformer substations, as well as performing warranty repairs and maintenance of transformers.

New design and technological departments are being formed and existing ones extended, which together with the Transformator testing center will allow providing a qualified technological process and certification of produced dry and oil transformers up to 63 MVA with a voltage of up to 110 kV.

By the way, the testing center, as well as the central and metrological laboratories and the certification bureau of Chirchik Transformer Plant JSC are the only structural subdivisions in Central Asia that perform this kind of tests. Their presence primarily positively affects the quality control of the plant itself.

The safety and quality of the plant’s products are confirmed by certificates of conformity of the standardization bodies of Uzbekistan and Russia. The management systems adopted at the plant are certified in accordance with international standards of the management system of quality, ecology, health and safety at work in accordance with international standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and ONSAS 18001:2007.

“The volume of production is growing exponentially, especially according to the planned indicators for the last two months,” Artur Nazarov, General Director of Chirchik Transformer Plant JSC, noted out. “At the same time, we have grandiose plans: further increase in the volume of production of the main products of transformers, expansion of the range of products, launch of new high-tech productions.”

“Currently we are working on the launch of new four products,” said the chief engineer Sadirjon Taymanov and told about some major projects.

“This month we plan to start the production of domestic models of explosion-proof transformer substations, they are in great demand in mineral extraction mines. We have already produced a pilot-industrial sample of such transformer and after carrying out tests and certification works, we plan to start their production. Previously, these transformers in demand at the mines of Almalyk and Navoi mining and metallurgical plants, as well as Uzbekugol JSC were delivered from abroad for foreign currency.

We have one more project on development of production of new kinds of transformers. With partners from Russia and China we are working over the issue of joint production of transformers for voltage class 220 kV up to 250 MVA.

I would like to note that transformers are calculated and constructed by our own designers taking into account all modern requirements, with the use of new materials and production methods, which contributes to reducing the losses of idling of transformers, reducing their material consumption, increasing the energy efficiency and considered the know-how of the plant.

With the arrival of a new investor, a decision was taken to expand and develop innovative high-tech industries.

One of such large-scale projects is the creation on this territory of a new enterprise for the production of photovoltaic panels, which are in demand for the construction of solar power plants. Just a few days ago a new company was registered - Chirchiksolar, whose founders are the Chirchik Transformer Plant and a foreign partner. Contracts are concluded with the German company SCHMID for the supply of high-tech equipment for these purposes, according to which the installation will start in eight months, while the necessary preparation of production facilities is in full swing.”

The plant is actively working on the personnel issue. “For the second month, we recruit fifty people,” said Artur Nazarov, General Director of Chirchik Transformer Plant JSC.

The plant began to return specialists, including those from abroad. Among those who returned there is even a specialist who worked in Germany. Young people, especially the graduates of colleges and universities also show interest in the plant. Among them there are a lot of those who just recently underwent practical training in the plant.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan uses investments for US$7.5bn in 1H

Total volume of investments in fixed assets in Uzbekistan made up 26.6 trillion soums (in dollar equivalent – US$7.5 billion) in January-June 2017, which rose by 8.3% year-on-year (currency rates of CB RU from 01.08.2017, 1$= 4126.45 soums).

According to the State Statistics Committee of Uzbekistan, the ratio of investment in fixed assets to GDP made up 25.9%.

Investments from state budget were directed to fulfill targeted investment program, purpose of which was to support social sphere and life support systems, development of the infrastructure of Uzbekistan.

About 5.68 trillion soums were directed to 5.68 trillion soums (21.4% of total volume of investments), including 5.308 trillion soums (20.0%) - crude oil and natural gas, 3.7 trillion soums (13.9%) – manufacturing industry, including 500.3 billion soums (1.9%) - food, beverages and tobacco, 636.9 billion soums (2.4%) - textiles and clothing.

Investments for 477, 6 billion soums (1.8%) were directed to chemical industry, 519.3 billion soums (2.0%) - nonmetallic non-mineral, 474.5 billion soums (1.8%) - metallurgy, 1.653 trillion soums (6.2%) - electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning, 956.0 billion soums (3.6%) - construction, 2 183.7 billion soums (8.2%) - transportation and storage, 1 306.3 billion soums (4.9%) - wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, 809.5 billion soums (3.0%) - information and communication, 1.07 trillion soums(4.0%) - professional, scientific and technical activities, 451.5 billion soums (1.7%) - education, 5.167 trillion soums (19.4%) - in housing construction.

In January-June 2017, the volume of foreign investment and credits in fixed assets reached 6.556 trillion soums, which is 13.8% higher compared to the same period in 2016.

The share of direct foreign investments and credits of the non-state sector of the economy in the total volume of foreign investments and loans for the reporting period amounted to 90.3%.

