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Greeting to the Defenders of Motherland on the 24th Anniversary of the Establishment of Uzbekistan’s Armed Forces
An official meeting occasioned to the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the 14th January- the Day of Motherland Defenders took place in Tashkent on January 13.

Small Business, Big Capacity

Uzbekenergo to complete projects US$1.243bn in 2016

Medicines will be more

14th January- the Day of Motherland Defenders

Greeting to the Defenders of Motherland on the 24th Anniversary of the Establishment of Uzbekistan’s Armed Forces

Dear soldiers and sergeants, officers and generals, veterans of the Armed Forces, dear compatriots!

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you on this remarkable date in the life of our country - the Day of Defenders of the Motherland, the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan!

Looking back a quarter century hard way we passed, we have all grounds to say that due to implementation of the timely accepted and deeply thought-out reform program, today Uzbekistan has a professionally trained, well-equipped army, dedicated to the country and people, able to deal effectively with a wide range of tasks on ensuring the security, territorial integrity of the country, inviolability of its borders, protection of peaceful and tranquil life of citizens.

In many respects, the decisive factor in creation of modern Armed Forces of our country was the development of a fundamentally new approach to military reform and development, based on decisive rejection of the outdated standard solutions, fully taking into account the features of theater of possible military actions and rapidly changing situation in our near and distant surroundings, as well as deep practical implementation of practical achievements of foreign experience.

Today we can proudly say that our army has incorporated the best practices of world military development and arts, preserving our historical and national traditions, it has become a reliable guarantor of security of our borders. The appearance of a modern military serviceman of Armed Forces of Uzbekistan is embodied, above all, in his comprehensive knowledge and intelligence, devotion to the Motherland, his unshakable will and firm commitment to fulfill his sacred military duty.

Dear friends!

We always realized that the time in which we live, is not standing still. The rapidly changing situation in the world and exacerbated situation in some of its regions, a growing confrontation, conflict and bloodshed, the increasing threat of international terrorism, extremism and radicalism, ongoing military clashes in our near surroundings cannot but cause us a deep sense of concern and anxiety.

The emerging complex and erratic situation requires all of us to maintain high vigilance and constant readiness, to strengthen attention to further reforming our army, to equip it with modern weapons and equipment, to improve the efficiency of combat training in general - comprehensive consolidation of capacity and capability of our Armed Forces.

In this respect, at this stage I consider it extremely important to accomplish the following tasks.

First, further improvement of the organizational structure and war strength of the army, command and control system of the forces, based on the current military and political situation, achievements of the art of war and our accumulated experience of military construction, as well as features of a possible theater of military operations.

In the context of increasing threats and the ever-changing situation in neighboring regions of Uzbekistan, not precluding intrusion into the territory of our country by various armed bands and subversive groups, a special attention should be attached to further strengthening and concentration of military units, primarily in sensitive operating areas.

A greater attention and radical revision of principles and approaches to ongoing military exercises, their approximation to real conditions of the area and region, identification of the possible nature of action of the potential enemy, training of commanders and staff on comprehensive assessment of the situation and making informed decision-making, practical development of issues of operational troop transport, improving individual skills of each soldier in weapons and equipment mastery, survival in critical physical loads and high moral and psychological stress, becomes very important.

To this end, it is important to ensure full functionality and widespread use of training grounds, extending their all-round development of their infrastructure and educational, material and technical base.

Secondly, a gradual implementation of programs to equip troops with advanced weapons and equipment, allowing us to increase significantly the combat capability of our Armed Forces, their mobility and efficiency, to develop the capacity to cause lightning strikes on vulnerable enemy positions using the power of the Special Operations Forces, helicopters and others attached technics.

Third, a constant attention to the issue of training, retraining and advanced training of officers and sergeants staff. In this regard, continuation of ongoing efforts to improve the system of education at the Academy of Armed Forces, military colleges and sergeant training schools, where our soldiers are provided all opportunities for continuous improvement of the professional, theoretical and applied knowledge, gaining experience and skills needed in service-combat activities, has an significant role.

However, it is advisable to constantly update and refine the list of specialties, teaching methods and technologies of military disciplines, curricula, taking into account the phased equipping of the national army with modern weapons and equipment, changes in its composition and structure, the changing nature of an armed conflict.

Another priority is the further training of the teaching staff of military educational institutions, the mastery of foreign languages, advanced foreign experience of organizing the educational process and the use of new information and communication technologies.

At the same time we need to strengthen our efforts on a systematic and consistent basis in wide attraction of teachers, experts and specialists of the top military educational and research centers of foreign countries to conduct classes at the Academy of Armed Forces and other specialized educational institutions of the country on the most popular and topical areas of military science.

