DAILY NEWS HERALD # 28 Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan February 8, 2018

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Caring for women and supporting them are under constant attention. 1

On telephone conversation of Presidents of Uzbekistan and Turkey. 2

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In Uzbekistan, sales on exchange trades increased by 18.5%.. 3

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Meeting of Prosecutors General of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. 4


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Caring for women and supporting them are under constant attention

On February 7, a meeting on issues of comprehensively supporting women and strengthening family institution was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Issues of ensuring the rights and interests of women, increasing their economic, social and political activity are identified as an important direction of state policy in Uzbekistan.

Significant work has been implemented in this direction over the past years, but an effective mechanism for realization of women’s interests has not been created.

Women’s Committee, makhalla and other public organizations limited themselves to holding various events and meetings for a number of years, and did not conduct effective work on providing real assistance to families, women and girls in a difficult social situation. As a consequence, many problems have been accumulated at places. Specific targeted measures have not been taken on solving them.

Last year, social control groups were organized, which examined problems of women. In 2017, meetings were held with more than 5 million families, measures were taken on addressing their concerns. In particular, the divorce of 22 thousand families was prevented, 36 thousand women were employed, 14,5 thousand people were assisted in obtaining preferential loans.

* * *

At the meeting devoted to issues of comprehensively supporting women and strengthening family institution it was noted that a number of important tasks should be executed on ensuring the well-being of families. With this purpose, the President of Uzbekistan adopted a Decree “On measures of radically improving activities in the sphere of supporting women and strengthening the family institution” on February 2, 2018.

Caring for women should always be at the forefront of all our efforts, become the most important task, said the Head of the state. Attention to a family is attention to people.

It was noted that activities of women’s committees are at an unsatisfactory level, insufficient attention is paid to helping women in a difficult social situation, preventing early marriages, divorces and female crime.

It is disturbing that in recent years the number of divorces has been growing by 10-11 percent annually. More than 31 thousand divorces were registered in 2017. The incidence of crimes committed by women is increasing.

A number of measures have been identified on addressing these and other problems, comprehensively supporting women in the aforementioned decree of the President of our country. The structure of women’s committees of the republic, regions, cities and districts has been radically improved.

* * *

This was noted at the meeting held on February 7 under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Posts of a specialist on working with women and strengthening spiritual and moral values in families have been introduced in all citizens’ gatherings of makhalla.

Scientific-practical research center “Oila” (“Family”) under the Cabinet of Ministers and its territorial units are organized, their tasks and status are defined.

Coordination of activities of civil registry offices is entrusted to deputy khokims of districts – chairmen of district women’s committees. This will expand opportunities and strengthen influence of deputy khokims on the issues of women at places and the Women’s Committee of Uzbekistan.

Cases of mortality of mothers and newborns, the birth of children with disabilities indicate an absolutely unsatisfactory level of work on ensuring women’s reproductive health. 95 percent of pregnant women undergo perinatal screening annually, but this does not have the proper practical effect. In this regard, Women’s Counseling Centers will be established in family polyclinics and rural medical stations.

Corresponding Republican Commission and 7 working groups have been established. The Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan is responsible for taking control over implementation of tasks outlined in this direction.

* * *

At the meeting on issues of comprehensively supporting women and strengthening family institution, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan identified important tasks on ensuring vital interests of women, comprehensive improvement of their living conditions.

In accordance with given instructions, activities of heads of all sections of the Women’s Committee will be critically examined, the personnel not corresponding to the position will be replaced.

It is planned to form a targeted list of women in a difficult social situation, as well as women with disabilities. A system of working with them individually will be introduced.

The “Oila” (“Family”) Center and the Women’s Committee are to develop a draft Concept of strengthening the family institution.

* * *

At the meeting held on February 7 under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the need was noted for development of proposals on measures of preventing divorces, protecting, first of all, the interests of women and children, providing them with houses by the courts’ appropriate decisions.

After a critical examination of activities of civil registry offices at places, they will hire highly professional specialists who understand their official tasks well, respect the principle of justice and family values.

Address lists of women wishing to work will be formed, comprehensive measures will be taken on ensuring their employment, involvement of women in family and private entrepreneurship, handicrafts.

Activity on prevention of violations among women will be conducted in the context of each makhalla. Particular attention will also be paid to promoting integration into society and solving social problems of women released from penal institutions, as well as 2,587 women – former members of religious movements, who were removed last year from special account.

A systemic work is planned on improving medical culture of women, providing targeted medical care to low-income families, developing screening and reproductive health centers.

(Source: UzA)

On telephone conversation of Presidents of Uzbekistan and Turkey

On February 7, 2018, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev had a telephone conversation with the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

During the conversation, the heads of the two states noted with satisfaction that fruitful high-level visit to the Republic of Turkey in October 2017 brought the multifaceted and mutually beneficial cooperation between Uzbekistan and Turkey to a qualitatively new level.

The sides thoroughly considered the progress of implementation of specific arrangements and agreements reached on the results of this historic visit, issues of preparation and implementation of major joint projects in trade-economic, investment, technological, banking-financial, transport, tourism and other important spheres.

