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The government of Uzbekistan has approved a program of measures to establish the country’s own pilot training base.


President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has directed to set up an expert commission to further streamline the tax system of the nation.


New Shahrisabz


Uzbekistan: On the Approaches to New Victories



The government of Uzbekistan has approved a program of measures to establish the country’s own pilot training base.

Training courses for civil aviation pilots from among aviation staff with higher technical education will be based on the training center of the O’zbekiston Havo Yo’llari National Air Company. By the end of September, the State Safety Inspectorate is assigned to ensure the organization of development and approval of training programs for the courses, envisaging the issuance of a certificate of their completion.

There is currently a two-level system of training pilots in the civil aviation of Uzbekistan. At the first stage they undergo theoretical training at the St. Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation, and on the second stage they get practical skills at the training center of the National Airline of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.

The Uzbekistan Airways training center is equipped with cutting edge procedural aviation simulators and Full-flight simulators A320, Boeing 767 and Il-114-100, allowing training in optimally real conditions, a complex of rescue training. The tutor staff is capable of providing theoretical and practical training in accordance with international standards.

The Center is currently getting prepared for the implementation of the scheduled measures, selecting the top qualified teachers, purchasing textbooks and up-to-date computer training software. In this regard, it is planned to start selection and training as the center is ready and in accordance with the airline's needs in pilots. The training course will be highly focused on aviation disciplines and piloting practice on simulators and in real flight conditions. The total duration of training will make up two years.

In the near future, the official Uzbekistan Airways website will open a separate page, which will fully cover the initial pilot training courses. Everyone will have access to information about health and education requirements for candidates. In addition, it will post answers to frequently asked questions, topics for preparation for the entrance exams and other relevant information.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev has directed to set up an expert commission to further streamline the tax system of the nation.

The decision was entailed by the need to develop specific proposals for gradual compliance of the domestic tax system with that in the developed countries of the world, further reduction of the tax burden, strengthening of the stimulating role of taxes, increase of taxpayer confidence, fundamental improvement of tax administration and increase in tax collection.

The expert commission will primarily study the international practice of taxation and develop proposals on the transformation of the domestic tax system into a mechanism that would be clear to foreign investors and motivate them to invest in the economy of Uzbekistan.

The commission should also conduct an analysis of the current tax system and develop specific measures to optimize it, including the distribution of taxes into state and local taxes, improvement of the simplified taxation procedure, enhancement of the role of taxes in the stimulation of business activities, and energy conservation. This is just a small part of the agenda to be carried out by experts.

The commission will arrange meetings as needed, but at least once a month.

Recently, Shavkat Mirziyoyev launched a large-scale organizational reform of the country's tax authorities. As of January 1, 2018, Uzbekistan will introduce several interesting innovations in this area, including tax holidays, the launch of tax monitoring, two automated computer systems responsible for monitoring the cash exchange in service facilities, as well as an analysis of the risks of committing tax offenses.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


New Shahrisabz

Shahrisabz, the tourist center of the country, which has experienced ups and downs, continues to change its appearance.

In 2016 a large-scale reconstruction began in this city. We strolled through the renovated city with the artist Marina Borodina, the head of the Department of Design and Urban Environment of the Tashkent Institute of Architecture and Construction. Today, among the architectural monuments it is possible to enjoy music, cool fountains, and blossoming flower beds. Here, in the neighborhood, a platform for roller skating, skateboards and much more from the present-day amenities.

The period of independence of Uzbekistan leaves its mark on the history of this city. So, more recently, in the spring of 2016, the center of the city underwent a significant reconstruction. The work was completed on the construction of a huge avenue of 50 meters wide and 1500 meters length, which connected three historical sites - the ruins of the Temur Palace - Oqsaroy, the Gumbazi-Seyidan Mausoleum Complex (the Seyid dome) and the Kok-Gumbaz Mosque (the Blue Dome).

Under the project, developed by the architectural workshop under the guidance of Gulshoira Magametova, another original solution was created of the overall plan of the object: the construction of an alley connecting along the axis the historical complexes Oqsaroy, Dor-ut Tilovat and Dor-us Saodat in Shahrisabz.

These monuments are not only important for Shahrisabz, but also for the whole of Uzbekistan. Dor-ut Tilovat (The depository of meditation and contemplation) is an architectural monument of the Temurids period. This complex is associated with the name of the Sufi sheikh Shamsutdin Kulol. The name Kulol means ‘potter’, since he belonged to the family of artisans-potters and at the same time was a spiritual teacher of Temur’s father, whose name was Amir Taraghai. Kulol was a pir (in translation from the Persian ‘pir’ means ‘the elder’), the spiritual teacher for the Sufis in the southern regions. He passed away in 1370 and was buried in this complex, and next to him was buried Temur’s father - Amir Taraghay.

 The Dor-us Saodat Complex (the depository of power) was intended as a burial vault for the entire dynasty of the Temurids, but the beloved son of Temur, Jahongir, was buried there in 1376 after a sudden death.