Fourth, in a rapidly changing environment of the modern world, when there are intensified efforts to plant foreign destructive ideas in a society, absolutely contrary to spiritual values, culture and traditions of our people, there is a struggle for hearts and minds, especially of the younger generation, the role and place of educational work on moral and psychological training of military personnel and pre-conscription youth has increased greatly.

In this context, revitalization of organization and conduct in educational in stitutions, military, and labor collectives and mahallas of events of military-patriotic theme to educate our young people with deep feelings of love for the Motherland and pride in its Armed Forces and respect for military service, takes exceptional importance.

In order to achieve these long-term and urgent tasks, the special role has to be played by the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense, Kamolot Youth public movement and other public organizations and institutions, the best representatives of culture, arts and sports.

Avoiding formalism and superficial approach to this important matter we should also make extensive use of the media and the national segment of Internet.

Fifth, strict implementation of government programs for social, housing and medical provision for servicemen and their families. As part of government decisions and government programs in relation to the announcement of 2016 as the Year of Healthy Mother and Child, to implement a package of concrete measures on material and social support for families of military personnel.

Decent military service conditions and social security, welfare of soldiers and their families is a key factor in further consolidation of the authority of the Armed Forces of our country.

Dear compatriots!

Taking this opportunity, I would like to stress once again that our Military Doctrine has defensive character and stands for strengthening of the Armed Forces, in the first place, it is aimed to protect state sovereignty, territorial integrity, peace and tranquility of our people.

That is why Uzbekistan as a non-aligned state, went to the well informed and thoroughly thought-out step, making for themselves a fundamental choice - to conduct a peaceful policy and not to engage in military-political alliances and coalitions, to prevent the stationing of foreign military bases on its territory and objects, not to participate in peacekeeping operations abroad.

On this special occasion, I would like to express sincere gratitude, first of all, to parents - mothers and fathers of those who are decently performing their honorable, noble and responsible duty - protection of the Motherland!

I wish all military servicemen - soldiers and sergeants, officers and generals good health and great success, strength and energy while carrying out the military service for the Fatherland, and happiness and welfare to your families in 2016!

Islam Karimov,

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan,

Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

An official meeting occasioned to the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the 14th January- the Day of Motherland Defenders took place in Tashkent on January 13.

An official meeting occasioned to the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the 14th January- the Day of Motherland Defenders took place at Tashkent’s Turkiston Palace on January 13.

The solemn ceremony was opened by the hokim of Tashkent city R.Usmanov.

Following the State Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Minister of Defense K.Berdiev read out the festive greeting address by President of the Republic of Uzbekistan – the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Islam Karimov for the defenders of the Motherland, occasioned to the 24th anniversary of the establishment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, extensive works are carried out consistently to build a modern, fully armed national army, able to effectively resolve the tactical and strategic goals to ensure a peaceful and stable life of our country, inviolability of its borders.

The Decree of the head of our state on establishing the Ministry of Defense affairs on 6 September 1991 has served as the basis of noble deeds in this area. Later, in line with the decree of the President, the Ministry of Defense affairs has been transformed into the Ministry of Defense.

The adoption of the Parliamentary resolution, on the initiative of President Islam Karimov, "On the military units and military educational institutions located on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan" on January 14, 1992 is of historic significance. From this day all military units deployed on the territory of the country were taken under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In accordance the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan on 29 December, 1993, at the initiative of Islam Karimov, January 14 was declared the Day of Defenders of the Motherland. In accordance with this historical document, the Day of Defenders of the Motherland is widely celebrated as a national holiday in our country.

During the formation of the national Armed Forces, one of the urgent problems was the question of personnel. In 1990, the local officer cadres accounted for only 0.6 percent of the military personnel of the republic. The system of military education has been radically transformed to deal with this issue. A number of higher military educational institutions have been established, in which the training of military personnel with great potential, high patriotism, bravery and courage are conducted.

Currently, the Tashkent Higher Military Command, Chirchik Higher Tank Command Engineering, Samarkand Higher Military Automobile Command Engineering, Jizzakh Higher Military Aviation School, a special department of the Tashkent University of Information Technologies have been preparing highly qualified military personnel with advanced knowledge and specialties.

The Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan has carried out extensive works on the training and retraining of officers and coordination of scientific and practical research in the military sphere, development of military education in our country.

Military Medical Department at the Tashkent Medical Academy, formed in 2012, trains officers of medical service and reserve staff . This department is one of the main educational institutions in the field of improving the military and professional training of health workers, their retraining, organization of relevant scientific studies.