An agreement was reached on maintaining permanent dialogue and conducting meetings between the governments of the two countries in order to fully implement these agreements in a timely manner, accelerating implementation of important projects.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan highly appreciated the decision taken by Uzbekistan on introducing a visa-free regime for citizens of Turkey for a period of 30 days and expressed sincere gratitude to President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

The President of Uzbekistan emphasized that this decision is a practical result of agreements reached within the framework of meetings at the highest level. It was noted that its adoption will serve to create new opportunities in trade-economic, investment and tourism spheres, most importantly – further strengthen friendship between the fraternal people, create broad conditions for Turkish citizens to visit Uzbekistan.

The sides exchanged views on international agenda and other current issues.

The President of Uzbekistan invited the delegation of the Republic of Turkey to the international conference on achieving peace in Afghanistan planned to be held in Tashkent in March this year with the goal of ensuring peace, tranquility and sustainable development in the region.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in his turn, highly appreciated this initiative, expressed full support for its implementation and Turkey’s willingness to participate in this event with a high-level delegation.

The heads of the two states reaffirmed their readiness to comprehensively develop and strengthen traditionally friendly and fraternal ties and close cooperation between Uzbekistan and Turkey.

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev invited the President of the Republic of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan to pay a state visit to our country.

(Source: UzA)



On February 8, 2018, the newly appointed Deputy Minister Abdujabbor Abduvakhitov is presented to the Board of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A.Abduvakhitov works as Executive Director of the Fund of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “Istedod”.

(Source: Press Service of the MFA of the Republic of Uzbekistan)


In Uzbekistan, sales on exchange trades increased by 18.5%

As of the end of 2017, the volume of transactions of highly liquid products amounted to 9,461.1 billion soums (currency rates of CB RU from 08.02.2018, 1$= 8186.95  soums), with an increase of 18.5% compared with 2016 indicators.

The share of highly liquid products, raw materials and goods in the total volume of transactions on the exchange trades amounted to 83.3%.

Taking into account the formation of real market prices at the auctions, manufacturing enterprises registered additional income of 3,758.2 billion soums in 2017.

Out of 21 items of highly liquid products sold at the exchange auctions in 2017 for consumption within the country, growth in natural volumes of their sales relative to 2016 was achieved in 13 positions, including motor gasoline by 3.6%, diesel fuel by 6.9% %, polypropylene at 3.1 times, secondary aluminum by 23.6%, copper products - 10.1%, zinc metal - 3.2 times, mineral fertilizers - 37.7%, cottonseed - for 13.1%, cottonseed husks - by 4.4%, wheat forage - thrice, wheat flour - 5%, butter – 3.7%, sugar - by 97.5%.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)

International relationships

Meeting of Prosecutors General of the Republic of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Uzbekistan O.Murodov met with members of the delegation of the Republic of Tajikistan led by Prosecutor General of the country Y.Rakhmon.

Guests were told about measures on reformation of judicial and legal system, liberalization of criminal legislation, improvement activities of law enforcement agencies undertaken under the direct leadership of President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

It was noted that within the framework of comprehensive work carried out in this direction, the State program for implementation of Action Strategy on five priority areas of development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 in the Year of supporting active entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technologies, as well as other important documents were adopted.

The important role of Prosecutor's Offices in formation of rule of law, increasing legal culture in society, creation of favorable conditions for business activity was emphasized.

The sides discussed issues of improving effectiveness of combating terrorism and religious extremism, ensuring security, law and order in the region through the introduction of specific mechanisms

Members of the Tajik delegation got acquainted with activities of Enforcement Bureau and Information Analytical Multimedia Centre of the Prosecutor General's Office, as well as department of Prosecutor General’s Office for implementation of information-communication technologies and ensuring information security, Office for law and order analysis.

The Prosecutor General of the Republic of Tajikistan Y.Rakhmon expressed his gratitude for warm reception and noted that this meeting will contribute to further development and strengthening of bilateral relations.

At the meeting, an agreement on legal assistance and cooperation in issues of ensuring protection of rights and freedoms of citizens, combating crime, as well as cooperation of prosecutors of border regions was signed.

The sides reached agreements on concrete measures of implementing the arrangement.

(Source: UzA)


Shopping Tourism: Tax Free

In Uzbekistan, a strategy is to be devised for the development of shopping tourism, which will include the introduction of a system of tax refund for value added when buying consumer goods through the Tax Freе system.

Implement the planned plans will help the Spanish company Innova Tax Free, which specializes in the return of VAT to foreign tourists. To this end, a group of specialists will arrive in Uzbekistan in February to hold working meetings with the leadership of various ministries and departments to discuss cooperation issues and identify specific partnership areas.

Innova Tax Free is established in Spain and operates in most countries of Europe and Asia, where, in addition to VAT refunds, it offers services in tourism, marketing and communications. So, it provides a full range of services for administrative and accounting procedures related to VAT refund to trading enterprises and focuses on providing optimal solutions so that each service is more and more in demand in the process of selling goods and attracting new customers.

This company is in constant search of new programs and technological solutions designed to provide communication channels between trade enterprises and their clients in the tourist environment. Recognized experience in the international arena allowed her to become a valuable agent-intermediary between the state administration bodies, state and international organizations in the field of Tax Free and tourism.

VAT refund technologies are individual for each country and depend on its legislation. To date, the company has implemented these technologies in 12 countries, most of which are members of the European Union.

The introduction of Tax Freе implies the creation of a large-scale network of return points, where tourists can receive cash back in the city before receiving a mark on a special form at the airport.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)


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