Significant volumes of foreign investments and credits were utilized in such sectors as crude oil and natural gas - 67.6% of total investment, and increased by 34.9 percentage points compared to January-June 2016, respectively, and information - 9.9%, (by 1.7 percentage points), production of chemical products - 2.2% (by 0.5 percentage points).

At the same time, the volume of investments was reduced in such sectors as transportation and storage - 4.7% (9.6 percentage points), production of textiles and clothing - 3.0% (1.9 percentage points), electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning - 1.6% (by 11.6 percentage points), non-metallic mineral products - 1.3% (by 1.3 percentage points).



Starting from September 1, Uzbekistan will put into action the order, according to which all auctions for confiscated property will be conducted only on the single electronic trading platform E-IJRO AUKSION through online auctions.

This innovation, according to experts, will provide citizens with wide access to electronic online auctions and the opportunity to purchase real estate, vehicles and other property in fair and transparent public auctions.

All electronic auctions will be conducted using a special software product, which excludes extraneous interference in the procedures for accepting applications and determining winners.

Announcements about online auctions and information on the lot will be posted no later than 10 calendar days before the start of the auction, on the web portal of the operator authorized to organize and conduct auctions, as well as the websites of the Bureau of Enforcement at the General Prosecutor’s Office and its territorial offices.

Participation in the auction can be accepted by submitting an electronic application certified by an electronic digital signature, as well as making a deposit of 5% of the appraised value of the property. The amount of the deposit is credited against the payment of the full value of the property by the winner. To other participants who do not win the auction, the deposit amount is fully refunded at the end of the auction, with the exception of participants who do not fulfill their obligations in the course of the auction.

The initial online auction will be conducted according to the principle of price increase, and repeated online auctions will be based on the principle of price reduction. At the same time, if by the time the auction, the application will be submitted only by one participant, he gets the right to purchase property at the initial price set at the auction.

In online auctions, the winner is determined automatically, without any outside interference. It is announced immediately after the auction is completed with the automatic generation of a protocol on results.

The winner has the right to pay the full value of the acquired property within five working days from the date of completion of the auction, after which a report on the results issued on a special form is sent to him or sent by postal mail.

The protocol has the force of the contract of sale and purchase, is the basis for lifting the arrest of property, transferring it to the winner, as well as registration or positing to the accounts of the auction winner, the ownership of it or other rights.

Electronic online auctions will be held daily from 9AM to 6PM. All willing take part in them remotely, as well as using the appropriate mobile applications.

The operator, which will organize and conduct electronic online auctions on the single electronic trading platform E-IJRO AUKSION, will be the state-owned unitary enterprise ‘Center for the organization of electronic online auctions.’ Structurally, it will be included in the Bureau of Enforcement at the General Prosecutor’s Office.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Bukhara Hosted the Traditional Melon Festival

Bukhara Hosted the Traditional Melon Festival The Melon Festival, as many of its participants note, is perceived by the population as a symbol of the cotton monopoly liquidated over the past 25 years, and for tourists it has become an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the traditions and customs of the Uzbek people.

To date, along with grain growing, vegetable growing and horticulture, special attention is also paid to the development of melon growing. The regional administration and other partner organizations place much emphasis on the restoration of the forgotten varieties of melons. As a result of such work in the years of independence more than 20 varieties of melon recovered.

Beautiful pavilions, located near the fountain of the Abu Ali ibn Sino Recreation Park in the regional center, attract everyone’s attention not only by their appearance, but also by aroma of melons. About 60 varieties of sweet melon grown in Bukhara were put on display here. During the Festival, over 200 farms offered customers more than 2 thousand tons of products.

“In 2005, we started growing melons on 2 hectares,” says Dustmurod Boymurodov, head of the farm ‘Elmurod Dustmurod Shahriyor’ from Jondor district. “Now we have 7 hectares of land. Conscientious work gives its fruits. Annually we get over 100 tons of 8 varieties of melon. In the future, we want to adjust the processing of some of the grown products.”

A lot of tourists traveling around Uzbekistan visited the Festival.

(Source: IA «Uzbekistan Today»)


Sergey Fomin wins International Tennis Tournament

Our promising tennis player Sergey Fomin won the grand prize at the “NBU CUP” International tennis tournament among juniors, held in Tashkent.

In this tournament that was organized by the International tennis federation in cooperation with Tennis federation of Uzbekistan, more than a hundred young tennis players from Uzbekistan, Russia, India, Armenia, Austria, UK, Italy, Tunis, Israel, Czech, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Ukraine fought for the grand prize.

Sergey Fomin on his way to the finals, defeated Fariza Zakaria from Egypt, Dominika Pala from Czech Republic, Dostonbek Tashbulatov from Kazakhstan and Sachit Sharma from India.

In the decisive match, our compatriot played against Michele Vianello from Italy. According to the results of the game, which lasted two sets, our tennis player won with a score of 6:2, 6:1 and took the grand prize.

(Source: UzA) 

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