Institutions of higher military education of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Uzbekistan train highly qualified officers of almost 30 specialties for the Armed Forces of our country. An effective system of training, retraining and advanced training of officers and sergeants staff, which includes sergeants training schools, higher military educational institutions, training departments, higher courses for retraining and further training of officers in the Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan. These institutions are helping soldiers in improving their professional, theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and qualifications.

As a result of large-scale reforms in the Armed Forces, the organizational structure of our national army has been completely revised. A modern and effective system of operational and strategic command of the Armed Forces has been created. Interaction of different types of troops, equipping with modern weapons and technics have been radically improved, the content of combat training, social support for servicemen and their families have also been enhanced.

As noted by the head of state, military service for our younger generation has acquired a special meaning, becoming more and more prestigious. Its appeal lies not only in the provided benefits and a high level of social and material support of the military, but also, above all, that the army has indeed turned into a school of life for our young people, raising the courage, fortitude, a high sense of patriotism and selfless love for the motherland. We can proudly say that during the years of independence a whole generation of the youth, who have passed full trainings and are ready at any time to defend the homeland have grown and stand firmly on their feet.

Our country has consistently carried out the work on the social and material support for servicemen and their families, providing them with housing and better living conditions. In 2015, many soldiers have received new apartments.

The Day of Defenders of the Motherland is widely celebrated this year as well. State and public organizations, in particular, the Public Council under the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan, hold numerous meetings, educational activities in military units, in cities and districts, villages and mahallas. The fact that our people highly appreciate the peace and tranquility in the country, are aware of their role in the preservation of this precious good has found another confirmation during the course of the events.

In accordance with the Decree of President Islam Karimov on 12 January 2016 in connection with the Day of Defenders of the Motherland a group of employees of law enforcement bodies, ministries of Defense and Emergency situations have been awarded the honorary titles, orders and medals. At the official meeting in the Turkiston Palace, they were handed these high awards of the Motherland.

- I am proud to be rewarded the highest award of our motherland, said Commander of the “Mardlik” Order, platoon commander of the military unit of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Uzbekistan captain Ulugbek Abdullaev. - We, the military, always feel the care and attention of our head of state. This gives us more strength and energy.

The winners of the traditional contest "The best higher military educational institution", "The best sergeants school " and "The best department for defense affairs” have been awarded with diplomas and memorable gifts.

Speakers at the event- awardee of "Jasorat" medal major Islomiddin Norqobilov, Commander of the “Mardlik” Order sergeant Farhodjon Olimov, mother of a soldier Malika Bekenova, international FIFA referee, Commander of the "Buyuk Hizmatlari uchun" Order Ravshan Irmatov, a member of the Senate of Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan, poetess Enahon Siddiqova and others congratulated congratulated the participants of the occasion on the Day of Motherland Defenders and expressed sincere gratitude to President of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Islam Karimov for the constant attention and care for the military servicemen and their families.

The festive event ended with a gala concert.

The ceremony was attended by Сhairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis N.Yuldoshev, Speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis N.Ismoilov, Prime Minister of Uzbekistan Sh.Mirziyoyev.

(Source: UzA)


Small Business, Big Capacity

Small business and private entrepreneurship rank among the major engines of the national economy. Experts predict that by the end of 2015 their share in GDP will reach 56.5% and 26% in exports.

Over the last two decades Uzbekistan has been pursuing a system-based policy on liberalization of the economy, introduction of market tools and mechanisms of governance, creation of favorable business climate, elimination of excessive bureaucratic barriers and obstacles towards the development of private property and private enterprise.

Approved in early 2015, the program of further reformation, structural transformation and diversification of economy for 2015-2019 has marked a new stage of reforms, being directly linked with the drastic increase in the role and importance of the private sector in the modernization of the economy and enhancement of its effectiveness.

Meanwhile, three of the seven key areas of the program are aimed at drastic strengthening of the role and place of private ownership in the national economy, elimination of barriers and restrictions, and decrease of the state's involvement.

Last May, Uzbekistan approved a program of measures to ensure reliable protection of private property, small business and private entrepreneurship entities, remove barriers to their rapid development, which envisages the implementation of 33 specific actions.

The document draws attention to the creation of appropriate conditions and opportunities for accelerated development of private ownership and private entrepreneurship, the further simplification of the procedure of their establishment and operation, provision of greater freedom for business through the liberalization of administrative and criminal law.

Several interesting initiatives have been already implemented over the past months. They include a simplified procedure of state procurement of goods and essential services from business entities via electronic trading through a special information portal of the Uzbek National Commodity Exchange.