Historically, the Chubin Complex is located in the north-eastern part of the city, and consisted of a mosque, a terrace, a courtyard, rooms and a two-story building constructed in the 19th century. Near the Chubin Mosque, a large area with a color music fountain is projected, around which are located the areas with attractions, pavilions, ice cream parlor, rental of rollers and bicycles. The already constructed area is always full of people every evening.

It is worth mentioning the restoration and conservation of historical monuments, which were made using modern technologies. In particular, in order to simultaneously preserve and show the mosaic of certain sections of Oqsaroy Palace, a special glass floor was built, which protects the priceless heritage from the destructive impact of the environment and, nevertheless, allows visitors to see the remaining patterns.

Drinking fountains and unique benches are installed along the alley. One of the main features of the benches is that the left side of the bench serves for resting children, and the right one for adults. The form of a horizontal strip of colored decorative ceramic tiles with a mosaic ornamental Shahrisabz story in the decoration of the benches make them typical to the traditional style of the region.

The project proposed the installation of this type of benches near historically significant places, so it became necessary to give their external appearance of national color.

Modern dry fountains become the city’s landmark, the main feature of which is in the absence of a large water basin.

And the city is built using modern technologies, but using traditional forms and ornaments, which gives it a recognizable appearance. Thanks to traditional architectural solutions, modern buildings acquire their new look and make Shahrisabz distinctive among other cities.

 (Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekistan: On the Approaches to New Victories

What are the priorities for the development of sports in the country and preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo? This issue became the main topic of the conversation of the correspondent of Uzbekistan Today with the chairman of the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports Rustam Kurbanov.

- In one of your speeches in the media, you noted that the emphasis will be placed on the development of mass sports, since it needs more support from the state. But what about the sport of higher achievements, after all, in this direction, without attention of the state and capital investments, you will not achieve particularly high results?

- Over the past six months in our country there have been big changes in the organization of sports. The resolution of the President of Uzbekistan on February 15, 2017, established the State Committee for Physical Culture and Sports. He is facing the task of developing sports in the country. It is planned to pay a lot of attention to the development of mass sports, creating conditions for the employment of large segments of the population - young people, the older generation, women, to cover even remote settlements so that no one is left without attention.

On June 3, 2017, a resolution of the head of state "On measures for the further development of physical culture and mass sports in Uzbekistan" was adopted. The program approved by this document covers all branches of sport development, from the improvement of the regulatory base to the material and technical and medical support of athletes. At the same time, we do not forget about the sport of higher achievements. As a result of the implementation of complex, purposeful measures to organize an effective system of training and improving the skill of athletes, the formation of a quality Olympic reserve, the creation of favorable conditions for the conduct of training camps by the national teams, the athletes of Uzbekistan were successfully demonstrated at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Practice has shown that such an organization of affairs to determine the priorities and mechanisms for the development of sport of higher achievements is correct. From the Olympics in London to the Games in Rio de Janeiro, there was a clear progress in our results; there are already stable positions in certain sports (boxing, judo, wrestling, weightlifting, and gymnastics) in the international arena. At the same time, the activities of our representatives in many international federations have become more active, which will also help improve the results.

We will continue to adhere to such a course, to work on expanding the list of promising sports. This is a capacious and step-by-step work of all parts of the sports industry. However, it is necessary to start from the bottom, with the development of mass and children's sports, skillfully select gifted and promising young people, conduct scientifically based breeding work.

- At one of the meetings, assessing the situation in the sport, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev drew attention to the fact that at the last Olympiad we had medals in only four sports. Yes, of course, it's a success. But where are our victories in such competitive medals as swimming and athletics? Why are we so lagging behind them? After all, the weather allows us to deal with them almost all the year round! There were several appearances in the media, in which the coaches were justified and told what was being done in this direction. But why can not see the results? Maybe you need more attention from the State Committee for Physical Education and Sport?

- Despite the conditions created by the state, it is necessary to note the decline in some sports. This is observed in athletics, water sports, cycling. On that there are objective and subjective reasons: there is a change of generations of coaches and athletes. After all, to prepare athletes of international level, it takes 6-8 years of painstaking work.

In Tashkent, a new base for athletes will be commissioned soon; basins are being built across the country. Trainers are being trained in various types. All the failures and failures of our athletes are deeply analyzed by a group of specialists, new ways of development are being searched for, and the problems that arise spur on the mentors and their wards to develop more modern methods of the training process.

The evidence of such a great work is the preparation of our boxers for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. After some failures, the leather glove masters managed to reach a qualitatively new level, they became the best in the team competition of the Olympic Games in boxing, and in the recent home championship of Asia they won nine out of ten gold medals. The State Sports Committee pays close attention to all the priority types of the Olympic program. The results speak for themselves; in many sports appear young promising athletes, winners and prize-winners of international competitions, championships of Asia and the world. In the current year, we were able to please young boxers, weightlifters, judokas, taekwondo players, karate players, chess players, etc.

- Although it's still a long way to the next Olympics, due in Tokyo, do you think our athletes will be able to repeat or exceed the success of our athletes in Rio?