A procedure of export-import operations for small economy entities has been simplified as well, and individual entrepreneurs have been authorized to hire one to three employees, depending on the type of activity, without the foundation of a legal entity.

In an effort to further strengthen the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of private enterprise, on July 1, 2015, the General Prosecutor's Office has introduced the system of 24-hour  reception of complaints of small business and private entrepreneurship  entities with regard to the undue interference of government, law enforcement and regulatory agencies in their activities, obstruction of business and violation property rights.

The Law ‘On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan as part of the further strengthening of reliable protection of private ownership, businesses, and elimination of barriers to their rapid development’, which includes amendments to more than 40 legislative acts that cover almost all aspects of business activities has been an essential instrument in the implementation of the program.

For instance, Uzbekistan has introduced a unique procedure, under which an individual is exempt from liability and criminal proceedings are not initiated if he committed the crime of tax evasion and other mandatory payments for the first time, and fully indemnified the damage to the state within 30 days after the crime was uncovered.

A penalty of restriction or deprivation of liberty will neither be applied in case of full compensation of the material damage for certain types of offenses by executives of economic entities. At the same time, certain types of offenses in the field of trade and brokering were transferred from criminal to administrative jurisdiction.

The protection of rights and interests of businesses is strengthened by the regulation, which stipulates that audits of law enforcement bodies test in connection with criminal case are conducted solely with the participation of the lawyers that had been hired by economic entities.

The responsibility of supervisory and law enforcement agencies for violation of the procedure of inspections and audits of financial and economic activity of economic entities has been tightened simultaneously with the liberalization of the law. The Criminal Code has been supplemented with a new liability for executives, including imprisonment, for illegal refusal and obstruction with regard to application of privileges and preferences for business entities, as well as forced involvement of business entities in charity and other activities related to the diversion of funds.

At the same time, the law has strengthened the role of the judiciary in terms of protection of the interests of businessmen. From now on, only a court can decide on the confiscation of property of business entities in case of violation of tax and customs legislation, as well as on the recovery of additionally charged customs duties. Moreover, economic courts have been granted all rights to suspend execution of the contested acts (decisions) of a supervisory authority.

Legislative settlement of abovementioned and other new regulations is aimed at further strengthening of safeguards on the protection of private property, eliminaition of barriers and obstacles to the development of entrepreneurship, ensuring the inevitability of liability of executives of law enforcement, regulatory and other government agencies for obstructing and unlawful interference in their activities.

2016 promises to be the next breakthrough in support of small business. Since January 1, 16 types of public services will be provided solely through unified centers of public services for businesses based on the principle of a ‘single window’ under inspections on business entity registration at regional and district administrations.

In January, Uzbekistan has introduced a simplified procedure of allocating land for permanent use to legal entities and individuals for business purposes on the competitive basis, as well as the procedure of turnkey connection of businesses to engineering and communication networks.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


Uzbekenergo to complete projects US$1.243bn in 2016

Uzbekenergo (Uzbek Energy) is planning to complete implementation of the projects for US$1.243 billion.

Sputnik news agency reported that the Government of Uzbekistan approved a schedule of realization of five projects, which were included to investment project for 2016.

In particular, South Korea’s Daewoo and Hyundai completed construction of two combined cycle power plants (CCPP) with a total capacity of 900 MW at Talimarjan thermal power plants (TPP). The project cost is US$920.5 million.

Harbin Electric International Company Ltd (China) will complete construction of a new power unit of 150 MW with heating extraction for burning of high-ash coal Angren thermal power plant (TPP) in the Tashkent region. The cost of the project exceeds US$242 million.

Uzbekenergo also plans in 2016 to complete the construction of the power supply for the two railway stations in the east and south of the country with a total cost of US$74.5 million.


 “Navoi” free industrial economic zone

Medicines will be more

Foreign company "Alpha Pharm Trading Ltd." (Great Britain) and “Fayz Farm” LLC (Uzbekistan) created Joint venture «Novo Farm Komplekt» LLC at “Navoi” Free Industrial-Economic Zone.

Accordingly, the companies "Alpha Pharm Trading Ltd." and “Fayz Farm” LLC has created a Joint venture in FIEZ "Navoi" to implement investment project of "Production of medicines." The total amount of investment project is $3.7 million USD.

Shareholders of the joint ventures investment project will invest in several stages in the form of capital and the technology.

As part of the project, it provides the localization of production, with a gradual increase in its share in the development of production, and created new jobs.

(Source: Official website of FIEZ “Navoi” – 


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