- The victories of our Olympians in Rio de Janeiro are the fruit of the favorable conditions created by the state for the qualitative training of Uzbek athletes.

For each cycle of preparation for the Olympic Games, a presidential decree is adopted. The corresponding document on preparations for the XXXII Summer Olympics and XVI Paralympics in 2020 in Tokyo (Japan) was signed on March 9 this year. The program was approved, which reflects all the tasks of state bodies and sports federations to ensure the necessary conditions, including financing.

In order to keep pace with the development of world sports, in our country is a huge work on the reconstruction of sports facilities. All aspects of qualitative training of athletes are envisaged, such as conducting training camps both in the country and in the best foreign sports centers, medical rehabilitation, methodological, psychological, as well as attracting experienced foreign experts.

We hope that the selection of promising, gifted young athletes from all corners of our republic and their training in modern sports facilities under the guidance of experienced domestic and foreign trainers will give an opportunity to raise the country's sporting glory to a higher level. We believe that at the Games in Tokyo our athletes will adequately represent Uzbekistan and will please sports fans with new bright victories.

- Last year we talked a lot about the beginning of a project to create regional schools of higher sports skills in sports. In my opinion, the idea is very good, it will help us educate the Olympic champions, this is the very link that was absent and did not allow achieving the desired results. A change of generations we have matured in many sports. This would help to put young and promising young men and women next to such venerable sportsmen as Svetlana Radzivil, Nadiya Dusanova, Oksana Chusovitina. Is this project still going on?

- Yes, it continues. In the country for the years of independence, a whole system of training has been developed, starting from young men and girls to athletes with world-wide names. A continuous chain begins with children's and youth sports schools on the territory of the republic, specialized children's and youth schools in gymnastics, track and field athletics and game sports, martial arts, water sports in all regional centers, Tashkent and the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Then there are colleges of the Olympic reserve with experienced coaches, sports facilities and five meals a day. And finally, the republican schools of higher sports skills in sports, where all the athletes of the national team with its reserve composition are concentrated.

We conduct a thorough analysis of the effectiveness of schools of higher sportsmanship. Based on its results, we will make adjustments to the work of our units.

The leadership of the State Sports Committee in all regions of our republic is actively working to attract leading sportsmen who have completed their sports career to coaching. It is gratifying that our illustrious athletes are planning to open schools on sports in the regions of the republic. For example, in the Andijan region, boxing schools named after Muhamadkodir Abdullayev and Utkurbek Khaidarov are created, in Bukhara - the Rishod Sobirov School of Judo, in Tashkent - the school of Yekaterina Hilko and others.

During the trips to the regions, the President of Uzbekistan ordered to build in several regions of the country universal sports complexes that will meet modern international requirements. The purpose of these complexes in Andijan, Samarkand, Bukhara and Tashkent region is to conduct prestigious international competitions, world championships and Asia. And training in such sports facilities of gifted young athletes together with the famous Olympic champions will give an opportunity to achieve high results, to ensure the continuity of generations of athletes.

- It so happened that in our country for the time being forgotten about winter sports. But we even had an Olympic champion in one of them, which our coaches managed to prepare. Now, in accordance with the President's decision to build an ice palace in Tashkent, they once again started talking about the development of winter sports. How do you see their future in Uzbekistan?

- I agree that the winter sports at a certain stage of history remained without due attention from the state. However, there were reasons: lack of high results, weak material and technical base, insufficient mass character and others.

Yes, we are proud of our first Olympic champion of freestyle games in 1994, Lina Cheryazova. Subsequently, she moved to a permanent residence abroad. Unfortunately, her single example did not give impetus to the development of this sport. We have now set ourselves the task of restoring a sports school that would allow us to continue the tradition of training high-class freestylers. But for this we need to first train coaching staff.

At that time, a country that had only gained independence and had to solve many difficult political, economic and social problems could not pay due attention to absolutely all areas of the social sphere, including all sports. This is not even in developed countries in terms of sports. The leadership of the republic, supporting the development of sports in general, determined the most promising species at the time, took measures to support and develop them, which gave its fruits. It should be noted that even in those years we continued to support winter sports, ensured the participation of our athletes in international tournaments and winter Olympics. In particular, we can cite skaters and skiers as an example.

Today, Uzbekistan can already implement projects to develop high-value sports, such as winter species. The decision of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on the construction of a universal ice palace in Tashkent is a confirmation. We already have several artificial ice rinks, where children are engaged in figure skating and hockey, the Ice Hockey Federation has been established, which began to hold its first tournaments. We are not talking about high achievements, but everything starts small, and we will do our best to support these undertakings.

In the Chimgan tract, work has begun on the construction and creation of a skiing tourist area with modern hotels and ski slopes, which, in turn, will positively affect the development of this sport in the country. We still have a lot to do, for example, to attract foreign specialists - we are working on all these issues.

It should be emphasized that the country's leadership has defined the development of sports as one of the priorities of state policy and pays great attention to this issue. The State Committee for Sports, in turn, will make every effort to timely and high-quality execution of tasks. So we will also actively develop winter types of sports.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

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